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Georgia site information
Robins AFB
R-28 Jeffersonville
R-88 Byron
TU-01 AADCP, Albany
TU-28 Willingsham /Sylvester
TU-79 Armena / Sasser
Site ID or
Name, family name first
(rank & duty optional)
dates at
Robins AFB. .
. Williamson, James D., Tactical Director at the Birdie AADCP and HQ Battery Commander as a 2nd LT. I also served as the Bn S-2. This was a two battery defense of Robins AFB, which had a SAC wing located there at the time. 2/64-11/65
R-28 Jeffersonville .
. Bice, Raymond, SP/4 TTR, Don, Bill, Larry, Rich, Wiley, Merlke6/63-11/64
. Byrd, Dan, Sentry Dog Handler1/65-4/65
. Carter, Charles D., Launcher Missile Crewman 2/63-6/63
. Jordan, Bill, SPC 4, MTR and TTR operator. Fire control 8/62-6/65
. Scoville, Oscar Gates, 1/LT Launcher Platoon Ldr. Still have nightmares about above ground air inflatable shelters and the goats which ate grass on berms as well as cables, shelters, etc. 12/60-9/61
. Whitley, Robert M. (Mike), Parts supply specialist for TTR MTR "A" BTTRY. From Pvt. to SP/4 during duty at this site. 12/64-4/66
. Wylie, Robert, Fire Control Platoon Sgt,E6 - Fired Well - memorial 9/63-9/65
R-88 Byron .
. Bigelow, Robert, Assigned to IFC TTR/MTR trailer. Was there during McKinney period. Can't remember many other names but was friends with Tommy Godwin (generator house). Who remembers Sgt. Stanley (nicest old guy on the team). Who remembers when James Berry fired the shotgun through the ceiling of the orderly room. Does anyone have a roster of the crew from 61 to whenever or so? I'm in Atlanta. Would enjoy getting together, no matter how small the group to just tell stories. 10/61-7/64
. Earnhardt, James M (Jim), My story is on Ken Turners site, /61-/64
. Gilliland, Richard M., Launcher crewman. OJT'd on site. Shuttle would take us in and pick us up at the Greyhound Bus Station in Macon. Transferred to the 4th Bn 44 Arty (Korea). Assigned to B-Btry. 03/64-07/65
. McElheney, Ray, Tracking Radar Operator FC, Seemed like I spent most of my time on Guard9/62-
. Miller, Joseph, FC section and spent many a day and night on gate guard when i wasn't in the FC trailer. Since I was a private and later a PFC, I often drove the Carry All to Macon when the guys wanted to go to town. 1/63-1/64
. Rogers, John, First assignment in the Army. I was the last officer present at the Battalion when it deactivated. I signed the very last Morning Report submitted by the unit. Charles R Bushong was the Battalion Commander. Capt. George Finley commanded Battery B. Geo is famous for his Military art work of the different branches of service... "Artillery Lends Dignity to What Would Otherwise Be A Vulgar Brawl." 6/65-10/65
. Thompson, Charles, engr equip nco. 338 beechmont dr. newport news va. 23608, 7/61-1/63
. White, Jerry (Gerald), Sp4, Fire Control Operator 9/60-4/62
Turner AFB, Albany - .
. Compton, Tommy J., PFC S-4 Clerk-Typist 618 Pine Ridge Road, Clinton, TN 37716-52357/65-3/66
. Revie, Charles, Fresh out of Airborne Ranger as a 2LT. Assigned as Tactical Director. The only names that I remember are CPT Edes who was my boss and LTC Sheldon Mitchell who was the Bn Cdr. - I spent 6 months as Tactical Director and then was assigned as Launcher Platoon Leader (TU-28) for the next 8 months ... the last several months were involved in site deactivation. After than it was off to RVN as an infantry adviser (the only use they had for Nike Hercules lieutenants). - 720 Sundown Court, Las Cruces, NM1/65-6/65
TU-28 Willingsham /Sylvester .
