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Posting removed after 5 years

EXTRA, EXTRA - Nike Hercules "up for grabs"
from Thomas Page, March 1, 2020

... Would you like this for your front yard? If so, act fast -- the offer may be limited.,294953?

fyi, Littleton is just south of Denver, CO

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Tom Compton found a patch he wanted on e-bay :-)


Items, Wanted or for Sale

Question about AN/TPS-1D in Naval use - September 12, 2018
From: Don Hilgert < dholdguy @ yahoo . com >

I was a Army radar crew member with Hawk missiles. I have been doing some research on the AN/TPS-1D radar history. In my research I found that the Navy utilize this radar on some ships. I read several years ago the the navy decommission this system 1958 do to concerns of the safety to the crew members because of radiation exposure. When the Hawk ADS units were organized in 1960 this system was used by the HQ operators to assign tracts to the line batteries. If you have any information or you can advise me on where to get information on the Navy ships that utilize the tipsy and the reasoning behind Navy decommission I would truly be very grateful. Thank you for your help in advance. Don Hilgert

2017 Alaska Nike Reunion - Colorado Springs, CO Tuesday 10/10/17 check-in
Info "Alaska Nike Vet's" < >

The seventh annual Vintage Everglades Day on March 11, 2017 - posted Feb 7, 2017
The seventh annual Vintage Everglades Day on March 11, 2017 and it's shaping up to be another fun interpretive event!
All sorts of people, volunteers, rangers dressed up as historical figures that had something to do with South Florida. Great history day, especially for grandkids.

[ There will be a 1/5th scale 8? Nike Hercules missile with launcher and scale acquisition / tracking radars at the Royal Palm Visitor Center event area ]
{ Free entrance to there ? IF ? you ride the trolley from the Ernest F. Cole Visitor Center at Everglades National Park entrance }

HM-69 Nike Hercules Missile site ?A? Battery 2nd Battalion 52nd Artillery tour will start from Daniel Beard Research center ( old Adim / Barracks / IFC ) at 2 pm (1400) Be slightly early ! Tour length: 1 1/2 to 2 hours. [[ bring own water ? no restrooms ]]
( Get directions from the Cole Visitors Center )
You will need your own transportation to get there and to the launch area. Park entrance fees apply. NIKE HERCULES A BATTERY - 2nd ARTILLERY - 52nd BATTALION

Theodore L. (Ted) Swanson
SP-5 IFC Radar Maint Chief
A/2/52 (HM-69) 1966-68

Can you identify this patch? - posted Aug 23, 2016
Subject: Nike Patch
From: Hole in the Head Press < >
Date: Thu, August 18, 2016 10:37 pm

Got some photographs off Ebay with what appear to be a bunch of early Nike guys, with field artillery insignia, but a Nike shoulder patch. Some seem to have occupation of Japan patches.

Can't find the attached patch on the Google.

[do you know?] [no, posting for help]

I'll scan them for you, if you want.


Sam Stokes, Publisher, KG6XYZ

2016 Alaska Nike Reunion - Tucson AZ. Monday Oct. 31 check-in
Taking the results of our on-line poll, Tucson AZ. was the winner. We have booked the Desert Diamonds Hotel/Casino as our Host Hotel. Dates are Monday Oct. 31 check-in with our last day being Thursday Nov. 3 and check out on Friday Nov. 4th. ...

As always all future reunion 2016 information will be placed on our website for your convenience so you can keep abreast of changes / additions. Visit the reunion section at
Ed & Penny Hansen
Roger & Karen Babler

Missile Man Hearing Loss, Warrented - Feb 10, 2016
Bob Robbins
My VA compensation letter specified:
?Service connection is warranted because your military occupational specialty (MOS) of missile man is consistent with acoustic trauma and your hearing loss has been linked to that acoustic trauma.?

I was a Nike 223.68. ... Mine is effective January 1, 2016.

Bob Robbins

2015 Alaska Nike Reunion - San Antonio TX. Oct 6-7-8
This year we will be going to San Antonio TX. Oct 6-7-8 for our reunion. Below is a direct link to the reunion section at

Items, Wanted or for Sale

For Sale - NIKE Ajax / Hercules ARADCOM VETERAN Challenge Coins - posted March 15, 2016
from Paul W. Klco < GIDAD1 @ aol . com > - Tour Guide at NY-56 - Nike Veteran (1959 - 1972)
U. S. Army Retired (1959 - 1998) - Tel: H - 856-235-6070 / C - 856-904-3930

left front, right back
Plus a nice plastic stand, and Bonus Pictures -
For one delivered $16.95 - For two delivered $30.50 - For three delivered $44.00 - For four delivered $57.50.
Only had 200 made.


Have 3" Diameter " NIKE Ajax / Hercules ARADCOM VETERAN " Patch coming soon.

For Sale - Nike items available Commercially - posted May 6, 2013 - updated July 2018
pointed out by
Charles Everett
German Revell has re-released Nike Ajax kit in 1/32nd scale (ex-renwal). Amazon - also see here (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page) will design personalized Nike Hercules Artprints to include unit insignias, time of service, rank, location, etc ... Prints are $45 a piece, framed I believe $105.00?..
Germany company,, will construct Nike unit wall plaques, no cost for set up. Wall plaques cost 25 Euros (around 30 dollars) plus international postage.

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