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Booklet - "Nike Sites of Illinois" found by Kevin J. Hritz W3QD
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. Carr, Robert N. "Bob", Nike Ajax launcher installations at: C-41, C-44, C-50, C-51, C-61, C-70, C-80, C-84, C-92, C-72, C-84. PFC '55-5/56
HQ 45th ADA Ft Sheridan .
. Evans, George HQ 5th Region - Ft Sheridan, IL - G3 Ops Off '63- '64
. Goodman, Bob, I was based at Ft Sheridan as a technician for Western Electric when Chicago was covered by Nike Ajax and continued thru the change to Hercules. I then was transferred to Burlington where I continued on Hercules thru the update to mostly solid state. My area on the update was the RFTS. This web site brings back so many memories. We trained many German officers on the update and I still keep in contact with one, now retired, of the German officers./55-/65
. Harriss Barry, Came to site from Korean Conflict where I was a Fld Arty FO, Served as a duty officer in Hqs Operation Ctr, as others duty Officers left, I became more and more "in charge", without attendant promotion. Finally resigned my commission and entered private industry with MacDonnell Aircraft as design engr. In 1960 went to General Electric in marketing to various branches of military. Have worked in design groups on Navy F4H fighter and on original "Mercury" space capsule. Later did marketing work for GE in various military branches. Worked at GE Computer Dept on TDY in 1970 -
In 1957 I had built a gas-powered radio controlled airplane, and took it out to some god-forsaken forest preserve to fly (first time). It rose majestically above the trees, I lost contact, and it was never seen again. It was hi-tailing east and out of sight. The woods were so thick with mosquitoes there that Phyllis and I both had to give up. The next day I recounted the story to Major Patton, and he actually commadeered the general's helicopter for the operations officer to take a reconnaissance flight to inspect the sights in the southern edge of the defense. Told our pilot to take me out to anywhere I wanted to go. What a guy! I spent all morning at that reconn activity, but never found the missing bird.
1120 Bayforest Rd, St Augustine, FL 32084
. Klimowski, Russell, S3-Operations Clerk, E5 - During one drill, while flying in a Huey from Ft Sheridan to Arlington Hgts, we came "under fire" from locals. Guess the low flying copters were not appreciated. Later flights came in from much higher in a tight spiral. Family was quartered in the old converted blacksmiths building at Ft Sheridan. It was a great spot.11/71-6/73
C-03 Montrose/Belmont .
. Fabbri, Frank J. Fire Control, (later Warrent Officer) service includes ILARNG .
. Kirchner, Gary H, From July 59 until July 61 I was Brigadier General Ellery's driver stationed in Arlington Hts. Spec 3 when retired. From Villa Park, Il General Ellery and his wife were guests at my wedding in 1960. Nothing but fine memories.9/58-7/59
. Long, Gary (e-mail address missing) panel operator and launcher crewman '63- '64
. Rakstad, Erwin, SP4, Launcher Crewman, LCT Operator - Rockton, IL 6107210/60-10/62
. Renk, Thomas, Sgt MS 226.6 Nike Hercules Maintenance9/59-1/60
. Rideout, Charles E., Battery clerk, Moved from Libertyville to new Herc site. As battery cler got out of that cold weather! - 6246 Res Cir, Lakeland, Fl 33810 6/57-3/60
. Sandlin, Chuck, 815.477.0706 Acquisition Radar Operator in IFC (MOS 16C20), see stories ended as an E-5. Went on 3 SNAPs. 10/65-7/68
C-40Burnham Park .
. OHearn, Charles, Assembly Sergeant until 12/58 Appointed WO-1 and transferred to C-03 Montrose/Belmont -5100 John D Ryan Blvd #615 San Antonio TX 78245 4/56-12/58
. Rodriguez, Anacleto, Pfc Launcher crewman5/55-2/57
C-41Jackson Park - web site, C-41 - Early Life .
. Bays, Ralph, Launcher crewman, Sgt.E4, 16-B20,30,40. - I did a lot of 24 hour duty Brownsville, In. 473256/65-3/68
. Farndell, Kent, Launcher Crewman / Security / TDY - Bn Pistol Team MOS 177.00 AD Msl Crmn (NH) 6724 NW 29th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL 333091/64-6/65
. Ferraro, James, abar mechanic sp4 I and only 26J on site with only 1 23G on site worked to learn tracking radars - 866 sun wood drive smith station al 36877 3/67-7/67
. Forys, David, Spc.4 target tracking radar1962-6/65
. Gambino, Richard, SP5 16C20 TRR Oper. Great parties in IFC area while we where closing down the site. Still keep it touch with Duncan 5/70-3/71
. Kern, Raymond W., 24U40 Nike Herc Electronic Mech, Can't remember a whole lot of peoples names, First wife burned all my keep sakes, Pictures, names, Uniforms etc. 11/66-12/67
. Krisko, Bruce, SP5, MOS-22F, Launch Area Missile Electronics/Hydrolics Tech. 10728 Trenton Lane N, Maple Grove, MN 55369 1/67-5/68
. Lindemann, Louis T., IFC Lopar operator and PLL Clerk - 10841 Loma Del Norte El Paso, Tx 79934 5/70-6/71
. Martensen, James, Computer operator/ IFC area1/68-3/69
. Miller, Richard W., Spec 5, MOS 24Q20 Fire Control System Maint DCEs were training missions for B52 pilots and Nike crews. One time the Air Force "graders" monitoring the Nike crew told us exactly where to look at a specific azimuth, elevation, and range with the Hi Power radar. We only saw a very faint target outline for only 2 sweeps of the scope and our fire control officer couldn't believe how far the target moved between sweeps (i.e. it was moving incredibly fast), and then it was gone (we couldn't find it anymore). The Air Force didn't tell us what it was, but I believe that it was an SR-71 and they wanted to see if we could track it (we couldn't). Friends included Len Jarka (from Chicago), Rick Gambino (I think Philidelpha), and Duncan (or crew chief). - 68 Amerige Pk, Rochester NY 146179/70-4/71
. Nigro, Rocco, /55-/56
. Owen, Reginald B., Ord Parts Stec. SPC/4/E4. Ten the little one room PX. Was in production of Nike Missile Show at Ft. Sherican, Ill - 3230 15th. Street NE., Hickory, NC 286018/61-3/62
. Pepper, Thomas, I was a 1st Lt Platoon Leader was Battery Commander for a short time. Also, I was designated as an "Expert Missileman. I was stationed at C-41 from 1961-63 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Was watching President Kennedy on TV in the "ready room" when we were called up to "Hot Battery" Status. Really memorable times. /61-/63
. Rawlins, Richard, Transfered To Chicago C 41 for 1 year, then to Fairbanks AK. Retired as W3 at Norfolk Va N 25 - 6900 Coffeeport Rd Lot 162 Brownsville Tx 78521 11/66-11/67
. Regan, Mick, 6/55-2/57
. Ritt, Frank, Sp-5. TTR azimuth operator. Enjoyed serving there.6/68-6/71
. Rogers, John, Initially I was the Lchr Platoon Leader and was named the Commander following a relief for cause of my predecessor. Served as Commander for 14 months leaving May 1967 enroute to Nam.3/66-5/67
. Thelen, Ed - IFC Maint. Helped install the IFC. I run the web site that you are looking at now. Almost re-enlisted. (Lived on site for several weeks after being mustered out.) - Fremont, CA
At our site, we three IFC maintenance guys were commonly called "knob dickers" because we were "always" tweeking something. A screwdriver was the symbol of our trade ;-))
I could throw and stick a screwdriver like some throw and stick a knife.
. Wesley, Robert, SP/4 when I arrived ,made SSg E6 while there as a section chief over a launcher section - 2000 N. Walker Dr. Amarillo Tx. 791076/67-6/70
C-44 Hegewisch/Wolf Lake .
. Hartwig, James,, PFC Track radars 11/56-10/57
. Ellis, William, Sp/4, medical corpsman, Good duty, met my wife while stationed here... If a draftee had to be in the Army, this was a good place to do it. - 10002 Columbia Ave. Apt 121,Munster,IN 46321 12/57-5/59
. McGillivray, James F., Attended SAM OBC and Pkg Trng at Bliss as 2LT 1-5/59. First asgnmt at A-2-202, Wolf Lake as Launcher PL. - 12409 Justine6/59-10/59
C-50Homewood .
. Gold, Fred, Trained as launcher crewman, served as IFC operator-TTR and acquisition radar. 1/70-6/74
. Hartwig, James, SP5 Track radars 8/61-10/62
. McKinney, Glen, PFC Sentry Dog handler W/ Cp[l Vitt, PFC!s Baldwin & Rossen. My dog was KING E-425, I was the handler that turned the dogs over to the Ill. Nat!l guard. King chewed up every handler after me. KING tried me but I never got bit. - 10614 221 St Ave "E" Buckley, Wa 983213/62-8/63
. Mitchell, Richard L (Dick), Tsgt, Warhead Custodial Team with the Illinois NG. 1963-1964
. Murach, Chuck, Regular Army Warhead Custodial Team member when the site was operated by the National Guard. SP/4, Didn't last too long here when they realized I was minutes from home. (went to M-74, Waukeshae, Wis.)11/66-01/67
. Schultz, Terry L., Worked IFC, area, SP5 26937 S. Kuersten Road, Monee, IL 12/66-4/72
. Speller, James P. CW4 (Ret) launcher maint. Closed site June '74. Served several Chicago sites '55 - '74. 74
. Wolf, Ronald 7/68-3/71
C-51Worth/Palos Heights/LaGrange .