. Allen, Dixon W., After 19 mo. in Okinawa I came back to Sasser, GA and served at other locations including Ft Bliss, TX Spent my last 6 yrs W/Army Recruiting. P.O. Box 941 Chesterton, IN 46304 6/60-4/61
. Dittrich, Walter, cew men warhead team sp/4 3401N walnut Rd#297 Las Vegas NV 89115 /64-/66
. Eubanks, John W, - 28191 Pinedale Rd.,Ardmore, AL 357399/62-11/64
. Harrington, Edward J, Supply Spec., Spec 4, PX mgr.; Hours 8-4; m to f, weekends off, a/c and shared a private room. Near the end of my draft tour, the monthly levys were increasing dramatically. Troops were s sent to Germany or to Vietnam. My timing was good! Love to know what happened to Lt. Al Tubb, Lt Brad Mitchell, Tim Cates, Bob Branaham, Rob Landersheim. Unfortuantly, after my release from active duty, I got too involved with my own life and neglected to keep in contact with thoes who I was friendly with. Aside from being in the middle of no where,the two years went quickly, met a cross section of people, saw discrimnation first hand. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I remember CWO Hawkins and the pompous ass CWO Finley What a south end of a north bound horse he was. I could go on and on all day, so, if anyone remembers me, please e-mail. 3/64-12/65
. Revie, Charles, Lchr Plt Ldr We starting inactivating the unit in Jan 66 and by the time I left we had already turned in much equipment, missiles, warheads, etc. Lchr Area is now used as an auto salvage operation. Names that I remember are CPT Fishburn (?) who was the Btry Cdr, my two Warrants Hawkins and Tom McCann, and SFC McFadden who was my Plt Sgt. - 720 Sundown Court, Las Cruces, NM6/65-3/66
. West, Orin T. (Ted), SP4, missle assembly and warhead crew. One of the first personnel at this site and it was an above ground site. Visited old site at various times when on vacation. It's now an auto salvage yard. IFC area and office area is a retirement home for military personnnel and run by former warrant officer who was stationed there. sp4 under sgt. carter - 8105 ravenna rd.concord oh. 44077 1/60-1/63
TU-79Armena / Sasser .
. Cabiness, William, Missile Crewman 4004 Lindwood Dr Macon, GA 31206 7/65-1/66
. Eubanks, John W., Fire Control Tech. SFC, Served as First Sgt, Promoted to Warrent Officer.Assigned to Btry D Elrama,Pa. - 28191 Pinedake Rd. Ardmore,Al. 35739 9/62-11/65
. Evans, Robert J. (Bob) Douglas Tech Rep, Postal address: 218 Fairway Blvd., Panama City Beach, Florida 32407 60-61
. Gajewski, Joe, 10/65-3/66
. House, Benjamin H., Assembly Sgt, SFC(E6) assisted in activation of site to defend Turner AFB 8639 Springfield Road, Denham Springs, LA 707066/60-5/61
. Knollinger, Donald, 226. Fire Control Mech. pfc-sp4 226 Btn S-3 15D2, ORE Team, RBS Team sp5-sp6 - 13149 SE 92nd Court Rd. Summerfield, FL 34491//62-/65
. Padgett, William B., Launcher crewman - 2777 Chicopee Dr, Atlanta, GA 303607/64-11/65
. Williams, James G., I served with sgt. proudfoot listed with your info on cleveland site. [D-battery] on the lake - 6309 valvalla dr.,douglasville ga. 301352/65-11/65
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Greece site information
Site ID or
Name, family name first
(rank & duty optional)
dates at
350th Nike Squadron HQ,
now 350 Guided Missiles Wing
76th USAAD
Vironas, Athens
The Greeks have their AirForce people in the IFC,
and Army people in the Launcher area.
138th Ord Co
37th USAAD
79th Detachment
558th USAAG
1st Battery
Alpha Team
37th Arty Det
558 Art Gp
Keratea, Attica .
