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Site Summit - some Launcher Area pictures

During the December 2015 SF-88 Open House,
Steve and Marilyn August
delivered the following pictures, and more,
to one of the docents, me - Ed Thelen.

A note: Most of the Alaskan annual proficiency firings were from Site Summit.

A person might say that there is an overabundance of launch photos -
but I'm trying to convince some folks that the booster blast zone
is surprisingly small, tens of feet, not hundreds of yards.

Missiles are assembled, tested and warheaded on site We are approaching the storage barn and launching racks Inside the storage barn, near U.S. cities missiles were stored underground.
The launcher has a blast deflector, a steel plate at about 45 degrees, kicking much of the blast to the right. The hot fumes have expanded less than twice the previous radius. And this is just about the limit - different site, different view.