. Harris, Richard, SP-3 Acq. Radar Operator, crew chief and spare parts clerk in the IFC area. We went to the missile range in 1956 and got two out of three R-Cats. The air trip there and back was even more memorable - forced landings coming and going and one of them on a foamed runway. And this was a civilian airline- American Flyer! Not a major one for sure. Those were the days or were they? Can't forget the organized athletics every Wednesday that we spent in Chicago doing bending our elbows exercises when we were not on standby of course. '56-'57
C-54Orland Park .
. Moseley, John E., Launcher Crewman sp/4 Nike Ajax - 3653 S Bronco Rd Las Vegas, NV 89103 5/60-10/61
. Norbury, R. James (Jim), Spec 3 Missile Tracking Radar Operator, "among the corn fields", IFC commanded by Lt John Sullivan, equip maintained by Sgts Edgings, Morrow & Bartholamew wonder if they're alive and look back at those days with as much fondness as I do, in spite of KP at least once/month and guard duty in between. Barracks in total disarray & in need of GI-ing Sunday eve. Wish we had had a chance to return to Red Canyon to equal or better our training marksmanship - 1740 N Rio Mayo, Green Valley, AZ8/56-12/57
. Shaffer, William, ROTC 2nd Lt when I arrived; 1st Lt when I left. Information Officer, 22nd Arty Gp (Air Defense)reporting to S-1.
I was safety officer for the 22nd Group It wasn't in the TO&E. It was one of those additional duties assigned to the O&E Officer (odds and ends) and spent most of my time (spring 1959) escorting inspectors from AEC and DOD from O'Hare to [C-61 - first nuclear Hercules site] and back. The site commander was an extremely sharp West Pointer whose previous assignment had been commander of the honor guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider at Arlington National Cemetery. When the Army does something important, it becomes very impressive in my humble opinion.
C-61Lemont - Argonne National Laboratory .
. Fabbri, Frank J. Fire Control (later Warrent Officer) service includes ILARNG .
. Paschall, James, Radar Section Chief, ECCM Spec. E-6 /64-7/67
. Roberts, C. Todd, IFC RADAR operator TTR, TRR I worked all positions in that van. Didn' work much in the other van, but some. Promoted to the rank of SP/4. 4/62-11/63
. Souhrada, Frank, IFC Technician 226.7 E4. ( National Guard took over site in April 1964. 4/63-4/64
. Wimberley, William (Nick), SP-4 We went from Ajax to Hercules. Spent trng days at Bliss/Red Canyon. Lived in Quonset huts.Interested in material related/lists of crews at site,etc. /57-/60
C-70Naperville .
. House, Benjamin H., Assembly Sgt, SFC(E6) My home of record was Kankakee County. So I really was at home. I lived in leased quaters in Wheaton. 8639 Springfield Road, Denham Springs, LA 707065/58-1/60
. McGillivray, James F., Reasgnd to B-2-202 as Launcher PL. Promoted to 1LT and Battery Cmdr 2/60. Reassigned Bn Asst S-3 10/62. Sent to 1177 crs at Ft. Bllis 11/62-10/63. Asgnd S-3 1/64. Promoted to Cpt. - 12409 Justine10/59-10/62
. McMahon, James R., SP4 Electronic Material Maintainance - 105 Smoltz Ct. Jacson, GA 30233 4/57-12/60
. Paschall, James, IFC Acquisition Operator. E-5 /59-/64
C-72Addison .
. Brann, Travis L, Transferred to Btry B site C-72 as Lchr Plt Ldr, then Btry CO. Left Chicago Defense for school in Sept.2/61-9/61
. Croslin, Mike, 24U20 served with Roger Hartman, Grant Innis, Robert Nantois, Barry Sharpe, & Temple Guyse. - P.O. 6071 Van Buren, AR 729563/70-3/71
. Cuonzo, Frank, MOS was 179.00 but was also a diesel generator operator in missle area most of the time. Worked 12 on 24 off. Lived in chgo had bunk but went home. No guard duty, no kp. The MPs had guard dogs, I use to let them use me to train them. I would wear a burlap suit and they would attack me on a command. Had a lot of hobos riding the rails next to the site and the dogs were always restless at nite. Circa 1960. Mitchell field was west of us. Small planes airport. Jets would fly out of then o'hare field, air force stationed there, for operational readiness once a month. 7/60-5/61
. Farndell, Kent, Radar Crewman/Cooks Helper/Launcher Crewman 6724 NW 29th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL 333091/63-1/64
. Hartman, Roger D, SP/5 24U20 Warhead Custodian on NG site 1/70-4/71
. Long, Gary (contact address missing) panel operator and launcher crewman '61- '63
. Schmitt, Vernon L, I was a Millitary Policeman, Guarded the Launching Area - 1440 W. Giaconda Pl. Tucson, Az. 85704 2/61-5/62
C-80DC Arlington Hts. .
. Anderson, Edwin P 45th Artillery Brigade, Major Great duty with a great system! '69- '70
. Bear, James, SP-5 RDE (Radar Display Equipment) Good Times - 2527 Cathedral Dr., St. Louis, MO 631297/65-3/67
. Blosser, Kenneth D. (Ken), Was on the South FUIF Team - working out of Gary and then was pulled back to Arlington Hts. working on FUIF's. When the FUIF was replaced I OJTed into 25K on the TSQ-51. Then I went to the 31st ADA in Homestead Fl.(HM-01DC) & worked TSQ-51 @ Richmond Naval Air Station. 1404 S. Clay St.4/66-12/71
. Carlile, James R., MOS 1180, 2nd Lt, reported for duty just after Cuban missle crisis, after ARADSCH at Ft Bliss. [Next] Was assigned to SAGE at Truax Field, Madison, WI 11/62-11/62
. Cini, Julian A., Captain then Major, Tactical Director, Missile Master. We used an early computer that filled a huge room with banks and banks of tubes. Fulltime Specialists changed the tubes around the clock. We worked 24 hours on and 48 hours off. It was a very good job if you played cards and smoked cigarettes. We ran hundreds of exercises tracking NATO planes as they did mock bombing runs over Chicago. The part that few people knew at the time was that we had nukes for the Hercs, God know what would have been the outcome had we launched over Chicago. 8/62-5/66
. Dzienny, Frederick L, 1/Lt- in charge of reenlistment for 45th Brig, also CWF, AER and other. I have photos and Brigade newspapers from that era. 3311 Orchard Trail Dr Toledo Oh 43606 - (419) 531-1361 3/58-10/59
. Gunderson, Robert Re-up for Nike Universal Class #1 at Ft. Bliss.12/56-2/58
. Hartman, Roger D Bartender at O club waiting for separation from service. Learned how to fly in my last year and a half of service on the GI bill. Retired in 2008 after 40 years as a Professional Pilot. Currently in Scottsdale, AZ 4/71-6/71
. Holland, Michael, SP/5 25K20 Full System Missle Mentor Maintenance 1/69-4/72
. Humphries, Samuel, Left service Oct 60. - postal zip = 40504 6/59-10/60
. Meyer, Richard, I was in the Public Information Office, edited the Brigade newspaper, and, after making E-5 was NCOIC of the PIO. Now a retired English professor living in Oregon. /60-/62
. Istok, George, I worked on the AN/FSG-1 Missile Master ... maintained the Sage link and the Power System /61-?
. Schloetter, Gerald (Jerry), 1st Lt. at Missile Master in Arlington Heights. 9/61-11/61
. Thomas, Larry Homer, SP/4 Height Finder Radar Operater [ charlie crew], worked for one of the best guys I ever knew in the military Sgt. Glenn Summers in the Blue room. - 313 Donaldson Rd. Cadiz Kentucky 42211 1/60- 11/62
. Wright, Ed, FUIF repair and NBC I the guy that caused a Bde general order to be published banning kite flying on C80. FUIF is Fire Unit Integration Facility. The interface between a fire unit and adcap or alcop. NBC is Nuclear Biological Chemical, I was the BDE Chem NCO - 13406 NW Sherry St, Portland OR 97229 11/68-4/71
Bn Hq, 1/202Arlington Hts. .
. Brann, Travis L, 1st Lt, GMMO, Assistant S3. Did a lot of ORI and TPI was a very good assignment. Transferred to Btry B site C-72 as Lchr Plt Ldr, then Btry CO. Left Chicago Defense for school in Sept.9/59-2/61
. Henry. Jphn P., Medic? - 4037 N. Bernard St., Chicago, IL 606189/63-8/65
C-80Arlington Hts. .
. Fusco, Joseph L., senior IFC TTR radar operator.Section chief.acting sgt. Loved the Nike Ajax system. Recieved a letter of commendation. We were always on guard & always operational - 1131 Wood avenue Edison,NJ 08820-1302 /55-3/57
. Howell, C. J. (Jim), TTR operator in the IFC area / enjoyed firing nike ajax missiles at drones - White Sands - We quickly learned what 24/7 was all about as we were on duty most of the time / tough duty but I'm glad Uncle Sam called 5/55-10/56
. Kluempers, Gregory R, MOS 26H20 - SP4 - I worked Battallion Radar Repair. After this was sent to Hawk unit in Camp Page Korea until 9/70. See website - 2011 Krause Hill Pl9/68-10/69
. Mayberry, Archie, Trained in El Paso about 1953-1954, was a Master Sargent, originly from Maine. Sgt Neitzel was often mentioned. - Valle Ducale Dr, Ashburn, VA /54-/57
. Sinclair, Duncan H., mos 26H20, but spent most of career as classified documents courier, later transferred to StratCom as crypto/documents clerk/courier serving all active firing batteries (I was the classified postman!). 8/68-9/70
. Wilhelm, Jim, MOS 26H20 I worked in SRM (Search RADAR Maintenance) also refer to as sponge, rake and mop. Good duty.6/68-5/70
. Wright, Ed, I am the guy who caused the Bde Gen order banning Kite flying on C-80 to be published. 11/68-4/71
C-81Arlington Hts. .
