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Cold War Metal

letter from Jim Rhodes Cold War Veterans Association

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From: jim rhodes 
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 5:43 PM
Subject: Cold War Veterans Association

Hi Ed, my names is Jim Rhodes, a Nike Ajax Vet and a member of 
the Cold War Veterans Association.  

Ed for sometime now the CWVA has been very involved in getting congress 
to consider and approve the Cold War Victory Medal for all vets of the
Cold War who's service was honorable.  

Presently the US House of Representatives is legislating the 
Nation Defense Authorization Act for FY 2006, known as H.R. 1815.  
The Cold War Victory Medal is found in Sec's 565 & 1134 of the Act. 
The Cold War Period ran from 1945 to 1991, which would include most 
Nike Veterans of the regular army and I believe the ANG 
who served active duty in ARADCOM 180 days or more 
(not quite sure on this point). 

  With your assistance and approval, we need help in getting the 
"word out" to as many Nike Vets as possible on this legislation.  

I understand it did pass the first round in the house 
and will now go to the US Senate and US House Conferees 
for further consideration, therefore, as of today there exists 
an approximate 30 to 45 day window to get the word out on this.  

As an example I have sent letters to my 6 US Representatives 
and 2 US Senators asking for their favorable consideration in 
voting for this legislation.  

All Nike Vets who served during the Cold War Period, might want to consider 
mailing their respective US Reps and US Senators of the state 
in which they reside to support the this legislation.  

Naturally, no one can determine the final outcome, 
    given budgetary processes involved, 
but if we want the Cold War Victory Medal, 
we have to do what it takes to move it forward.  
Nike Veterans served in a very strategic component of our nations defenses 
and deterrent during those years.  

For me, I say they deserve this medal for what they did.

Thank you,

Jim Rhodes, Nike Veteran

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