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Donald Knuth Check

One of the most fabled computer scientists is Donald Knuth, based in Stanford, California

One of his fabled exploits was authoring a classic series of text and reference books:
- "The Art of Computer Programming" -
in 3 classic computer text and reference volumes:

published in 1968 through 1973.
Fragments of the much awaited
- Volume 4: Combinatorial Algorithms
have been appearing recently.

As an incentive to study the books carefully, Don promised a financial reward to anyone who could find an error.

Programming, as well as most human endeavors, is noted for "bugs" -
so indeed the books were studied VERY carefully. However, the books are noted for being complete, tight, and correct.
Check into ;-))

HOWEVER: Bob Smith recently found an error - one might call it trivial, but an error is an error and a promise is a promise :-))

"In the Index and Glossary of Volume 2 of "The Art of Computer Programming", my name appears as Robert Leroy Smith.

"I capitalize both the L and the R in LeRoy. It is really quite trivial. I almost always use the form: "Robert L. Smith". In the very rare case that I am required to use my full name, I write it as "Robert LeRoy Smith". I also note that in Section 4.2.1 he correctly uses the form of Robert L. Smith. The algorithm mentioned does relate to the division of two complex numbers.

"In my scientific papers I always used my middle initial, as in Robert L. Smith. I don't recall ever using my middle name, but always my middle initial. I have no idea how Knuth came up with the partially correct version. I do know that I have occasionally been required to give my complete name, so it undoubtedly appears someplace."

So Bob wrote to Don, mentioned the "bug", and added some more comments about complex division.

Don Knuth "paid off", but of course Bob will never cash such a famous (and valuable?) keepsake.
Bob notes a number of "unusual" items about the check -
- the dollar amount is in hex ;-))
- have you ever heard of that bank? - look it up -
- there is no routing/account MICR line at the bottom