. Fabbri, Frank J. Fire Control (later Warrent Officer) service includes ILARNG .
. Love, John, SFC Chief of Maintenance/assembly, Later First Sergeant6/55-7/57
C-84Palatine .
. Lohbauer, Robert D., Radar Platoon Leader/Fire Control Office, Fired the battery at annual service practice, Red Canyon, NM - March 1959. Unit scored 2980 pts out of 3000. Second highest in the nation that year. - 260 Prospect Street, Lee, MA 01238 3/58-10/59
. Essig, Richard L., S-3, E3, Assigned to work in Hq Bldg 517th on site. - 638 Apollo Ave, Henderson, Nv 8902211/58-6/59
. Henry. Jphn P., I started as a Medic with Btry A, 1st Msl Bn, ILARNG, - 4037 N. Bernard St., Chicago, IL 606183/61-9/63
. Humphries, Samuel, Reassigned HQ, 45th Artillery at Arlington Hts. - postal zip = 40504 11/58-6/59
. Liccioni, G. Dewey, Launching Platoon Sgt. Btry A. 78th Msl Bn. Cpt.Joseph C. Altman, CO Btry A & Site commander. First Sgt. Latimer. Site open for business, Oct.55. I left Army in 57 and went to College. Graduated and work for a university since. It was a lot of work to start a site, and we froze our but, got to soldier with some great non/coms and officers. 11/55-10/57
. Love, John, SFC Chief of Maintenance/assembly3/54-6/55
. Marshall, Dewey, L.C.T. Crew Chief, left as SP 1. (540) 886 60628/55-8/58
. Rideout, Charles E., Launcher crewman, right our of Basic, cole, cold, cold - 6246 Res Cir, Lakeland, Fl 33810 1/57-6/57
. Spearman, Roy Sp5-Section Chief Acq radar operator, MOS 173.10 Army then NG (same site)58-61
. Wilkinson, George, IFC repair (SF) Departed for the Nuclear Power Program at Fort Belvoir, VA. Retired 12/72 (CW3-Nuclear Power Plant Superintendent) {SM-1A @ Fort Greely, AK)3/57-12/58
C-93Northfield/Skokie .
. Barge, Earl, SP4 - Launcher crewman9/71-9/72
. Barloga, Al, Supply clerk, SP-4, used North Shore to spend a lot of time @ Chicago USO and Gaffers. I grew up in East Chicago so a lot of times I would take the North Shore to Chicago, and the South Shore to home. Needless to say, I had good duty.4/56-9/57
. Fabbri, Frank J. Fire Control (later Warrent Officer) service includes ILARNG .
. Goldblatt, Jerry, SP4- Generator Opr 10/68-10/74
. Henry. Jphn P., IFC Parts Specialist until 3/70, xfered to USAR at that time. - 4037 N. Bernard St., Chicago, IL 606189/65-3/70
. Hartman, Roger D, SP/5 24U20 Warhead Custodian on NG site 2/69-1/70
. Pechek, Dennis H., SP4 Launcher Crewman - "Big Bill" Meyer's Crew "If it Flies - It Dies" Retired 1SG 1996 - Bonita Springs Florida9/71-10/74
. Svoboda, Ed, Elevation op/Acq op/finally 24P, Ack Radars. Moved on to Il ARNG Aviation. 11/65-9/74
. Sparkman, Ralph, fire panel opperator and then was at Fort Sheridan with Nike Demo Team then went to thule greenland - 8474sw 61 terrace road ocala florida 34476 /61-/61
. Wade, Samuel J.B., 357.10 Engineer Section Chief, Launch area assembly crew, warheading crew. Also managed "PX" and operated movie projector for weekly movies. 11/58-8/61
. Wilkinson, George, IFC-repair (SFC)9/56-3/57
C-98Ft. Sheridan .
. Essig, Richard L., S-3 E-4 Assigned 16th Group Hq - 638 Apollo Ave, Henderson, Nv 890226/59-7/61
. Meyer, Richard, Launch site for about 6 months. /59-/60
. OHearn, Charles, SFC Personnel Section - left for training at Ft Bliss -5100 John D Ryan Blvd #615 San Antonio TX 78245 3/55-8/55
. Schmitt, Vernon L, worked at secret message center S-4, picked up documents - 1440 W. Giaconda Pl. Tucson, Az. 85704 1/60-2/61
SL-10Marine .
. Arvizu, Al, SP4 Battery Clerk have a lot of good memories about the unit and the people there and in the town (Marine). Since the unit itself is gone I would still like to go back and visit the town. 8/65-6/67
. Bone, Larry D, Left as E-4. Not so good on the memories page.3/65-10/66
. Dunn, Bob, I was a dog handler from Apr 68 to Dec 68 when it closed. It was my first stateside duty station upon returning from Vietnam. My dog's name was Shep. - Bob Dunn, Unit Director, 212th MP Co. Sentry Dogs, Vietnam Dog Handler Association 4/68-12/68
. Esicar, William J., E1 TO SP4...I was the driver assigned to Scott Air Force daily carrier.... also a Scope Dope on the Hill..Locked onto Air Force One ....with the TTR ...Was Soldier of the Month and Soldier of the Year... Sgt. Bradford was my competition...received Appt. to West Point...later removed, my request, after that was on KP and Guard Duty each day... Sent to Germany and Pershing Unit in Mintz and later Ulm...released from duty 03/69...Cold War BS - Now a Dentist for 35 years - 2903 St Marys Ave. Hannibal MO 07/66-02/68
. Gilmore, Earl W., lst Lt, Btry XO, Lchr Plt Ldr, BCO qualified, last three months on active duty served as PIO at Bn Hdqs located at Scott Air Force. 2/62-6/64
. Leihy, Clayton Edward ("Ed") III, Battery Clerk, MEMORIES: (1) Flying 'standby' about every other weekend from Lambert Field to KCI (my home town). (2) Dating the local girls, wearing my dress uniform! (ah, youth) 3/62-2/63
. Pugh, Walter, I came there as a private E2 left as a Sgt E5, section chief, in 1963 enjoyed my time there.7/62-12/63
. Sitte, Dave, sp/5 Mos179.10 Hi--Just surfed in,what a great great site,found my old Herc site at Marine,Ill and E mailed the fellow who supplied the pix's to thank him. Came back from Korea, - Thanks for the memories from a super web site,Ed2/62-10/62
SL-20 Belleville, Scott AFB
Headquarters unit - 6 miles ENE Belleville, Il on I-64
. Almond, Wayne N., PMOS 26H20 Air Defense Radar Repairman, Sp4 - 408 Clymer Ave., Morrisville, PA 19067 9/67-11/68
. Miller, Bruce H., Radar repairman Sp-4 E-4. Short duty Started to dismantle a site north of the base along Mississippi River but cannot remember the name. Great duty, Bad commander, hated the countryside. - 616 Brighton Dr. Hatfield, Pa. 19440. 6/68-12/68
. Peterson, Jon, S-2 Clerk, did Security clearances, did secirity Checks at Batteries. Due to a lot of accidents, had to check for Seatbelts and tire tread depth on personal vehicles.1/67-5/67
SL-40Hecker .
. Arata, Patrick, Bartlett, Tn6/61-1/63
. Austin, Jesse L., SP-4 Analog Computer Operator and ACQ Acquisition Radar operator B-1/62 - 217 Powers, Nacogdoches, Texas 759619/59-6/62
. Caldwell, Larry C., missle crewman sp/4 you name it. 1955 n. 33rd st.8/65-6/68
. Lunsetter, Howard, Spec.5 TTR radar operator & crew chief. Theatre NCO. I had to show movies to troops one nite a week. Our screen consisted of a sheet hung on a mess hall wall. ... often wonder what happened to my buddies. 11/60-05/61
. McCurley, Burney, Sp4, Launcher - 3901 S Portland 3115 Oklahoma City, OK 731196/61-10/62
. Pugh, Walter V, E2 launcher crewman 8/50-7/62
. Sulton, Bennie, HIPAR Radar Maintenance Specialist6/67-12/68
. Steimel, Larry (no e-mail address provided) - 173 N Lake Sherwood Dr 1491, Lake Sherwood, Missouri 6335712/66-8/68
. Tyner, Harmon, - 5090 Shadow River St. Las Vegas, NV 89148 obituary 9/58-11/61
SL-47DC Belleville AFS
Birdie and many radars - 8 miles E Belleville, Il on IL-158
SL-90Alton /Pere Marquette /Grafton .
