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Manufacturer Alliant
Identification,ID FX/1 | FX/8
Date of first manufacture-
Number produced -
Estimated price or cost-
location in museum -
donor Steve Wallach | Randy Wynn

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Alliant FX/1 , Alliant FX/8



Special features

Historical Notes
from Series
Alliant Computer Systems Corporation
By Ken Hawick,
Ceased trading in 1992, although some installed platforms are still being operated.

Overview of Organisation:

Alliant Computer Systems, formerly known as Dataflow, was founded in May 1982 by Gruner, Mundie and McAndrew to fill the science and engineering market niche for small to medium sized parallel systems.
FX Series, Overview of Platform, The FX series of machines were vector register, parallel, shared-memory architectures. The series included the FX1,4,8, 40 and 80.

This Specimen

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Other information
  • According to A Crystallographic Benchmark, the Alliant FX/1 was about 2.8 faster than a DEC VAX 11/780 - a one MIP machine. About 1/16 as fast as a Cray X-MP. The FX/8 was about 5 times faster than the FX/1.

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