Missile Launcher, complete with Launch Rail, expanded

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Equipment items include:
  1. A launcher control box. This box is not normally here, it is here for a launcher check. (It is usually in the launcher pit, and can control the launchers and launching from there.)

  2. This is the end of the launcher arm, the part that raises up.

  3. This is the launch rail. The missile is mounted on this rail. There are wheels (enclosed in the boxes on the sides of the launch rail) so the missile and rail can be moved about.

    Note the 2 cables from the launch rail (near the number 3) and the launcher arm (number 2). These conduct electric power and signals. (see next item)

  4. This arm sticks out from the launch rail, and protects the wiring from the launch rail to the missile. Electric power and signals (such as desired gyro angle) are transmitted to the missile until the launch. There are also a variety of missile status and health signals available for monitors.

  5. This is the rail system that permits the launch rails and missiles to move from the elevator to other launchers.

    Near the number 5 is a hinge, which enables a short rail section to move up when the missile elevator overshoots (about 1 inch) before settling into a locked raised position.

  6. Missile Front support, supports the nose of the missile.

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