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CDC 405 Card Reader

Manufacturer Control Data Corporation (CDC)
Identification,ID 405 Card Reader
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CDC 405 Card Reader



Special features
  • from Ed Thelen
    This was the first good high speed reader that I ever saw or used. The Elliot card reader was too bad to discuss. The GE high speed reader was hell on cards. The IBM 1402 Card Reader/Punch was also very good, but was lower speed and not so convenient - the input hopper was at a 30 degree angle with horizontal and the output hoppers much smaller. This CDC 405 card reader was a real joy to use - it just worked fine.

Historical Notes

This Artifact

Interesting Web Sites
  • Some CDC computer hardware characteristics
    "CDC 405 card reader. Famous from many "computer room" movie shots in the nineteen-sixties and early seventies. The card reader was attached to a mainframe channel via a 6681 Data channel converter. Reads 1200 cards/minute for 80 column cards, reads1600 cards/minute for 51 column cards (after flipping an end stop). 4000 card hopper capacity, 4000 card stacker capacity, 240 card secondary stacking capacity for limited sorting or projecting. The flat bed hopper and stacker allowed a large number of cards to be fed in a continuous stream. It was fabulous to see the cards fast turn around the array of light detectors in front of the projector lamp and the optics."

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Updated December 1, 2014