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Freedom Model Kit - from Joe Starns, Dec 2019
FMK15106 1:35 Freedom Model Kits MIM-14 Nike Hercules ...
e-bay and Amazon
Revell Nike Hercules kit 1804 - 50 K bytes, -from Peter Wurzbach
Revell: Nike Hercules Missile Model Kit for auction at e-bay - "It has great graphics. I bought one several weeks ago and I display it in my office."
Enno Dittmar is building this - Dec 2011

"I still have to build a wooden base (with brass plate!) and the "glass house" to keep it conserved for display." - Dec 2011

The finished case, Jan 6, 2012
I entertained the idea of painting and labelling the missile according to the former Bundeswehr standards. That would have meant to produce the tiniest of decals myself and would have resulted in the whole missile having a plain olive brown finish. The ADA colors and decals make a far nicer display, I should say.

` Note the rather high elevation angle! :o)

Enno Dittmar says "I attached a detail photo of my dress uniform showing my SAM service badge. All SAM personnel in the German Federal Forces wear it, no matter what system. Note that it resembles a NIKE Hercules Forward Missile Section! So we all carry a little piece of military history around here.

Sent by Robert C. Campbell 314 654-1379 - "The no-lone-zone on my bookshelf."

  • sent Sept 26, 2010

    More Nike Dimensions sent Sept 26, 2010

    from Derek "Deke" Wakefield W6WAV, Denton Co. Skywarn
    Don't know if you have these or not. I found them on a website that I believe has gone the way of the dinosaurs (the last time I looked for it I couldn't find it). I do not know if they are properly scaled in their current form (per the notes on the drawings). But someone may be interested in these. So I thought it best to pass them along to someone who might be able to offer them. Reduced in email - save to disk for full size.


    European Launcher Section sent Feb 7, 2009

    from Michael Keller
    I just wanted to send you some pictures of my model Nike site.

    The size of a Crewman is 20mm.

    It resembles a Europe above ground site, with a 3 Launcher configuration. Actually its a copy af the Alpha section (Nuclear) at the Dutch site Voerden, which is about 20 miles from my home.

    I measured all (!) dimensions on site. On Rolf?s page you can see how it looks today.

    Revell Re-Release of Nike Hercules sent Feb 1, 2009

    Chuck Ellington sent - For your readers who may be interested in obtaining a Revell model of the NIKE HERCULES, have them visit this URL.

    Where they will see that Revell-Germany plans to start selling a reissue of the NIKE HERCULES kit in the April 2009 timeframe. (Sometimes the eBay prices are ridiculous.)

    It may be difficult for us Yanks to get these kits when they are released in Europe, but a hobby shop in the UK, Hannants, evidently will be selling this kit, as it is already listed on their website at this URL.

    Once you establish an account with Hannants (do so at ), you can order a kit that is not yet released (as in this case) and they will send it once they get it, as long as you provide credit card info. I have dealt with them before on a number of transactions and can vouch for the fact that they are a trustworthy vendor. Pay attention to shipping costs and minimum purchase requirements.

    I'm a engineer (now retired) who worked for the US Navy on STANDARD Missile, which is the primary antiair armament on AEGIS cruisers and destroyers. My job was developing characterizations of the vulnerability of foreign aircraft, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles to warhead and direct hit damage mechanisms. This information was then used to evaluate all-up-round performance in simulations.

    So I can appreciate you fellows who guaranteed that "If it Flies, it Dies!"

    Our motto was something like, "Better Killing Through Aerospace Engineering." Not quite as catchy, but we had a great deal of fun over the years blowing stuff up in lethality test work.

    More kit activity July 2007

    Chuck Zellers sent -

    A Nike Herc scale balsa wood kit is available. Check under "Plans". "Sandman" is the person custom kitting these units. "Sandman" is a longtime rocket kit maker designing the scale and components for all the rockets he sells. They are flyable and several pictures under "Plans, Nike Hercules" show this. The kits are expensive, $140.00 but well worth it. These kits are not "quick and easy" to build but if one does, they look so gooood! If you're NH nut, you'll want one...well at least I think you might. Your web site visitors may want a look at the rocket model web "Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules move more and more into the past, this kit shows it's still alive and they may want to build one.

    I'm trying to find information and pictures regarding all the paint variations for Nike Hercules and Ajax missiles. I've seen OD, white and red boosters. White, red and OD missiles. I want to confirm whether or not if the booster was also painted black.

