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Picture Exchange

Purpose: Facilitate the exchange of Nike oriented images.
If you wish to be listed, or to change your listing, please send
- The location of interest, this list is organized by location.
- What kind of images you wish or have available?
- Do you wish to get images?
- Do you have images available?
- Your name
- How to contact you - e-mail address, postal address, phone, ...
- Please mention "Picture Exchange", so that I do the "right thing".
to Ed Thelen

For technical considerations, click here.

For an alternative, American Memory Historical Collections for the National Digital Library - Tom Page says to "click on "Search" and enter "Nike." A number of links will come up -- some (but not all) have B&W photos. Happy hunting."

Generic - Bill Shaw wishes some Nike site closing pictures Sept 2007

Location of facility
country/town or site
Image(s) of what Wish Have Who,
with e-mail address
(date of listing)
Belgian Nike Sites in Germany (Groep Missiles) anything - I'm constructing a memorial website dedicated to the Belgian Nike sites. W . Robert Tomsin
Germany/ B 5/6 ADA in Wuschhiem Any pictures (people and facilities) I was stationed there from Aug 70 till Jan 72. WH Billy H. Taylor, Billy H. Taylor
Work phone (405) 228-5508
Germany/ C 5/6 ADA in Baumholder (1980s) also at Pforzheim also Crete, have TM's to share WH SSG Greg E. Mosholder
Germany/ Quirnheim C/5/1 anything W . Ron Miller, also Roger Labato
Germany, BÖTTINGEN (a French site) 1966 and recent . H leriche claude
Greenland (Denmark)/ Thule have recent photos W H Michael Shapiro MSgt 12SWS/MAO
" can take pictures
Aug. 2003
, H Richard E. Evans
Korea/ A/4/44, Chinchon photos & slides . H Wayne R. Coluccio
Korea/ F Battery 4/44 (especially of IFC and Admin Areas) around time when site was turned over to ROK W . Wilson, David L.
Norway have pictures of old Nike site at Rustan, Norway See . H Tor Willy Austerslått
Okinawa/ all have aerial of Site 8 W H Carl Durling
US/Alaska/Peter Three of the site in summer, one of a bunker, and one of the IFC area in winter. (updated 11/2002) . H Jim O'Connor
US/Buffalo/Niagara Have Scans of color print photos of local Nike sites, can also photocopy maps, drawings and other printed info from US Army Freedom of Information Act doc's on Buffalo/Niagara sites

Looking for any photos of Buffalo/Niagara area sites. Will pay (or trade) for reproductions.

