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Apollo Domain DN300

Manufacturer Apollo Domain DN300
Identification,ID Apollo Domain DN300
Date of first manufacture1984
Number produced -
Estimated price or cost-
location in museum -
donor Apollo Computer, Inc.

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Apollo Domain DN300

Apollo DOMAIN DN300, 1984
This machine featured a 3-stage pipeline and. proprietary 32-bit bit-slice processor. It offered VAX 11 /780 performance "at about one-quarter the cost." It was used in simulation, VLSI design, and AI environments and was marketed as a "supermini in a box". It ran UNIX, FORTRAN, Pascal, and C, and had a bit- mapped color display (1024 x 1024), 16K cache, and 256MB virtual memory. The Apollo supported "transparent virtual memory access," a form of clustering in which adding more Apollo machines to a network improved performance.

source =
  • based on the Motorola MC68010L8 microcomputer chip, (used also in the Apple Macintosh).
  • proprietary Apollo bus
Unfortunately, this is not consistant with the placard above.

Special features
  • Aegis operating system, Domain OS (BSD UNIX)

Historical Notes
  • Apollo was purchased by Hp? when?

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