    Chuck Zellers

    Here is a picture of my 55" Nike Ajax with a smaller 30". I'm in the process of building a Nike Her.

    A Nike Hercules kit is available on

    These kits are balsa,fiber,card stock and are for experienced model builders. The kit has 4 rocket motors. Yes, this kit, when completed can be launched! the cost of the kit currently is $140.00 but when completed is fabulous! The kit designer has been in the model rocket business for many years and is respected by those in the model rocket industry.The kit instructions are on a DVD. The kit includes a custom made non rip nylon parachute. The kit is in limited availability as each are custom made.

    Wind Tunnel Model of Ajax May 2007

    Tim Scott sent - "Some years ago, I bought a nicely-machined steel Nike Ajax wind tunnel model at an aerospace auction. All of the control surfaces move. There are manometer orfices in various places around the fuselage. The missile is attached to its booster and measures 88-1/2 inches from nose to tail of booster.

    I bought the missile model from Superior Space Auctions in Los Angeles, CA, in the mid 1990s. The previous owner was not identified at the time of purchase, but I assume he lived local to the auction, as shipping the model proved fairly involved and there was no shipping container at the auction end.

    The Nike is a pretty machine ? it looks like a missile is supposed to look. I think I first became aware of the Nike Ajax when a battery was trained on Fred MacMurray in ?The Absent Minded Professor? movie. I was a kid at the time, but that became the ideal missile in my mind as a consequence.

    I would like to find out what I can about it: Who made it, when, where was it used, are there any documents that reference it or show photos of it under test?

    Any information would be appreciated.

    Tim Scott, 1523 Kirsch Lane, Springfield, KY 40069

    I sent Tim the URLs for my HTML version of the Nike Ajax Monograph manual
    now also shown in .pdf form at the Redstone web site (12.6 megabytes).

    side view with yard stick
    missile & booster side view, - missile side, - nose on, - nose fins, - main fins, - booster end

    Model of Launcher Section sent Feb 2007,

    Donald Wellman sent -

    I thought I had finished my Nike Launcher Section model, but it was pointed out to me by an Nike veteran that I had left out the 400Hz Frequency Converter that was located near the blue electrical ciruit panel/s. I have spent untold hours searching the Nike pictures on the internet and amazingly cannot find a picture of said Converter.

    I think the converter was a motor-alternator. I understand it was a rectangle shaped box with a round motor like a barrel which was all mounted on a skid platform behind the panel/s. I know you are a busy man, but if you can find time to help me or connect me with someone who can furnish pictures or a description of the converter, I will appreciate it.

    I am attaching pictures of me and my model. You can see the blue electrical circuit panel/s in the background.

    Blazing Skies!

    Missile oriented information

    Questions from Martin Visnak & Frank Milanese & wurzbach & others
    I really would like to get some profile photos and or drawings of the missle so that I could go about scaling it down to about 4 feet tall. A set of very simple drawings would work. If the drawings had actual dimensions of the fins, body, boosters, nose etc. all the better. Any Ideas as to where I could get such information? I have been to the Redstone archives page but, sadly the photos are mostly at angles and it is very hard to determin dimensions.


    1. (March 2, 2001) Nicole Shounder writes
      " ... I am writing to you regarding the entry "Are there models to make?" I am building at the moment a 1/9.5 (scale) flyable two stage Nike Herc. It is challenging but impressive. The upper stage is 29 inches tall by it's self. The company is called the Launch Pad. They have a web site and quite a selection of scale missiles.
      Just thought I'd share another source for a display piece of a larger size"
    2. (April 14, 2000) Peter Alway's missle scale drawings
    3. (updated April 14, 2000) Index of Nike-Ajax Images actually drawings

    4. (updated April 14, 2000) Index of Nike-Hercules Images actually drawings

    5. (updated April 14, 2000) from "James L. Ball"
      I had such positive response to the Nike-Hercules data on my Scale Library page at that I have started a Nike-Hercules model photo contest. Originally spotted by J.P. Moore

      I have four entries so far, with committments from several others to enter as soon as they finish their models.

      Two manufacturers of scale model rockets have donated prizes to make the contest interesting and more fun.

