1. IFF video (mode 2)
  2. target video
  3. IFF video (Mode 2 - chop)
  4. IFF (emergency mode)
  5. identified target video
  6. IFF video (mode 3)
  7. target video of unidentified group
  8. rotating radial sweep
  9. flashing azimuth line
  10. IFF video (mode 1) or SIF/IFF video (modes 1, 2, and 3)
  11. range circle
  12. unidentified target video
  13. test video (mode 2, code 77) 13


"FUIF equipment

The fire unit integration facility equipment causes symbol video to be produced on the presentation system. FUIF equipment, located at each improved Nike Hercules site, is used with missile master AN/FSG-1, located at the AADCP, to provide an integrated air defense for a particular defense area. This integrated system relays accurate and nearly instantaneous designation data and/or information on high speed aircraft between the Army Air Defense Command Post and related improved Nike Hercules air defense guided missile system. Many improved Hercules systems and their associated FUIF equipment can be used in a single defense area. To avoid unintelligible combinations of information, a method of time sharing is provided by the master timer, and integral part of missile master. ..."

  1. The FUIF symbol appears as a half circle or 180 degrees arc with its open end facing downward. This symbol partially encloses the video display of the target identified as friendly.
  2. Battery engagement symbol appears as a defocused spot over the target video selected for engagement. The defocused spot symbol moves with the target video return as it traces across the indicator and indicates another Hercules system is engaging this target.
  3. Foe symbol .. target identified as hostile. Moreover, display of the foe symbol indicates that the target is to be engaged.
  4. Battery ground position symbol. Display at the center of the PPI indicates the position of the system. Any other battery ground position system appearing on the PPI indicates the relative rang and azimuth of another integrated improved Hike Hercules system.

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Updated Jan 3, 2010