. Aldridge, Ronald, SP4, In the LCT. Was assinged to Grafton after basic.Worked in the LCT and ran errands for the motor pool to Scott. After one year, was given orders for Germany. 5/62-6/63
. Bloom, Doug, E-4 LCT operator, would like to see if anyone on here was at Grafton during this time. - 1721 wesley chapel Farmington,mo.636 8/65-/67
. Bundy, Vernon, sp4 launcher crewman #2, firing panel operator 208 berry st Washington Il 6157112/63-2/65
. Caraker, Emmett R., Since I could type I was initiall assigned to work in orderly room as clerk but a couple of days later when the Ordinace supply specialist in the launcher area got orders for Germany I was moved to that job, I was promoted to SP/5 and later I worked as Asst. Supply Sgt. finally worked as switchboard/permanent CQ until seperation in Sept. 1966 02/65-09/66
. Casanover, Steve, Be good to hear from anybody from nearly 40 years ago.10/65-6/68
. Cengel, John, 16C20 64-65
. Coles, Lawrence, LCT operator, grass cutter all summer Came in SLAM operation . we opened the site and had some of the best men to work with. I served as Eng. Support and ran the PX. Left as a SP4. Would love to here from the men we served with. 319.470.3096, on FB as PO Box 24, Brighton, IL 62012 5/68-12/68
. Culp, Don, Came in SLAM operation . we opened the site and had some of the best men to work with. (SLAM = St Louis Area Missleman) I served as Eng. Support and ran the PX. Left as a SP4. Would love to here from the men we served with. 319.470.3096, on FB as - 1115 Ave. F, Fort Madison, IA 526279/59-6/62
. Gilligan, Philip E., Sp/4 95 B (MP) - 274 Sandras Lockport, Louisiana 70374 7/68-2/69
. Holley, Larry P., SP-4 acquisition operator Signed up for Operation SLAM out of High school in 1959 (SLAM = St Louis Area Missleman)after basic training at Fort Leonard Wood I served entire time at Grafton.I was in first group to open the new sites around St Louis.I attained rank SP-4.I worked in IFC area as acquisition operator.Was great duty SAC found out we could score their high altitude bombers, sure was fun tracking B-58 Hustler bombers flying supersonic runs into St Louis defense.They flew 1400 mph at 46,000'.I'm 66 and retired From Exxon Co USA after 37 years. I have not heard from any of the group since leaving,would be great to hear from some. - 2652 East Ashford Park Foley,Ala 35635 9/59-6/62
. Hutchins, Fred, Sgt Mos-22F206/67-12/67
. Jordan, Michael G. 2LT, Launcher Platoon Leader 1/68-10/68
. Josey, Randall, would like to hear from any of the old crew/65-/68
. Mc Clure, Harry K., E-3,ACQ OP. Great site! Located in a state park,next to the Mississippi river. 9/68-11/68
. Newton, Steele, Fire Control Operator E-5, Cutting grass, cleaning, CQ, KP, Guard 9/65-6/68
. Pappas, Basillis (Bill), Panel Operator, Launcher Area re-enlisted; sent to 38th Arty Bde in Korea 4-65-5-66. Went to MacGregor Range, Oro Grande, NM, at RCAT Btry Range Command, right next to White Sands Missile Range, Alamagordo, NM, Near Where Else? Roswell.6/63-6/65
. Wogoman, Phil E, Sp-4, MTR Operator - arrived at site from basic training as an e-2, made pfc and then sp4 several months later. worked in ifc as radar operator and ended up on the mtr. remember larry holley well. remember the cuban missle crisis and how we reacted that day not knowing what was going on at the time and wondering if we were at war or not. found out that night with the presidents speech. was transfered to thule greenland, but after an auto accident while on leave was sent to walter reed for several months and then to ft bliss as an instructor on "the hill" training national guard troops. made sp5 while there. drove through grafton about 1970 and the site was then a weather service station. understand the only thing left is chain link fence and a building at the ifc area. want to visit in near future. - 130 w pinehurst sidney, oh 4536511/61-12/62
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Indiana site information
Site ID or
Name, family name first
(rank & duty optional)
dates at
C-32Porter/Chesterton .
. Bardowski, Stephen Z. Both IFC & Launcher Platoon Leader. Lived at home 18 miles away. I grew up in Gary Indiana, so I saw first hand the rise and fall of the Chicago-Gary Air Defense Area. My Father was Civil Defense Director of Gary, and took over the former IFC Area of the Gary South site. The launcher and admin area were deeded to Lake County Indiana.9/72-7/74
. Baxter, James, Was Parts Man in IFC Area. Left for Germany 2/69 finished tour there. 9/68-2/69
. Bielucki, Alan, SP5, 24Q20, After serving in a front line unit in Korea, couldn't wait to ETS. 5/70-12/70
. Black, Perry P., [PTLOMA@AOL.COM is bad e-mail address] HIPAR Operator, PX Operator, SPC 59/68-5/72
. Caughlin, Francis "Dale", LCT Went from E-2 to E-4, Worked several months in the sections then went to the LCT, also assisted on Assembly and Warhead Teams. 8/64-5/66
. Feehan, Steven, E-4 lived in Michigan City. Was a crewman. Drove a Green 69 Road Runner - Olahoma City /72-/73
. Frost, Michael, E2-E5, Launcher Crewman and Prescribed Loadlist Clerk Transfered to 4th Ordnance Co, Miesau, West Germany 11/69-8/71
. Hamann, Robert H, E-4 Draftee, Launcher Crewman, Recration NCO, Bus Driver. 1603 W. York Ln. Wheaton, Ill1/71-1/72
. Hensley, Dick, Launcher Crewman 5/71-1/72
. Hogue, Michael, 25 grove st. plymouth wi. 53073/73-/74
. Huber, Gary L., Generator Supervisor / HiPAR Supervisor and NBC NCO. With the closing of many Nike sites, I was a buck sergeant with several Staff Sergeants wanting my TO&E slots. Rather than take an involuntary lateral reassignment to Sp5, I chose to volunteer for VietNam in my secondary MOS of 11E40 (Tank Commander). 10/68-7/69
. Lautzenheiser, Ken, Lch Plat Ldr and XO. I never believed there was a threat, but I would have fired without hesitation. I knew the effect of nuclear bomb over Chicago however. Love to read the stories on the N-H site. - Tarboro, NC/63-/65
. Leyda, Frank Drew, E5 - Computer operator on crew that went to Fort Bliss and "fired out". 1/73-9/73
. Logan, Donald N., IFC - Computer Operator,Acquisition Radar,PX. Rank at time PFC to Specialist. - Not a bad site, but long work hours with little relief. Climbed a lot of towers when icy and cold. Personnel pretty overall good guys and very competant at their assigned task! Captains were Lindaman (sp) and Lawrence. As a nuke site we were always busy with Tech Reps and upgrading. Interesting people include CWO Dabney Schobe, Sgt. Doll, CWO Watson, Fat Daddy, Evan Bell, Glen Moton, and many others. We all did our duty and some visited Tremont Inn a couple of time, HA! - Long Beach, MS /58-/60
. Myers, Steve, Then went to Germany 3 years.5/71-2/72
. Mc Clure, Harry K., Acq. op. SP-5,Section Chief, BCO Qualified, ECM/ECCM school, a lot of RBS. 4 SNAPS, ECM School - Ran a lot of R.B.S. 11/68-12/71
. Miller, Richard W., Spec 5, MOS 24Q20 Fire Control System Maint and 24Q30 T1 Simulator Maint - 68 Amerige Pk, Rochester NY 146174/71-2/72
. Mitchell, Richard L (Dick), Left because of promotion to WO1 1964-1965
. Reidy, William (Bill), LCG operator, served with SFC Bobby Curtis9/69-12/70
. Searls, James, IFC Section Chief PX Operator. Came to this site after closing Wheeler, IN site 9/69-6/71
. Sprager, Dave, Pfc/Sp4 Started as IFC generator operator. Ended up being the HIPAR operator until closing the site in 74. Remember the huge burgers at Randler's. 1/73-8/74
. Stafford, Stephen, Launcher Crewman and Security Clerk Spent a year at the Porter Indiana site and was shipped out to Germany. Served thirty months at Dexheim (Anderson Barracks) from 12/69 to 3/72. 11/68-11/69
. Stapleton, Ron, - 4819 native dancer lane Orlando, fl 32826/71-/72
. Steimel, Larry (no e-mail address provided) - 173 N Lake Sherwood Dr 1491, Lake Sherwood, Missouri 633578/68-8/69
. Wilbanks, Jerry M., TTR, HIPAR, (TDY- Public Information Specialist), switchboard communications. Spec4 1280 W. 86TH Ave. Merrillville, In. 464103/68-12/69
. Williams, Jeffrey, Started as Radar Operator and went on to become Company Clerk5/67-8/68
C-45Gary Munic. Airp .
. Allen, Dixon W., Missile Crewman8/58-6/60
. Barattucci, Angelo radar operator, staff car driver, switch board operator '56 to '58
. Ellis, Michael, looking for ,sterling cox,jimcocce,billy williams,art dillman /59-/61
C-46Munster .
. Adams, Doug, mtr opr. Searching for friends. (606)633-1126/65-/68
. Allen, Dixon W., Made E-4 before re-enlisting and going from Ajax to Hercules. Left many good friends here. P.O. Box 941 Chesterton, IN 46304 6/58-6/60
. Braun, John, MOS 24Q20, IFC technician, E-5. great bunch of soldiers, Munster was deactivated 8/681/67-11/68
. Brooks, Davis K., SP/4 Acq Operator11/65-
. Craig, Herbert, mos's 177.1,351.1,179.1 ist 6 months lanucher crewman, 1 year generator operator mainly IFC area last 1 1/2 years as acq and plotting board operator6/62-3/65
. Croswell, Kenneth, SP/4 Supply Clerk @ battery Hq.Site. Also ran small PX store on site. Served on the Battery's and 1st Missile Battalion's (Gary In.)rifle team for 6 months. My home was on the south side of Chicago, so I did get to go home on some weekends. 7/64-4/66
. Drobny, Paul Joseph, I was a SP. 5 and had a 16c mos, mostly I was a computer operator cross trained on both Hi power and low power Acq radars. Sent here when St. Bonnifacus, MN closed, then off to Korea 6/71-3/72
. Ellis, William, Sp/4, medical corpsman - During my time C46 was a Nike Ajax site,later became a Hercules site. My detachment CO was Lt Jim Nelson,senior NCO was Sgt Jim Cash. 10002 Columbia Ave. Apt 121,Munster,IN 46321 9/57-12/57
. Flake, Gary, Sentry dog handler 1966
. Hill, Arie E, PFC Company Cook - 60487 5/67-1/68
. Huber, Gary L., Was OJT Generator supervisor/ ECM-ECCM Tracking Supervisor and NBC NCO HELPED CLOSE C-46 as Firing Battery 3/68-10/68
. Hughes, Dan P., M.P. 95B20 SP-42/67-7/68
. Kitchens, Lester, IFC PSG TDY to BN HQ at Garry last 6 months4/66-5/68
. Rigney, Roger SP-5 68-69
. Rodriguez, Ron, SP-4 MTR and TTR operator. was there to close down site and roll up the cables. Fond memories except for the cold. 7/67-8/68
. Roy, Jon W., Made SP/5 in Munster. This area was a big change, coming back from Korea (C-4-44). Munster closed and some of us went to another site east of there until going to Germany on New Years Eve of '69. 4/68-8/68
. Souhrada, Frank, IFC Technician 226.1 E4.5/64-2/65
. Zander, Ken, SP-5 IFC Tech1965-1966
. Zaragoza, Stephen, combat medic from r.v.n. (11 ACR}, with 6 more months to serve. nothing but harassment, K.P.6am-6pm, guard duty 6pm-6am. tried to sleep when had the chance.The first sargent was such an a** that the XO gave me an early out on april fools day, that I handed Top as yelled till he was red in face. I guess the site was only open for admin. purposes. ALLONS [from Ed Thelen - "Rings of Supersonic Steel" indicates that the site was used only as headquarters 1/46th from 11/68-9/74 ] 1/70-4/70
C-47Hobart/Wheeler .