    6. (June 22, 1998) from George Dellinger
      Hi Ed:
      I found another great source for plans for the Herc. Chuck Barndt at The Launch Pad (Mfg of rocket kits, specializing in military missles) has plans for a sport-scale 48" tall two-stage Herc. It uses 4) "D" motors in the booster and 1) in the sustainer. His email is and his phone# is 703-455-8418. The company address is 8470 Misty Blue Ct. in Springfield, VA 22153. The plans cost $16.75 including shipping.

    7. (June 2, 1998) from George Dellinger
      Anyone looking to build a scale model or flying rocket of the herc should go to this site

      and download the zipped file for free. It has many pages of scale drawings that include markings with locations, to fins with angles and all are true scale measurements of the actual missle.

    8. (June 1, 1998) from Brian
      Hello Ed,
      If anyone should ask for the Revell Nike Missile kit send them to me. I've got one or two laying around. Thanks.

      Brian wrote Jan 2003, and says he is still buying Revell Nike model kits whenever and wherever he finds them, and has some for sale.

    9. (May 15,1998) Just arrived - the August 1984 edition of "American Spacemodeling - Journal of the National Association of Rocketry" with external dimensions sufficient to make a scale Nike Hercules. Looks good to me. Has close up photos and painting instructions. Unfortunately I was unable to get permission to reproduce the article on this web site - you must pay the $6 - a bargain - see below.

      Dan Joyce said "My father served at a Nike site in Homewood, IL in the 60's. My interest started young. I did an article in the early 80's with extreme scale detail on the Herc for the National Association of Rocketry's magazine ( I noticed that some people were looking for info."

      Recent e-mail with National Association of Rocketry indicates that I cannot reproduce the article on this website, but that the article is available from their "NAR BACK ISSUES" as seen on their webpage

      Look for the "Nike-Hercules" and "8-84". As indicated, the price is $3 plus $3 postage, and return delivery was prompt (8 days after sending order via post office.)

    10. I (Ed Thelen) have just finished a nice small kit, a REVELL 1804:149 US Nike Hercules Missile/Launcher (Nike missile itself is 8.5 inches long). I found it by lurking about the usenet news group "rec.models.scale" and people seemed happy with Christopher Lee Frame at who had one for sale. The price was $8 plus $3

    11. Scratch Building Plans - Martin Visnak (later communication) found a source
      Ed White at & Chuck Barndt "The Launch Pad" 477 N. Carolina Rd., Manquin, VA 23106 (804)769-9758
      I called and he has plans for a "sport scale" (pretty close) Nike Hercules about 48 inches tall that uses 4 "D" motors for the booster and a "D" motor for the missile. The plans are $12.95. He said that he entered one in a contest and got 7th in the static judging (accuracy, ....) and lots of flight points brought in 4th prize.

      Chuck (above) says he has a Nike Ajax kit, 55 inches long, that flies as a single stage, missiles only, no ground support equipment.

    12. Nike dimensions - Chuck (above) suggests calling
      Tom Beach at Sport Rocketry Magazine (505) 672-0249 as a possible source of Nike dimensions. Tom found that "Rockets of the World" by Peter Alway gives only civilian rocket dimensions. There is National Association of Rocketry at

    13. from Kurt Laughlin, 400 South Brodhead Rd, Aliquippa PA 15001-2132 (724)375-8669
      A good station diagram (dimensioned drawing)can be found in TM 9-5012-1. This manual also contains full painting and stenciling data for the M1 missile. An excellent cutaway is in TM 9-5013-1. The best dimensional/stenciling info on the booster is in the N-H manual - they used the same motor.

    14. Chris Timm at says -
      It perfectly okay with me if you bounce modeling requests my way.
      I'd be happy to inform the seekers with either a commercially available model kit or information on where they may obtain drawings and prints for whatever vehicle they're interested in. Or at least to the best of my knowledge.

      There IS a commercially available model rocket of the Nike-Hercules and the Nike-Ajax. Probably the quickest answer for the uninformed modelers requesting at your site would be THE LAUNCH PAD website. See if this link gets you what you think would be a good link to include on your webpage.

      THE LAUNCH PAD website

      There are other links for historical information, un-dimensioned drawings, books, and actual blueprints and color prints.

      There is also alot of data not 'compiled' into a useful drawing yet on many, many rockets and missiles and space launch vehicles as well.

