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Goal of this page
Provide a list of Restoration Projects
and/or running "antique" computers

Also see Related Restorations & 1440 ( http://ibm-1401.info/#Related-Restorations )

There is probably no accepted definition of "antique" computer,

and there are many "semi-antique" computers that still are runable and interesting,
so lets be broad minded - up to say 1980, but not including Macintosh and PC & clones..

Please feel free to e-mail additions and updates.

Several comments:

  • In an ideal world, if you want to restore one machine, it is nice to start with two "identical" machines
    - one for reference - this little part is missing or broken ...
    - spares
  • Some of the old vacuum tube machines used a surprising amount of power.
    From Bob Erickson June 2010
    - Sorry I did not work on the 7090 or the 7094 so I can't help you...
    - However the 701 used 3 Phase 220 volts, 88 kva capacity...The 704 used the same..
    - I also worked on the ERA 1101, It used motor generators, If I remember correctly there were 6 of them for the required voltages,, Each voltage had its capacitor bank to take the brush noises out..
  • There is no such thing as too much documentation.
  • An amazing amount of material (tubes, transistors, ...) is available on line.

Listed by technology

Listed by manufacturer or constructing institution

Bendix - later bought by CDC
G-15 Project?
Richard Ellis of Santa Maria, CA has a Bendix G-15 and is considering restoring it or permitting a group to restore it. (He is not eager to spend the rest of his life on the effort ;-))

Bletchley Park - Edsac computer - received Jan 13, 2011
"Pioneering Edsac computer to be built at Bletchley Park"
"Creation of the replica has been commissioned by the UK's Computer Conservation Society (CCS).

"The three-year re-build will be carried out before visitors to The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley.

"The 250,000 cost of the re-build will be paid for from funds raised by a consortium led by entrepreneur Hermann Hauser. Dr Hartley said the project had been given the nod to proceed as the consortium has already received pledges to provide all the funds needed. "

Van Snyder

Control Data
The Cray-Cyber Project - interactive access to supercomputers
The Cray-Cyber Project - interactive access to supercomputers

We have a CDC Cyber (180-)960-31 online on Saturdays, running NOS,

and a Cray YMP-EL online 24/7 (UNICOS).

You can access all for free; private logins on the Cray are not yet available since we have to do some more security work there. We are working on several more machines and hope to make them available some time.

Computation of pi certainly is one of the tasks suitable for these machines; since the Cray has four processors running pi on one of it in the background for a year or so would be quite neat; solid checkpoint/restart features assumed, of course. I have some Monte-Carlo stuff running most of the time.

? What is a CDC Cyber (180-)960-31 in comparison to a CEC 6600?

After the 6600 were the Cyber 70 and 170 series, essentially a repackaging in ECL SSI integrated circuits. The 180 family is dual-state, i.e. the hardware can do 60-bit real or 64-bit virtual mode; we run only real, of course. Our 960 is ECL gate arrays, 11 nsec, and about 1/2 a 7600 in performance (DRAMs are not that fast, and there are only 8 banks).



Welcome to IBM1130.org!
We're fans of the IBM 1130 Computing System
Computer seems working except that currently (11/30/2002) the interrupt is stuck ON

A working IBM 1620 - well maybe - down since 2005 for lack of a fan
A paper on the The IBM 1620 Restoration Project, by Dag Spicer

Works - located at Computer History Museum
Peripherals except for console typewriter are emulated via channel to a PC
Core memory wires bad. Core emulated by modern chip and interface logic

Royal Precision Electronic Computer Company see LGP-30

An LGP-21 project
Tom Jennings (Updated November 4, 2003)
I have an LGP-21, serial number 58, in like-new condition that I am in the process of bringing back to running order. I have hardware documentation (some online) and I'm looking for software (LGP-30 or LGP-21). All software, documentation, photos and other data I find is visible at

I also have some obsolete technical data available at


A Working LGP-30
An e-mail from
Klemens Krause November 26, 2002 to Arnold G. Reinhold
I have a running LGP-30 with some original software. For example the ACT V - compiler. I have also the ACT I and ACT V documentation and an annotation about the differences between ACT III and ACT V. So I think I can do some remarks about the programming example from Arnold G. Reinhold.


For your further information: my german ACT I manual is printed in sept. 1961 and the ACT V manual is printed 1964. My original paper tapes are labeled 1965.

Best regards

Klemens Krause
Universitaet Stuttgart  /  Inst. f. Softwaretechnologie
Breitwiesenstr. 20-22   /  70565 Stuttgart

Tel.: 0711/7816 341

If you have comments or suggestions, Send e-mail to Ed Thelen

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