. Barnard, Herman R., Communications Section. 3/58-3/61
. Biser, Edward, I came to Wheeler to finish out my tine in service after 18 months at a Hawk site in Okinawa. SP/4 in engineer section.3/63-9/63
. Bolke, Peter, S/P-4 226.1 Maintenace, right out of school basic sytem trained, the site was an improved site, spent weeks trying to figure out why we had so many tracking radars. Was a crew man for a year, which really helped when a slot opened up in maintenace,turned into one heck of an Acq operator and maintainer. - 4536 Croton Circle, El Paso, Tx 799248/64-11/66
. Bradley, Damon (Mike), Battery Clerk & Air Defense Operations and Intelligence NCO (E-5)- Three years and loved it! - 237 Moulin Rouge Drive, Bonne Terre, MO 63628:10/62-8/65
. DeMattia, Daniel J., SP/5 Nike Hercules Crewman. drove trucks and plowed snow - 9044 Henning Ln. Hennepin, Il. 61327 9/65-6/68
. DiMarco, Dino Launcher Area Maint WO '66- '68
. Hetzel, Charles W, Long hours 24 on 24 off but fond memories of site.Snow storm of 66 or early 67 was something else. Arrivied on site as Pvt left as Sgt. - 2542 23rd st cuyahoga falls oh 442237/65-6/68
. Hilbert, Frank, Launcher Crewman 16B20, SPC-42/69-8/70
. Hirdler, Bernard A., Minnesota 9/68-9/70
. Kern, Raymond W., 24U40 Nike Herc Electronic Mech, I was the only one in assembly other than Mr Burris 12/67-11/68
. Konold, Peter, Variety of IFC positions such as: Battery Clerk, Radar Operator, Communications Specialist, and Generator Operator.11/62-9/65
. Martinez, Frank A. , Spec. 5th Class , MOS 24Q20 IFC Fire Control Tech. '66-'67
. Rodriguez, Ron, SP-4 MTR and TTR operator. Was sent to Vietnam Mother's Day 1969 to join Quad and Duster unit 4th of the 60th in An Khe 8/68-5/69
. Schloetter, Gerald (Jerry), Battery Exec. Officer. Was on temporary duty at site C-46 in Munster as Launcher Platoon Leader during Cuban Missile Crises, since C-47 was shut down for improving radar. 11/61-5/63
. Young, Dennis C., Mech Maint SP4 - Propay 2 10/60-3/61
C-48South Gary. .
. Cini, Julian A., Captain, Battery D Commanding Officer, I was the "Old Man" who deactivated the site in the end. It wasn't a bad deal being the commander of your own little missile base, but the troops who did everything did not receive the rewards and recognition that they deserved.2/61-8/62
. Riley, Richard, Launcher missile crewman, SP3, First occupants. We dug cable trenches in the mud and snow for a long time. Bought my first car in Chicago while stationed in Gary, met and married a girl from the USO in Chicago. Lots of good memories. Never got used to the cold weather./54-3/56
CD-63 Dillsboro .
. Adams, Marion (Nick), sp4 when got out, was ord. parts spec, and fire panel oper. 10/59-5/60
. Brown, Jerry, Missle tracking radar operator. - 6624 Mize Road, Shawnee, Kansas 66226 /67-/67
. Camp, Dean, T1 oper - I then went to St Paul Def. as a t1 Oper9/69-3/70
. Clements, Richard L, SGT E-5 Launcher Section Leader, Retired from the USA Vietnam Veteran 4/65-6/67
. DeAtley, Wayne, I was a laucher crewman. I left to go to radar school at Ft. Bliss. /68-/68
. Edwards, Johnny L, 2Lt. IFC, Exec & Btry Cmd. - RR1 Box 212, Sullivan, Il 61951 8/67-3/68
. Flicinski, Michael, Supply Originally designated for missile duty, met by SGT Fred I Tellup and pulled into Supply. Best move I could make. Served in HQ company in supply, made SP5 in under 2 and stayed at Dillsboro the entire time. Was Ordnance Parts Specialist and eventually acting Supply SGT under Lt. Kenneth A Pond until discharge. - 130 Jackrabbit Run Round Rock, TX 7896649/64-/67
. Gamblin, Jesse, SP4, Battery Clerk, also ran the PX, First Sgt was Walter Overcott and Jack Nicholas, CO was Walter Dorn and James Harris, other officers were Charles Millick,Bill Price, Harry Dull. Discharged in June of 1962/59-6/62
. Hurley, Dan J., Sp-4 E-4. Was ordinance aparts specialist in Launcher Area for the most part. Crewman 3. Was in pit A. My missle rsponsibilites was the Hercules which had a 20kt payload. - dhurley5@tampabay.rr.com10/59-7/62
. Miner, Gary E., SP4, Launcher Crewman. Closed C Battery, Dillsboro, In 305 Hargis Lane, Belton, Mo 640122/69-2/70
. Moses, Larry W., Battery Aidman 91B202/67-5/68
. Stout, Morris L., Fire Control Operator 16C, Spec 52/67-12/69
. Wiley, William A., MP at launch area 1/67-12/68
. Zeigler, Steve, MP/Dog Handler - Sgt E-5. My dog was "Duke". Upon my Army separation, I returned to my broadcasting career in Canton, Ohio. ?Duke? was donated to the Aurora Police Dept. where he became a hero by 'treeing' some bad guys. Worked in Miami, FL for most of my career. Retired now after 33 years in radio and TV - living in Venice, Florida. (1 Mar 2012) 1/66-6/67
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Iowa site information
  • OF-10 Council Bluffs
  • .
    Site ID or
    Name, family name first
    (rank & duty optional)
    dates at
    OF-10Council Bluffs, Highway 92 east of Council Bluffs
    ?Treynor, about 14 miles ESE of Council Bluffs?
    . Connaly, John, LCT, Sp4 9/62-4/64
    . Ford, Harold, MOS 177 Launcher Crewman, 10/61-10/62
    . Gutshall, Wayne H. Jr., computer Operator-SP/5 - 56 Bell Lane, McClure, Pa 17841 5/65-7/66
    . Mitchell, Richard L (Dick), WO1, Site got deactivation orders soon after I got there and I was soon left in Command of the whole Battery to pack and ship every nut, bolt and screw. I had a Multi-Million inventory in my name for awhile. We cleared with no losses or overage. 1965-1967
    . Springer, Richard, A/6/43 as E4 generator operator10/62-05/65
    . Weiss, Gerald, LCG Operator E-4 10/62-05/65
    . Zolecki, Robert, I worked in IFC as a Electronic Technician doing radar repair 226.1 I'm now 83 years old...Love looking at this STUFF - 73 de Bob Z KR9Z -2/65
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    Italy site information

    Please Note:

    1. This listing is intended to list
      - the Italians who manned the equipment
      - the Americans who guarded the special warheads.
    2. The "special warheads" were physically under U.S. military control. Nike units that were manned by other nations had U.S. troops physically present controlling the warheads. The U.S. units had different unit names than the unit names of the other nations. For an explanation of the dual role, please see US Army units on NATO Countries Batteries by Richard Scheffler
    Site ID or
    Name, family name first
    (rank & duty optional)
    dates at
    ITAF 1st Air Brigade /2nd RMM Padua - ITALY ?Padova?.
    . Laurenzi, Mauro, I was a Type IV Tech and worked in Shops 1, 2 and 3 in to the main maintenance facility in Italy. Been in Ft.Bliss from 04/83 till 05/84 and attended the Type IV 2/83 course at NNTC. Great experience, beautiful envinronment and people. I wish all the best to each and every single member of the NIKE Hercules community. Actually still on duty flying NATO AWACS in Germany. 07/82-07/90
    . Menna, Emanuele, Internal 254.1 SP4 - ITAF, trained at Redstone Arsenal Huntsville ALA, 1st AEROBRIGATA 3rd ECH Missile Maintenance 2/67-3/76
    HHD 559th Vicenze, Italy - ?Vicenza? ?Site Pluto?.
