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Manufacturer UNIVAC
Identification,ID 494
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UNIVAC 494 Console

from John Knapp - "... use as you please....", August 7, 2003
It is the Console of System 3, with Univac 1004 on left .
Picture was taken for an ad. (I'm the dude on the right..)


UNIVAC 494 Operator's Console, 1966

On-line transaction processing was enjoying high growth in the mid-1960s with most major U.S. corporations installing some type of data communications network across their organization sometime during the decade. The UNIVAC computer here was used by Traveller's Insurance as a central component of one of these early systems. This console was used for maintenance and testing purposes.

from John Knapp - August 7, 2003

The 494 Contained 262K Words (30 Bits) of 750ns core memory, it completed most instructions 1 every 375ns and ran a Nationwide Network of CRT and Paper Tape / Printing Terminals for the Travelers Ins Co. The principle was you could NOT call two Travelers field offices and report the same accident twice.

They had 3 systems, Realtime, Production / Backup and a Test / Development system for a 3rd application (don't remember name) The systems (3) were finally removed in 1978-9 timeframe. and Travelers became a "pure" IBM shop.

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