W H Brian Wroblewski
US/C-41 anything W . Ed Thelen
US/C-44 Have current photos including a tipped over concrete radar tower . H Andy Szymanski
US/C-80 I have many 8x10 photos of Brigade activities, to include some site pictures. [also] Brigade newspapers from that era. . H Dzienny, Frederick L (419) 531-1361
Loyla Park
I hope to get any photos of the facilities or the soldiers who were located here. - July 2006W . Jamie Santoro
I have a lot of pictures of it as well. - Nov 2009. H Collin Wheeler
US/Ft. Bliss Want any photos of training at Ft. Bliss Nike Ajax IFC School circa 1955-57 W . Rathbun, Howard, San Jose, Ca
US/HA-67 ... hiked the local trails near the site ... Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Peter Piaskowski 57 Forest St. New Britian, Ct. 06052 phone# (860)826-6267 W . Peter Piaskowski June 2008
US/HM-01 (Florida) . . H Craig Strickland
US/HM-95 (Florida) aerial . H Darrell D. Whitlock
US/ (Florida) Modern photos of all South Florida Nike Hercules sites . H Charles Carter, web page South Florida - Cuban Missile Crisis
US/LA-09, Mt. Disappointment
/Barley Flats
I loved the place. Tall trees, meadows and wildlife. Winding road very peaceful. posted 2009.H Brian Devine
US/LA-88, Oat Mt. Chatsworth, Ca Have B&W snapshots to share of Nike Ajax site LA-88, Oat Mt. Chatsworth, Ca in Sept 1956, Battery C, 551st AAA Mso Bn . H Rathbun, Howard, San Jose, Ca
US/ Maine - L-58I have quite a few pictures, both from whan the site was active and after it was abandonded. . H Roehrig, Bob
US/ New York - NF-16 I have a few pictures of the Cambria, NY site (NF-16) B-1-4. W H David A. Taber 1309 E. Geneva Dr. Dewitt, Michigan 48820
US/ New York - NY-15 I manage the photo collection & website for the Fort Slocum alumni & friends.; snail mail: 1851 W. 11th PLACE LA CA 90006; tel: 213-384-0099 W . Cavanaugh, Michael
US/Red Canyon Range Camp Have B&W snapshots to share of Nike Ajax Training package #39 at Red Canyon Range Camp in Sept 1955 . H Rathbun, Howard, San Jose, Ca
US/S-03 (Kenmore, WA). " A Battery of the 28th. 120mm Anti Aircraft Cannon", located at Ballard WA. In early 1954 was converted to Nike, and finally ended up at Kenmore. WHPat Cross 541-756-4070
(Dec 2003)
US/S-62 (Ollala, Wa). any photos or any other information pertaining to the Site or of Battery C, 3rd missile Battilion, 205th Artillery. W.Dan Roberts
July 2004
US/SF-87 Fort Cronkite,Sausalito, CA Battery B, 2d Missile Bn,-- 1962-1965, McGregor Range, Presido of S.F. and a few other locations in that area. .HPaul E. Petosky (retired U.S. Army) P.O. Box 537 Munising, MI 49862-0537
US/T-10 Travis AFB,
Elmira (Fairfield), CA
3 pictures - IFC area, Administration area, Launching area, 1962 A/1st Bn, 61st Arty, site upgraded to Hi-PAR in 1962 . H Masters, Ronald, RT2 Box32, Mannington, WV 26582, Phone: (304) 986-1054
US/ W-83(Virginia) I am looking to find any pictures from 54-70 for site W-83(Great Falls) for a local museum here. I took pictures of the site in 2000 before they demolished most of the site(guard shack, barracks, etc) If you or anyone else is interested. W H Matthew R. Potter
From Wayne Scarpaci
I am seeking photos of any an/msq28b or an/msq56a missile monitor air defense command posts (aadcp) circa 1963-1974. Anything appreciated, vans (RDPC or WMC interior or exterior, an/mps 23A frequency scan radar FSR) Units having them were 6th ADA GP at ft bliss, 10th ADA GP at wiesbaden, 15th ADA at biggs AFB, 38th ADA GP in korea, 69th ADA GP in wurzburg, and 94th ADA GP at kaiserslautern. Plse contact wayne scarpaci at
From Tom Jaynes August 2005
I am looking for any photos of the 19th Air Defense Group, Highlands Army Air Defense Site (AADCP) form 1967 or 1968 and any photos from Headquarters, 38th Artillery Brigade (AD), Osan Air Base, Republic of South Korea from 1968 to 1969.

Technical considerations
I am assuming the transference of images will largely be by scanning them into a computer, and sending the file of the image as e-mail for use by the requestor. This way irreplacable images will not get lost. Also, copying color images at local shops is getting less painful.

Very adequate scanners with very convenient bundled software are so inexpensive now (often $50 or less) that most folks are not inconvenienced by the hardware expense nor bothered by software complexity.

Image files tend to get large (half a megabyte) and awkward to send/receive unless you take special care. For instance, I wanted to makes images on this web site small (quick down load). To accomplish this,

All images on this web site were scanned at 300 pixels to the inch,
Reduced in size with software to match the approximately 70 pixels/inch of the moniter,
Saved as .jpg files compressed with rather lossy compression (relatively low resolution)
to produce "small" files, about 50 K bytes.
If you want to print images with a printer,
few of us can see better than 300 pixels/inch.

You can send images as e-mail attachments. However, be aware that

All ISPs have size limits of incoming mail messages (often a little above a megabyte)
All ISPs have mailbox size limits (usually in the 1 to 10 megabyte range)
Many ISPs do not warn the sender if the e-mail was too long, and discarded your mail
Many ISPs do not warn the sender if the mail box was full, and discarded your mail

Life is frequently interesting :-)

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