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RAID II Prototype

Manufacturer University of California -- Berkeley
Identification,ID RAID II Prototype
Date of first manufacture1992
Number produced 1
Estimated price or cost-
location in museum -
donor UC - Berkeley

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RAID II Prototype

RAID-II Prototype

RAID, "Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks", has become a generally recognized computer industry term in the 1990's. Under the leadership of professor Randy Katz and his colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, the basic concepts used in RAID were published in 1987 and were widely adopted as standards for arrays of disk drives. A high [ercentage of today's mainframe and network disk storage is in RAID configuratioons.

As the Berkeley group refined RAID architecture, this RAID-II prototype was developed to reconcile hundreds of interacting hardware and software desigh constraints, with completion in 1992. One rack contains the RAID controller circuitry, and the other rack contains 36 320 megabyte IBM disk drives. Pronnted circuit boards were designed by Berkeley students, and the entire project consumed over 10,000 hours of labor.


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