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Thelen 1940s

My sister Reta sent a CD-ROM of 60 year old pictures. (the current year is 2014)

A little background:

So - trying to group and "explain" the pictures -

Old folks

Aunt Ada?
one of maternal
grandmother's sisters
taken in Nova Scotia?

"Gramma" King
We didn't have a
handy grandmother
so "adopted" one.
Father had stayed with
her family during highschool

typical weekend
clothing and tool

Dad w newspaper in town
Bilbo was something else

Mother was chief cook
Sister & I washed
and wiped the dishes :-((


sister Reta
"field" corn

sister Reta
Farm porch in back

Milk House
crab & Pine trees background

With Father's rock terrace
Sister is 2 years younger

Reta watering
from tank on hill

In town

Reta w project

Reta with a favorite doll

Edward & Reta w toys


Dog Jack
"toy" shepard
great dog but
tryed dig out wood chucks

Father w 8 mm movie
Montana ??

Big Barn
pig fence on left

Wood shed
after covering
"Uncle" Sam & Reta

A family album

In town

w 8mm movie

kids at bird feeder

Father LOVED pingpong
Fold up table in office

Vacation and with Matterns

Vacation w Matterns

Silver Bay, Lake Superior
on north shore, before
the taconite plant

Rita Mattern,
now a

Ferdig, Montana
a Texas Jack
I stayed there for 6 months
before the Army

"These were taken just before the auction." says sister Reta.
This is Mother, with fly swatter
Behind her is the Ice Box, the top compartment can hold maybe 60 # of ice
     Some days, after work, Father would buy a block of ice, and refill the ice box
     We kids were responsible for emptying the melt water.
In the center is the wood burning stove. Fire on the left, hot water "reservoir" on the right.
Pathe Victrola on the left, wind-up handle hidden on its right
On the right is the wood burning stove in the living room,
I liked the previous uglier black pot-bellied stove a lot better,
     you could make it glow red :-))
This is the upstairs master bedroom.
(It is my impression that grandpa and grandma Thelen lived in the little bedroom off the kitchen.)
Through the open door you can see, the ladder to the attic, and the main stairway down to the room with the piano.
This is the way we washed clothes, using the wood kitchen stove, heat a lot of water!!
After filling the washing machine (left) with clothes, hot water, soap,
     start moving the top poll left and right to slosh the clothes with two paddles (inside).
Lift the clothes into the tub in the middle (for a rinse), using hand cranked wringer in the middle,
     squeeze out the water, ... then hang the clothes outside on clothes lines to dry.
And we did get to explore and play, a lot. There was chicken house, horse barn, several sheds
which contained old ignored equipment. Here a buggy has been pulled out, with Lynda, my sister Reta's daughter .
The seat of this buggy had a mouse house with mouse babies -

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