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C-41 - Early Life
"Early" being 1955,1956

Photos and most text by Mick Regan

A "brief" intro by Ed Thelen

In this web site, I have included very few people specific pictures, figuring we all see lots of folks every day, and who wants to see some young (now old) soldiers?

HOWEVER - Mick Regan was at "my" site, C-41, when I was there, and I remember many of these people and scenes. So, at least Mick and I are interested in these ;-))

For reasons unknown, Captain Hill and the officers permitted (encouraged???) a good deal of animosity (beyond the natural in-group/out-group rivalry) between the two major areas and groups - the IFC group and the Launcher group. One of the more polite concequences was that "they" (the Launcher group) kept the IFC people out of their area, so we of the IFC would not let Launcher people in in "our" IFC.

I am told that this was uncommon - some sites even permitting/encouraging cross training.

In any case, even though there were only about 130 people on the site, I do not remember many of the people pictured, all but one being Launcher people.

All the following from Mick Regan (except for the italics ;-))

I went back some years ago - nothing left - I was back there in about 1983 and they had a golf driving range there, so I got out and hit a bucket of balls.

The following are the pictures from '55 and '56. There are about 25 photos, but they are small in size, averaging about 40K so I will embed them in this e-mail. That way I can comment on who they are.

The Ajax

Home sweet home
(The barracks, launcher people this (north) end, IFC south end>

Buckingham Fountain

The Chicago River, just north of the Loop

Statue in Jackson Park commemorating the Columbian Exposition of 1892

Cpl. Smith from Mustang, Oklahoma. The guy leaning back on the footlocker is Brownie Hermeric.

The display in front of the Museum of Science and Industry. Neil Childers from Elgin, Nebraska, and the young lieutenant. I think he was from Chicago.

The fueling area.

Ralph Jordan, Elida, NM; Gene Martin, Laurel, MS; Calvin Carson, Westminester, SC; and Kenneth Strong from Iowa.

This is me with two stewardesses that Richard Christie and I made dates with. That evening Richard decided to cancel because he was married.

Here are the stews with Richard.

Merle Pheiffer, Arapahoe, Nebraska

Arnold Millwood, Blantsville, Alabama and Amos Tony from La Grange, Georgia.

Bob Pellnat, Buffalo, NY; Raymond W. Wall III, Philadelphia, PA; and J Sweet, Battle Creek, MI

Michael Patrick Pisano from Boston, and Edmond Nix, the lawyer from Eau Claire, Wisconsin
While on site, E Nix ran for a Wisconsin county office, got elected, and therefore could get out of the Army early -

Jack Potter, Dallas, TX

Ralph Schweinfurth, Lansing, Iowa and Joe Cus from Chicago.
A tracking radar in the IFC area.

Arnold Rosenberger, Kittanning, PA and Danny Williams form Miami, Oklahoma.

From left to right I believe that is David Krings, Merle Pheiffer, that's me in the back blowing smoke, somebody with their face covered up, Kenneth Strong, Richard Ehler, Arnold Maass, Richard Christie, and in front playing the guitar is Calvin Carson.

Silhouette of Ajax

I don't remember the first two guys, but on the right is Keith Burman from Burlington, Iowa. He and I and Lon Meadows frequently tried to drink the town dry.

The target track
Actually our acquisition radar.

I'm on the left, Joe Cus, Gene Martin, Johnny Eason, and Billy Bullock.

Pit #4 on the lagoon

I hope these photos will remind you of a good time and some interesting people in the 485th.

Mick Regan

Posted Dec 3, 2008
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