    . Bannan, Tom, bn mail room/message cntr./75-/76
    . Carvajal, Joseph, I was promoted to 1LT and served as the Group's Resource Management Officer (RMO C) in the S4 Section. CPT Terry Owen was the S4 at the time. SFC Washington was the S4 NCOIC at the time as well. COL Larry Honsinger was the Group CDR & LTC John Danforth was the Deputy Group CDR. CPT John Thomas was the S1, CPT Rick Snow was the S2, & I cannot recall who served as the S3 at that time. - P.O. Box 3225, Alexandria, VA 223025/79-6/80
    . Johnson, Ronnie, SP4, Crypto Clerk, S-2 dept was later transferred to Mt Calvarina, postal Richmond, Indiana11/68-12/69
    . Kress, Edward, 6/77-6/78
    . Pugh, Joseph, Evaluation Team Chief, G3 shop. HQ, USASETAF (G3), Vicenza, Italy (Caserma Ederle) 2/78-3/79
    . Volkman, Glen, SP-4th Class MOS 225.10 - Nike/Hercules Launch Repairman.Completed 26 weeks of Nike-Hercules Training at Ft. Bliss, Texas, and went on one of the first levies to Europe (Vicenza, Italy)in August, 1959. Saw plenty of Europe and really enjoyed my tour of duty. Our CO was Cpt. Harris McCormick. Battery Commander was Col. Di Fusco. Any of the old 31st, 34th & 35 Arty Detachments can get a hold of me. - 3811 Boardwalk St. # 4, Eau Claire, WI 547018/59-3/61
    Tm 3 31st USAAD
    20 Km SouthSouthEast of Verona, 80 Km WSW Venice.
    . Blanchard, Louis, 24U10 Nike Hercules Electronics Mechanic - 2/47th USAAD 559th 11/83-4/88
    . Camp, Bob, SFC US Army (Ret) - I retired from the US Army in March 1988 and one of my favorite places that I served was in Bovolone. Is any of the missile site still there and can it be visited. My wife and I often talk about going to Italy on a vacation and if I?m in the Bovolone area I will surely come by to see if any of the sit and the town of Bovolone has changes much. 11/66-9/69
    . Cole, Stephen, Berlie, I sure had a great time while pulling guard duty in Bovolone. I sure would love to hear from any of the guys who served with me. Bill Turpin, Carlton Ogletree, Dale Powers, Dennis Butler. - 329 walker st. Villa Rica Ga. 301803/71-4/74
    . Corwin Dave, I was the company clerk8/70-12/71
    . Croslin, Mike, I was a 24U20 Nike Hercules Electronics Maintenance Tech. Great duty in Bovolone, great friends, great times. - P.O. 6071 Van Buren, AR 729563/71-1/72
    . Doyon, Leo. G jr., SSG, Duties - most everything PO Box 804 Clint,TX 98367/77-7/80
    . Garza, Jose Jr., I came to Bovolone Italy. to reinf. some soldiers that were being released. I was promoted to Sgt.5 and was in charge of the platoon. worked in the capacity of Sgt. of the guard. I only remember a few names now. Like the cook. sgt. Ortiz, A guy name Sgt Flag., my bunk mate Real Nice dude.Kneneth L. Lively from Chatsworth, Georgia, a Guy by the name of Paul Young. My Capt.Biondi. Had a real good time while serving overseas. I wanted to transfer to the the 101st Airborne Unit, but I had an accident and was let go. I am 63 years old, and am the Commander of a Veterans Organization, help the vets making claims vs the gov. and assist their families to get and education. I have a AA, a BA, and a Masters Degree. Other than that I'm retired. My wife passed, and my children are grown. I love life. Please e-mail me back i'd sure like to hear from some of the guys. God bless you ED, great job you're doing. Regards, Most respectfully Joe Garza - 5511 East Saunders St. Laredo, Tx. 78041 /66-5/68
    . Gustasfon, Frank, 24U20 After training I got shipped to Italy and hung around waiting for security clearance, a great three months. As we were over staffed I got shipped to Germany, way understaffed for the next two years. Gus3/71-7/71
    . Mabeus, Richard, Myrtle Beach, SC/75-/77
    . Kuzio, Nicholas,, E-4 /65-/67
    . Meuti, Alessio, NCO IFC Radar Maintenance 222B - Via balzani 11a 37051 Bovolone Italy 6/75-4/95
    . Myers, Terry, I was a 16B custodial agent (in other words a guard), (E-mail address bounced) I loved my assignment at Bovolone. I have fond memories of Remon, he and his wife treated us like family. I spent many more year's in Italy as a 29V microwave maintenance chief at Mt.Calvarina, Conselve, Ceggia, Oderzo, and Coltano. I retired from the army in 1990. I was with the 54th Signal Co. in Vicenza. Miss Italy, still call friends and alumi in Italy. Arrivederci. - 4220 e. airport rd., stillwater, okla. 74075 3/71-12/73
    . Ogletree, Carlton R., Crazy times, but crazier friends. - 300 Country Club Lane, Gettysburg, PA 17325 3/74-7/74
    . Olson, Rod, Another blast and great people. Got sent to S2 559th for my remaining time in service. Enjoyed it but certianly made the right decision to move on in 1977. 8/74- /76
    . Previdi, Gianluca, /86-/87
    . Scaglione, Edward J. (Ed), Spec. 4 / E-4, MOS 225.5 - 726 Bradley Ave, Novato, CA 94947 10/63-12/65
    . Stiert, David, Security Duty7/76- 10/82
    . Vatalaro, Ralph (no e-mail address given) Was Team clerk/Horseshoe-BBQ coordinator/Armorer-mail clerk/Movie clerk/Guitar player/Beer, wine and pizza lover. - 3 Meadow Lane, Apt.10, Bridgewater, Ma. 02324 12/71-12/72
    Ceggia also
    Team 3, 34th USAAD
    35 Km NorthEast of Venice .
    . Abbondanza, Alfred, Served as a 2LT and 1 LT at Ceggia. First at the 1/34th, then last 8 months at the HHD as the XO. Good times, but long days. Left Ceggia for 15 months at Site Pluto, 69th OD CO. I am a retired USAR LTC.4/83-11/84
    . Brizendine, Thomas Michael, Radio operator in the Cemetery Net. Some I remember there @ same time SABATO, OUTLAW, ADKINS, REEVES, MCMILLAN, BERRY, CASAREZ, ALDERMAn and several I can't recall the names... 11/86-11/88
    . Butler, Tom, Still got in plenty of trouble at the bars, but it was the time of my life! Then it was back to Ft.Bliss & the patriot,Yee Hah!!! 7/81-6/82
    . Caswell, Rick C, Senior Cusdodial Agent Rank SP4 MP Site was de-activated. /87-8/88
    . Depew, Winston, First group to deploy to this site. It was great duty since we did not have nukes. - 1000 Stone Mountain DR, Marble Falls, Texas 78654?3/64-3/65
    . Duffy, James M., Ops Sgt, Comsec Custodian. Spent many an hour in the Circolo, at the beach and Venice. I couldn't understand it, nobody ever said we couldn't go to Yugoslavia. (no sense of humor) 1979-1982
    . FitzGibbon, Michael, noticed Dale Kordes listed,,,great comrads,,and social warriors11/67-11/70
    . Hardy, Timothy, Moved to Cordovado (3rd 34th Group) to assit with NWTI and demating of Nukes for shippment to states. 12/85-08/86
    . Kimble, Donald R, : Arrived in Vacenza, Italy 1/63. was part of TM 3 as it was being assembled. Deployed on new site 3/64. Was a tool man on assembly warhead team. Team consisted of 21 us army personal. Great duty station. Everything was just built . We continued to train on mock models the launchers were on site but the rockets had not arrived . released overseas duty as PFC 9/64 - 5 Thompson St, Newton NJ 078603/64-9/64
    . Kordes, Dale, E-5 24F20 (later 24U) electronic maintenance technician HQ Group of 34th USAAD, of the 559th Arty Group. Italian Airforce actually ran the base with Americans as nuclear weapons custodians. We provided air defense for the Aviano (NATO) AFB. 1/69-3/72
    . Miller, Brian, used to love hanging out in Jesolo...... Finished: appox apr 88....when we all left the site3/84-4/88
    . O'Neill, Steve, Started off as the tech officer, then security officer, finally team commander. I have a great memories and think about those days a lot - would give anything to go back in time. Just reconnected with MSG Mike Brost, who almost 30 years later, is completing a tour in Iraq!! Would love to hear from anyone stationed on the Italian sites.3/74-9/77
    . Rossi, Massimiliano, .
    . Sabato, John, (SFC) Commo Site Chief, 54th Signal Co, Cemetery Net Operations in support of 34th USAAD. Great times and good friends... If you remember me from that time, drop me an email. Best wishes to all. - Winchester, VA4/86-1/88
