TheNewsletter of the Nike Preservation Group


Volume 2, Issue 4                                                                                   April - May 1999


Nike Preservation Group, Inc., 21277 Clare Avenue,Noblesville Indiana 46060

Editors: Don and Susan Peterson  Phone: (317) 776-3868 E-mail:




The NPG News Goes Bi-Monthly


Don Peterson,Co-Editor of the NPG Newsletter, announced last month that the newsletterpublication would begin a bi-monthly publishing schedule.  The new bi-monthly format will allow formore time to be dedicated to each issue. With the nomination process of C47 taking as long as it has, the newdevelopments are minimal from month to month. Once the site is placed on the National Register the activity shouldpick up and the newsletter is expected to return to a monthly publication.   Members interested in writing articles forthe newsletter are encouraged to do so. You can mail (or E-mail) your articles to Don at the addresses listedabove.


Some time in thefuture the NPG hopes to create its own website, which will have the newslettersavailable for downloading.  Currently EdThelen posts the newsletters on his site (


GSAsits on the National Registry Nomination

by Don Peterson


Recently the NPG wasinformed that the General Services Administration has failed to forward theNational Registry Nomination of C47 to the National Park Service and theNational Registry Committee. Apparently the GSA has been sitting on thenomination since late last year without acting on it.  


"We don't knowwhat the GSA is up to.  We do know thatthe National Park Service has repeatedly confirmed the site as eligible, andthat they (The National Park Service) expect to place the site on the NationalRegister if the GSA forwards the nomination." said Bob Peterson, Presidentof the NPG.   "We also know thatSprintCom has been showing interest in the area around C47 for a new cell tower,this makes me a little suspicious."


It is unclear at thistime if the GSA is still attempting to de-rail the nomination of C47 to theNational Register or if they are simply slow to react to the requests of theNational Park Service to forward the packet. 


The NPG calls on allsupporters to write, phone or fax their Senators and Representatives.  Voice your support of the National RegistryNomination of C47 and ask for inquiries into the lengthy delays.


"The GSA issupposed to work for us, but maybe they forget that from time to time."said Bob Peterson.   "Let's remindthem."



Youcan link to most of the Indiana Representatives or Senators by visiting one ofthe two following websites:




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"TheNike Hercules Story" Video

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Send your donationto:

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The Nike Hercules Story - produced in1958/59 by Herbert Kerkow, Inc. of New York



Nike Preservation Group FinancialNews

by Susan Peterson


The Internal RevenueService has officially recognized the Nike Preservation Group as a publiclysupported organization.  Since the NPGhas not been a functioning entity for very long, this is an advanced ruling andis subject to verification after a period of four years. As treasurer of theNPG, I see no problems that may arise with the verification process.


The appropriatedocuments have been filed with the State of Indiana for similar status on theState level. We are waiting to receive their verification.


The Nike PreservationGroup took in $835.33 during the first quarter of 1999. With no action yet bythe GSA, there have been no expenses relating to the acquisition or maintenanceof C47. Expenses for the NPG have been limited to administrative (includingfundraising overhead) and publication of the newsletter.


If anyone has anyquestions about the Nike Preservation Group's financial status, please contactSusan Peterson.


New Members Since Last Issue


James Shewokis



Stavros "Steve"Moungelis

NorthPotomac, Maryland

Researchingsites around N. Potomac


George Runkle


ColdWar Historian



Chris Hedges


Creatorof "Nike Sites of Northwest Indiana"


Gerald Schloetter

RohnertPark, California

Servedat Wheeler (C47) 1961-63


Brian Wroblewski

Lackawanna,New York





SprintCom Planning Constructionof Cell Tower Near C47

by Don Peterson


SprintCom recentlycontacted the Indiana Department of Resources concerning the plannedconstruction of a 250-foot tall cell tower next to the IFC Area of C47.  The proposed site will be between CountyRoad 600 North and the southern boundary of the IFC site.



45th ADA Brigade History

by Don Peterson


Thanks to SteveBardowski, the NPG now has a copy of the 45th ADA Brigade History.  Steve happened across the brigade historywhile he was serving as an assistant S-1of the 28th Group at Fort Sheridan.  The history was prepared by Major Ronald R.Recher while assigned to the 45th Brigade and covers a period from July 1952 toApril 1972.  The NPG is hoping topreserve this record on disk or CD and make it available to all NPGmembers.  The process of scanning,debugging and re-formatting will take some time but we hope to have itavailable before the end of the year.




Nike Equipment Available

by Don Peterson


David Butler, aprivate collector, recently contacted the NPG concerning Nike equipment.   Davehas collected a huge amount of Nike equipment over the years.  Among other things, Dave has a completeHercules missile, several launchers, launcher rails, radar components, and aHerc trailer.  His collection is spreadacross the Midwest but we hope to get a closer look at some of the equipmentand possibly get a few pieces for display at the C47 Launcher Area.



What's Bob Up To?

by Don Peterson


Local schools andlibraries have been receiving educational material from Bob Peterson, Presidentof The Nike Preservation Group.  Bob hasbeen donating books and videos to be used to educate local residents on thesignificance of the Cold War and the role Northwest Indiana played.   The materials have been purchased from theNPG by Bob.  Any local school or libraryinterested in getting some of these resources can contact Bob Peterson bye-mailing him at:  or by contacting the NPG.



In Search ofInformation:


W-92 - SteveMoungelis is still trying to contact veterans who served at W-92, Gaithersburg,MD.  You can call Steve collect at301-963-1956.


C92-C94 - ChrisLepley is interested in information about the Libertyville, Illinois,sites.  Current ownership, condition anddirections to the sites would be appreciated. Contact the NPG with any information or e-mail Chris directly at


C-47 - The NPG hasan aerial photo of C47, (Wheeler, Indiana) from 1975.  It clearly shows all the buildings, roads and structures of boththe Launcher Area, the IFC Area and the town of Wheeler.  A great tool for anyone doing research onC47 or any Nike site.  You can get acopy by sending $6.00 to the NPG to cover reproduction, shipping and handling.  Any profit goes to support the NPG. 





If you haven't paid your dues for 1999, please don't delay, sendit in today!