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The purpose of this page is to briefly discuss searching for people who were/are in the NIKE program.

Edgar R. Ferguson (November 2003) suggests - unit pages

also see Research, RecordCenter.

"Linda" suggests that U.S. zipcodes and telephone area codes might be useful.

And from me (Ed Thelen) (November 2001)


I run a big Nike Missile oriented site
and am often asked about searching for particular 
individuals or members of a particular Nike group.

It seems that there are several paths for finding 
particular Nike folks
  1) non-WWW - police, detectives, government records, ...
     (not further enumerated here)

  2) WWW
     - search engines by name elements
         john AND jones AND nike 
        (the number of hits may be a bit overwhelming)
     - phone and other public record searches and similar

     - general military listing sites?

     - Nike oriented web sites, 

The following is a discussion of Nike oriented web sites

A list of Nike oriented sites may be found at
  1) Many of these sites have "guest books",
     where people can leave messages and
     their e-mail address.

  2) Trying to make searching for people slightly
     easier, I set up a list based upon site of service.
     The URL for that is 
SO - A person can "reasonably"
  1) actively announce their presence, so that others
     searching for them can find them more easily
     - list on my web site at   
     - leave messages in "guest books"
     - start a Nike oriented web site ;-)

  2) more passively search the above postings

SO - I suggest any of the above,
    especially listing on my site ;-))

Best Regards
  Ed Thelen

If you have comments or suggestions, Send e-mail to Ed Thelen

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