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Manufacturer DEC - Digital Equipment Corporation
Identification,ID PDP-10 (KA10)
Date of first manufacture1967
Number produced -
Estimated price or cost-
location in museum -
donor -

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36 bit word - super set of earlier PDP-6

Instruction List, Page 1, 2

see Architecture and Timeline at PDP-6.

Special features

Keith wrote (February 2004)
DEC PDP-10: It's worth noting a number of interesting things about this system. For starters, the PDP-10 is also known as the DECsystem 10 and the DECsystem 20. (The difference between a DS10 and DS20? The color the system was painted, and two instructions in the boot ROM.) The PDP-10 was DEC's attempt to compete directly with IBM in the big-iron field. It virtually always ran a multiuser, timesharing OS, such as TOPS-10. Amusing note about TOPS-10, is that an old version of it had what I consider to be among the funniest error messages in existance:


Other notes about the PDP-10, are that it very frequently had other PDP systems acting as slave I/O processors. In particular, some multiline serial cards for the unit actually had a full, complete-cabinet PDP-11 to drive them. The PDP-9 was also frequently used for such purposes.

And by the way, as of two years ago, PDP-10 clones were still sold.

Historical Notes
see Architecture and Timeline at PDP-6.

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