    . Stairhime, Richard, Was Security Officer and Technical Officer. 6/74-8/77
    . Waller, Johnny W. , Team 3 /64-/66
    Tm 2, 31st USAAD
    81� Gruppo IT
    25 Km South of Venice .
    . Aresu, Roberto, Tco,Lco/ 9/71-3/76
    . Cramer, Patrick D., [ 559 arty gp ] Sp5 - Senior Custodial Agent and Warhead Crew Reader, They were the best of times and the worst of times, a lot of good people a lot of high anxiety. Hay Spivey you remember the time we tore down that North Viet Namise Flag in that ralley in Venice? You still got it?... 6/72-1/75
    . Faulkner, William S (Bill), SP.E-5. 22-F20. Elec. Maint. Tech. A Lot of great memories. Have photos of Willy D. Jackson, Red, Roommate Carl Harris. Shared an apt. on the beach with Lt. Brackett. Would like to hook up with some old friends.07/64-10/66
    . Fay, Michael E, Missile/Warhead Specialists, SP4, 16B, but did 24U work with Italians. 2/78-3/83
    . Hebert, Robert, Team Leader, 2nd Lt to Cpt., Worked with some great men. During my tour there, we were really short of officers and I spent many days in a row not being able to leave the site. Lt David Medalie took over when I left. During the time I was assigned there we had a "nuclear incident" luckily I was on leave traveling around Europe. Before coming to Chioggia I was the Construction and Real Estate Officer in the 1st Support Brigade in Mannheim Germany - PO Box 20361, Portland, Oregon 972949/68-10/69
    . Hill, Royce, 24U40 Only jr enlisted on the team. Master of the T1440 test set. and the Emergency Destruct procedures. Assigned as 24U40 right out of AIT in 1978. Loved the location and the work load. Enjoyed the team work and all the testing and preparation for inspection. The work with the natives was great. Wish I could have stayed. I have lots of stories of the people and exercises. Really good wine and food. I lived in the small town outside the base. Enjoyed my time on the site and the free time off site. Remember Micheal Fay. [above] So much to share and no one to care.2/78-11/80
    . Kindle, James, 16B Some great memories - postal address 7606510/75-9/77
    . Leek, Howard, Sgt E-5 Met great folks had awesome times. I remember M. Fay, R. Hill not so much. I am looking for SFC John Daniels, SSG Milton Moore, and Lt.Peter Ma have found some friends would desperately like to reach these three. I loved every minute, it should have been the poster in recruiting stations. E-mail me if you remember. 10/78-12/80
    . Perale, Mirco, did service 03/86-12/86
    . Reynolds, William, Guard duty 1/67-1/68
    . Ruggles, David, I was there for three long years/80-/83
    . Trexler, Michael, I was stationed at Chioggia, Ba Bianca 31st USAAD and 40th USAAD times 01/78-06/82
    . Van Kleeck, David A., Present during the '73 Oil Embargo. Living at a remote site with no heat was a significant hardship. 12/73-3/75
    . Webb, Howard, 24F40 SSG. Ret. CW4. Deployed with Team from HQ Vicenzia to Chiogga. Spent all three years in training, We had not received the War Heads till after I rotated. 4/64-4/67
    . Zaborowski, Mike, Sr Security Guard and later Team clerk, Married local girl in 1973 /72- /76
    Conselve HQ?- 40 Km SW Venice, 25 Km south of Padova (80 SQ Bagnoli di Sopra) .
    . Allen, John, PVT-SSG 16B, Assembly - Security - DET SGT 2/79-1/82
    . Ball, Bill, Team Clerk, (movie clerk, supply clerk at times, Armorer, file clerk) I wore many hats - Italy was a great place for me to be at that time in my life. I gripped about the service but didn't we all. Was in about 10 car wreaks but I was always the passenger. Luckily I never got seriously hurt. Drank, Loved and was a tourist for 3 years. - 6601 S. First St., Broken Arrow, OK 74011 2/71-9/73
    . Cattrall, Bill, 9/69-12/71
    . Earnest, Clay, Det Commander, 12445 Woodlake Road, Elbert, Co 80106 1/80-3/82
    . Ehrman, Russell W. E-4. Guard duty only. Never got to touch missile. Some crew training in generators etc. Shipped to repo depot in germany then off to Italy. Stayed in vicenza till site needed people. In HQ company Italians did most of work.6/67-11/68
    . Griffin, Rob, Lt., XO. Lt DeCarlo/CPT Perry were C.O.s2/80- 9/81
    . Harris, Marc, Custodial Agent - Section Chief, Bravo Section - was the last class to receive the full 24U AIT 4/85-5/87
    . Haven, Dwane, There was great time there. Lost alot of good friends, that I wished I could find them./75-/78
    . Jones, Kermit, 2LT - CPT. Worked for commanders Bob Bestian, Brian Bolt,and AD Greenlee. Fellow LT was Gerald McIntyre. Worked with a great group of NCOs and soldiers Cassidy, Logan, Stoneking, Reynoso, Kibble, Scott, Nelson, Angeli, Cline, Kelly and many others. Great support for our in-country hosts. Site was Commanded by Major Pilat10/83-12/86
    . LeGendre, Michael, 16C though I worked in the warhead section.2/70-9/72
    . Pekula, Walter E., Security Officer -Pulled lots of duty but wouldn't have missed it. A fantastic experience. Learned a lot. Served with some great people. - 20 Bala Ct, Turnersville, NJ 08012-11/74
    . Penn, Jerry W, SSG E-6, Warhead Crew. Co-host with Italian group. 1/69-9/71
    . Pilat, Giorgio, C.O., L.Col. from may 1982 to october 1987/79-/87
    . Radtke, Jeff, Custodial Agent, Senior Custodial Agent,SP/4, - first M.P. assigned to the site. I lived off site in San Siro de Sopra one street from Franco's. Jolly Bar in Conselve was a frequent hang out next to Little America.I worked with some of the finest people I've known particularily S.S.G. Richard Bell (RIP). Remember others; SFC Paige, Marc Harris, Lt. Macintire, Capt. Greenly, Capt. Bolt, Esmond, Ski, Sommerset, Frank Kepes, Cassidy, Sgt. Johnson, Anderson, Glenn Reed, Elliot Mead just to name a few.5/85-2/87
    . Senik, Vincent A., 24F20 Elect/Maint/Tech. Team 1, 31st USAAD, 559th Artillery Group. TM 1 w/HQ Det on Italian AF base with 30 US pers. 1970 year of flag football with Capt. Harris, Great times w/great Guys 1/69-10/70
    . Stockwell, Jim, Headquarters Detachment Clerk-SP4. - had an intruder in the downrange area just before I left. Spent hours laying in the mud and fog while the search for the intruder was fruitless6/72-12/74
    Cordovado 55 Km NorthEast of Venice .
    . Butler, Tom, pvt1/pfc many times! To much fun in town, or at the bar on base. To far from home for an 18yr old. I dont remember why I was sent down the road to Ceggia. 1/81-7/81
    . Caswell, Rick C, Senior Cusdodial Agent Rank SP4 MP Site was de-activated. 10/85-/87
    . Davis, Steven, hercules crewmember sp/43/85-9/86
    . Etem, Blake, Spec 4, 24U - missile mechanic - briefly operated site PX. Lived in Portogruaro. Two years ago had lunch at Alla Botte restaurant in Portogruaro and the owner recognized me! He referred to the era that I was there as "the O'Keefe era" after the name of the commander at the time. We had some very interesting and charismatic people at the site during the time I was there - Edoardo Gonzales, SSgt Pratt, Carl Rodgers, James McDonald ... David Sides ... Stan Rakestraw & many more!5/76-6/78
    . Kindle, James, 16B Some great memories - postal address 760659/77-3/78
    . Pickett, Greg, E-4 Senior Custodial Agent was also px operator. Left in March 75 headed for B 2-1 ADA Dexheim, Germany ETS'd 7-76 - 7137 Welles st. Brown City MI. 48416 3/74-3/75
    . Pugh, Joseph, 2LT to CPT. Security Officer, then Technical Officer.4/74-2/78
    . Salomone, Pasquale, 1st Lt Air Force, active duty for the Italian Air Force, still working on Nike Hercules, [March] 2006 and really proud of it.3/04-
    Mt Calvarina
    Team 4, 47th USAAD HQ
    (67? Gruppo I.T.).
    20 Km ENE Verona, 70 Km West of Venice - 20 Km WSW of Vicenza .
    . Bannan, Tom, security team 3/76-/77
    . Campbell, Alan, Sp/5 Senior Custodial Agent 16B10 Looking for those I served with at THE ROCK 5/73-3/75
    . Carvajal, Joseph, I served as the Site Security Officer under CPT James E. Bright (Team Commander). 2LT James C. Ransick was the Special Weapons Technical Officer at the time. SP4 Richard Mabeus and SP5 LoPiccolo were already there when I arrived. CPT David Storey was the 47th USAAD Commander & 1LT David Purcell was the 47th USAAD XO at the time. His NCOIC was SP5 John Aultman. CW4 John Feeley was the Special Weapons Warrant Officer. SFC George Alsheimer and SFC John Scharf were two of the Team's senior NCOs at the time. SFC John Pizzulo & SSG John Bellflower were the Dining Facility NCOs. Team 4 was co-located with the 47th Detachment HQs. This may have caused a few anxious moments. I earned every nickel of my pay at the Rock! - P.O. Box 3225, Alexandria, VA 223027/77-5/79
    . Dosher, Art, I was HHD clerk at the 47th and took care of the office for the entire location.. It was great duty. I loved it there I was a sp4 when I arrived and sp5 when I left. I think I'd still be there if they would have let me stay!! - 1723 n hickory st. Crest hill Illinois 60403 5/70-9/71
    . Edgren, David, Served as HQ Executive Officer under MAJ James Shipley then CPT Jim (?) Penhallegon. Technical Officers were CW? Rick Caron, then WO Ioannis Seretis. Lived in Monte Calvarina right next to the church (bells! bells!). The site was on the flank of the mountainside to the east of town about 4k by road, 2k of which was almost straight up. Ronca was a little town nobody paid any attention to. The cherry blossoms in the valley were beautiful, and Soave (Bolla wine, buy it by the bottiglione) was just over the mountain to the west. Best. Duty. Station. Ever. 1150 S. Grantham Rd. Wasilla, Alaska 996545/81-3/82
    . Faresin, Marco, The last youg Italian lieutenant, TCO of "The Rock" Monte Calvarina. The 65? I.T. Group was close[d] in September 1995. 4/94-4/95
    . Farmer, Bruce, McCarthy, Shorty, Keller, Pinero, Feaster, Foster, Richardson, Davis, Davis, and Davis , amongest many, many others. I remember, the dogs, too much alcohol, Bright Ransick Altman. I can be reached in Knoxville at 10/77-4/80
    . Fitzgerald, Terrence, 24U40 Herc Elec Main Spec; We trained a lot for the next TPI, decoded messages endlessly and generally had a great time. We lived off site in Alte Ceccato, closer to Vicenza.6/70- 2/72
    . Haskell, Ralph T, I wound up as the CO of this site as a 1st Lt. Many fond memories. I can still speak Italian. Visited Italy in April of 2004. The launch area is chained up and vacant. Noticed some newer towers Tower 5 was replaced. The American barracks have been ransacked with windows broken and plumbing and electrical ripped up. The road to the IFC was impassable. Molto triste. - Gold River, Ca4/70-10/71
    . Hinkle, Mike, I was a transfer from TM3, 31st USAAD in Bovolone, Italy who served hard time on "The ROCK" as E5/16B/COR-Security Guard Crew. We all worked hard and played even harder! The 559th USAAG was my 1st assignment as a 16B (1971-74) and following OCS Class 4-78, my 1st assignment as a 35A MI officer (1979-80).