      I don't have alot of hi-power commercial contacts, but I do know quite a few hi-power model rocketeers who are usually helpful.

      Bud Halsey emailed me with the needed dimensions for the Ajax. Now I can forward that info to the guy who's doing the CAD drawing for the magazine article. I have a really nice copy of a newsletter drawing from the mid 70's on the Ajax and this is what the article and drawing will be based on. The drawing WAS missing the two dimensions I requested.

    15. John D. Gwinner at said
      a simple set of plans might suffice; you've got some wonderfully detailed pictures out of the tech manuals, but they don't have dimensions (I copied all of them anyway ).

      If you are really getting inundated, the 'plans' section could also have a set of URL's or a disclaimer ("We can't help you with modeling requests, but here's a few other spots to try: rec.models.rockets, or rec.models.scale ... (whatever newsgroups are OK)

      By the way, I do VRML modeling and can do some web-page design. I might be able to help out in a small way with some VRML models given some good scale data, but my time is pretty limited. Still, this means I could repay any plans assistance I got. It would be pretty cool to offer a real walkthrough of the site!

    Launcher area oriented information

    Question from Andrew D. Phillips
    i am currently building the Revell model kit of the Hercules missile. the information that i have received in making this model has been from your web site and i must thank you for that. my problem stems from my desire to make this model as accurate as possible. Most of the information in which i have been able to find has helped greatly in the construction of the missile, but i am having difficulty in detailing the launcher. the launcher it self for the lack of a better word is a farce and when they designed the kit in 1958 it is possible that the army was only going to allow the Revell model company only so much lee way to copy the system. I'm looking for any detail photos of the launcher particularly the main trunnion and erecting cylinders or any drawings that show more details. I've found some drawings in the Nike missile explenation-5 site, but is just does not have the angles and details i need to construct that part of the launcher. if you could help me, please contact me by e-mail or call me at (704) 336-8291

    Also please Send e-mail to Ed Thelen so that we can all know.


    1. On the Nike part of my website
      the 'Herc at Ft Meade' pic (and others I have of that missile/launcher) may have some detail you can use. If the one on the Web looks promising let me know and I can look at the others and maybe post a couple more if they have lchr details.

      Bill Evans

    Apogee Rocket Plans

    From Larry V

    Are you aware of the plans on the Apogee Rockets site to build a 1/30 sport scale model of the Nike Hercules? Here is the link.... I'm sure there are people out there who would love to try this kit. It's a four mini engine cluster first stage followed by a "regular" engine second stage.

    Unit Markings

    (in response to questions about unit marking for trucks
      used by BU-52 near Buffalo, N.Y.)
    ----- Original Message ----- 
    From: Mark Morgan
     > although I doubt the emblems would've been placed on any of the battalion 
    > vehicles. Current Army practice is limited to bumper markings, ie, the left 
    > rear/right front bumper would display D-465, D-2-62 or something similar, 
    > while the right rear/left front would have the vehicle number (D-10, HQ-32, 
    > whatever).  
    (And I (Ed Thelen) added:)

    The vehicles we had in Chicago in the 1956 era had no fancy decals. They did have painted unit number markings on the bumpers.

    Decals or paint are easily covered by a quick paint job to conceal the original "ownership" of the property. I remember the tales of intra-unit theft problems that guys returning from Korea told. There if you were short of vehicles "ya did what ya had to do" and acquired what you needed - from anyone or thing. The tales involved drilling distinctive hole patterns in visible parts of vehicles such as tail gates, side walls, bumpers, ?doors?, and ... to make vehicles and equipment more traceable. A bit like branding cattle and equipment in the Wild West. (Yes, of course you can weld in the holes and smooth things over and repaint - but that is a more serious effort -

    - - - - related item - - - -

    Our missiles (Chicago, 1955) did NOT have unit markings that are displayed in some kits. As best I know, they looked totally undecorated - just as shipped from the factory or depot. I have no knowledge of happenings in different places or times.

    Kit News

    from Chuck Zellers, Sept 7, 2006
    For those folks who may be interested, a Nike Ajax kit, scaled, is 55 inches long and made by "The Launch Pad" is available but hard to find. This kit is a missile that can be launched. Can be found at Two left as I purchased one. I've seen the finished kit. Wow, looks fantastic.

    Chuck Zellers

    If you have comments or suggestions, Send e-mail to Ed Thelen

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