        In retrospect, I had a fantasy career consisting of incredibly interesting assignments as Aide to BG James Dozier at HQ, LANDSOUTH in Verona, Italy (1980-81); BDE S2, 1st & 3rd Brigades, 4th Infantry Division (1983-87); Military Advisor in El Salvador (1983 & 1986); Associate Professor of Spanish, USMA at West Point (1988-92); C2/J2/G2 Plans Officer at HQ, UNC/JFK/8th US Army in Seoul, Korea (1992-95); US Army Attache in La Paz, Bolivia (1996-98). I finally retired after 29 years of active duty service on January 1, 1999 and became a High School Spanish Language Teacher in Georgia. - 96033 Out Creek Way, Yulee, FL 32097
    . Johnson, Ronnie, I thought I'd be spending the rest of my time there but was levied for Viet Nam, was pissed, but I survived. postal - richmond, Indiana6/69-12/69
    . Lauerman, John, Commanding Officer 5050 SW Laurelwood Avenue, Portland OR 97225 12/70-12/71
    . LoPiccolo, Vince, 76Y-Supply. Got to meet some great guys (and gals). Had a lot of good times. Would like to hear how everyones doing.. Ciao for now 9/72-9/77
    . Mabeus, Richard, Remember all the times trying to get to work up the mountain with the fog and rain - Myrtle Beach, SC/77-/79
    . Martinez, Michael A., 24U Nike Hercules: I wasn't there that long, but I will never forget my short time there at the Rock. Had a great time, I remember that I got there just in time for the Wine Festival... I was shortly transferred back to Vicenza, HHD 559th Group where I worked in the Supply Room / Unit Armorer. Take care guys!/78-/78
    . Minter, Steven W., ( sent bad e-mail address ) FNG to E-4, Hope that some of the men and women I served with see this and give me a "wake-up call". 3 yrs. of my life I'll never forget.1/80-1/83
    . Moeller, Rick, Served with Ralph H and spent many days down at our KP's house Julio and Palladay. Julio's oldest daughter married a US soldier who was stationed on Calverina. Sp 4, played on the headquarters fast pitch ball team and we had our own basketball team that played in the headquarters league down in Verona. - Columbus, Ohio8/70-4/72
    . Olson, Rod, Private to Sp 4 Clerk Many fond memories. The people who wer there with me know who you are and all I can say is that it was really great!!!7/73-8/74
    . Pekula, Walter E., Security Officer - 20 Bala Ct, Turnersville, NJ 0801211/71-
    . Pratt, Ed, 24U40 Herc Elec Main Spec; E5 Spent lots of time running around all over Italy and Germany. Had a great time. Never did know where the "Real" army was located. 8/83-10/76
    . Ransick, Jim, Served at the 'Rock' as a 2/1LT Air Defender as the Tech Officer and Security Plt Leader. Met many great folks (SFC Teddy Godwin, Lt 'Smokin' Joe Carvajal, COL Larry Honsinger, etc). Enjoyed the beautiful country, kind folks and history. Special Weapons duty was stressful for all as there was never real 'down' time... everyone pulled their weight and made it happen. We tragically lost some along the way... a lesson in life for all. Retired in '03 and just relocated to Florida. My best to all my fellow Italian 559th Nike Folks. GBA! - St Johns FL11/77-4/80
    . Ream, Randy, SP4 16B10 Launcher Crewman, 6/74-7/78
    . Richerson, Scottie, 3/78-4/80
    . Sommaggio, Stefano, Security guard - Looking for old photos of Italian Nike sites] for Nike web site Guardiano Silenzioso. /88-/89
    . Willis, Doug, As a 24U time was spent shooting pool, etc., except for when warhead maintenance exercises were called for. Great Duty, beautiful countryside, crazy place. We lived in an apt. ouside of Vicenza & carpooled to work each day. I never knew I had it so good! Now in Portland, Oregon.3/71-11/71
    . Winningstad, Dennis, 24U40 Herc Elec Main Spec; E5 played lots of chess w/Italian Airforce and US Airforce who were co-located; Great people/good times! 08/73-08/76
    Vittorio Veneto 55 Km North of Venice, 59? Sq., Mountain site .
    . Pilat, Giorgio, lco - launching area chief, tco - ifc chief, c.o. 59? Squadriglia Captain 1968-1977
    31 Atry Det.
    3/47th USAAD
    70 Km SouthWest of Venice .
    . Clark, Steve, Custodial Agent and Senior Custodial Agent. Served at the same time as Glenn Gillis, Casey Hubble, Fred Hein, John Bonanno and many others. Detachment was commanded by CPT. William DeLauro. - Coralville, Iowa /83-/86
    . Edgren, David, Assigned as Executive Officer. Site Commander was Captain Louie Porter. Security Officer was 2LT Dennis Hines. Live in Badia Polesine about 7k north of the site (I rode my bicycle most days unless the weather was dreadful). BP was on the south bank of the Po. Shared an apartment with Hines right on the main street- it was a great tour. Left to become the Executive Officer for the HQ det in Monte Calvarina. 1150 S. Grantham Rd. Wasilla, Alaska 996548/80-5/81
    . Ergott, Dave, After Zelo, I was stationed in Ft. Tilden NY as a MP till my discharge 9/71 5/69-9/70
    . Gillis, Glenn, 11B10- Custodial Agent, mail clerk/distro driver. The base is now closed as a normal site, but is still used for training (according to an Italian friend who served there with me). The people were very kind there. I married an Italian girl and was more than just a son-in-law. A great place to be stationed although it was very rural. With the trains we were able to go anywhere. This was a great duty station and I would have never left, but they changed over to M.P.s as the guards from us 11B infantry, so when my time came up, I had to leave. Still married to Marilena (23 years now). One son, 20, Robert. BA in history, minor in Italian (yeah, cheating , I know). - Colorado Springs, CO area 6/83-10/86
    . Hanford, Hanford, Had great time in Zelo and Badia.Nothing much to do but party and listen to music.Met lot of interesting folks Italian and Americans.Spent lot of time running and riding bike.Remember Mitchell, Verde, Estep, Shim, Lively ,Bailey.Munoz,Stoddard.Gonzalez,Robles.Most memorable Italian was a beautiful young Italian girl her dad owned the local bar in Zelo. Her name is Carla. Havent had a pizza as good as the ones i ate at the pizzarea in Badia i think it was called Johnnys think the waitress was named Anna.Im back in Myrtle Beach S.C. Resort property supv for maint.Also own a small pool svc co. - Drop a letter to 5730 hwy 707 riverbankslot 50 myrtle beach s.c. 29588 10/76-4/79
    . Hubble, Casey, Custodial Agent and friend of Glen Gillis and Stacie Trueheart. MA in Political Science and College Instructor. Left Zelo as a Sergeant E-5 - 249 Sunrise Lane McGregor, Texas 76657 6/82-6/84
    . Kendall, Kip M., Was an SP4 on perimeter, as I watched the chinooks fly away with the last "NIKE". Miss Zelo.12/87-5/88
    . Kizer, Roger, Custodial Agent. I was there when we moved from the old guard shack to the new guard house. Many fond memories of Italy. 3/84-7/86
    . Lackey, James, SSG E-6 at ETS. MOS was 24U40. Custodial Team--Team 4 out of Vicenza 3811 Mark Rd Cambridge, Oh 437257/70-2/71)
    . Mitchell, Wallace, 16B We did not have to do much but watch the Italians work . about the only place to go was badia to a disco. sunday was the big night. I had heard that a bomb was by the bridge at zelo, it was dropped by the germans in world war II ,they say it never detonated. In the spring a lot of americans took part in town races almost every town had one.8/78-/81
    . O'keefe, Edward W., Custodial agent, Transfer Command to Italian Military/86-/89
    . Scott, Joseph A, po box 115 glen alpine nc 28628 - Great location and even greater people I still have a great love of Italy8/66-10/67
    . Trueheart, Stacie Lee, 2LT & 1LT - Phys Security Off, Tech Off & XO. With of course additional duties of Pay Off, Courier Off, Mess Hall Off, etc. I'm not sure when the unit changed to the 3/47th ADA Det, but was that until a few years later when it was dismantled.5/84-5/86
    . Vetre, Mike, 11B, Security Guard, SP/4, pulling Guard Duty almost all the time and eating out of Mermite Cans. No Potable Water other than outside in the Water Buffalo. Vicenza was a good hour's drive away. This was my 1st assignment and I give much credit to my Leaders who set the foundation for my success and 22 years in the US Army. A tough but very rewarding assignment, makes you appreciate the simple things in life!
    Mike also says "... not only was it a short tour for Communist activity, The water was undrinkable there and we had to go downtown to take showers. We were given 5 coupons a week for the downtown public showers. Washing clothes had to be done at Vicenza, about an hour drive away. We had a Pet duck, Named "Raul," I think LT. Barney got him for us. The duck would wake us up in the mornings. The Italian Hosts were the best, and the Cleaning lady was the best also. "
    . Wiersema, Robert J., Good times in the cornfield. Also watched the specials fly out, then sat at SETAF in Vicenza for several months. Love Google Earth. Officer who also played with the crane on a Sunday afternoon. Built a new mess hall, then we left it about a year later for the Italians.6/86-6/88
    . Wilson, Patrick, PFC Warhead Custodian 64-65

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