. Becker, Hans, We had the same problems at times, i.e. two officers per site. About a year late I got promoted to 1LT and became XO of the Det., now we at least 3 officers and that wasn't that bad. I got to go to Germany once to warhead school. The 37th was part of the 558th Group. I was on an extended tour and therefor had brought my wife. We returned state side in Jan 1970.9/67-1/70
. Bourantanis, Vasilis, CMSGT, I.F.C. technician 8/87-5/90
. Carlson, Jacob C. (Jake), Custodial Agent at A Team, 37th Arty Det, 558th Bn. 9/69-9/71
. Charalampopoulos, Theodoros, I did my millitary service as an aircraftman in H.A.F. 350 Nike Group from 4/1985 to 12/1986. I was computer operator at 1st IFC Keratea mnt (Keratovouni). I have strong memories from my service on the hill and the ORE actions. 1st IFC was the best on my days supported by specialists. I recently visited the abandoned base in nowdays. It's pitty that HAF didn't used this base as a museum. - 1 Mavromichali str, GR-10679 Athens,Greece.4/85-12/86
. Donaldson, Billy W., Sp4 16B, Great duty and fellow soldiers - 5429 Lakewood Blvd. Lakewood, CA 5/76-12/78
. Gearhart, Philip, 02/68-09/69
. Gross, Leslie J., 24U20 Nike Hercules Electronics Missile Maintenance Specialist, Spc 4 2435 N. Calle Corazon, Huachuca City, AZ 856165/69-7/69
. Putney, Mark, Security I was there when the Americans left it in 1979. Had some really awsesome times there. 7/78-3/79
. Tsingaris, Kostas IFC technician, MSgt (AF), "The Nike sites in Greece have been improved to Block III (Solid state receivers and digital Computer & RSPU)" 7/84-8/87
. Woods, Gary, 24U40 307 Blocker Street Huntsville, Alabama 35806/70-/71
. Zerby, Danny, custodial agent Sp5. ETS ed and got real job9/69-8/71
2nd Battery
Bravo Team
Koropi - overlooking Athens .
. Armstrong, David R, Senior Custodial Agent; Warhead operations This (Greece) was the best duty I could have imagined anywhere. Lots of great memories. Went back in 1989 (trip to Europe). The site was still there, but the U.S. Army was not. As one of the other respondents (Les Gross) for this NATO site said, it was great duty at any time, let alone during the Vietnam era. I visited the site, which is now in Greek AF hands totally in 1989; well, just up to the front gate, and startled awake the sentry on duty. Stories to tell about this place and duty in Greece/NATO as well. 9/69-2/71
. Bartlebaugh, Ken, Senior Custodial Agent at B Team 37th USA Artillery Detachment. Spec 4 - Postal Address 1668410/68-12/69
. Bone, Larry D, last unit- A/2/62 Everglades Nat'l Park Arr 7/69 thru 10/71- then to D Btry til discharge in 2/72 11/66-5/69
. Bouradanis, Vasilis, W.O., I.F.C. technician 5/90-7/92
. Campbell, Dwayne, 1LT Security Team Platoon Leader - Best first assignment work with some really talented folks - Bowie, Maryland-
. Chavez, Daniel Jr., The "favorite" cook, SPC4, had a lovely wife and we had a very special daughter hamed Juanita there in Athens - 2202 moonstone killeen, texas 76549 4/85-12/87
. Crawford, Elmerine, Sgt E-59/74-9/75
. Dominguez, Jorge, SFC - fond memories of running PT down and UP the hill.10/86-10/87
. Fries, George, Detachment Commander for the 76th USAAD which was a part of the 558th US Army Artillery Group. A lot of duty, but well worth the rewards. My youngest daughter was born in Athens, Greece. 10/83-8/86
. Gailey, Gerald (Jerry), Custodial Agent - Didn't know how good I had it, until I was reassigned to a Light Infantry Unit. 13712 SE 273rs ST 04/84-10/85
. Gross, Leslie J., 24U20 Nike Hercules Electronics Missile Maintenance Specialist, Spc 4 This was the best duty you could ask for in this era! I was there with Bob Fountain (24U20), Bob Vercouteran (24U20) and many other skopos. Wish we could all get together again! - 2435 N. Calle Corazon, Huachuca City, AZ 856167/69-12/70
. Harris, Patrick, I was a 24U Nike Hercules mechanic and warhead tech. Loved the duty. I exposed, erected, and painted "The Rock" by the stairs going up to the "PX" and the hoops court. I lived in the BOQ bldg. before I moved off base to Glyfada. Had a great time. Learned to speak, read, and write Greek. Going back to Greece for a month this summer ... 1st time since I left. I took full advantage of my time off roaming the country with a few friends I made there. Enjoyed tackle football and the trips to Crete on the ferry for the last game of the season. The Green Machine!!! The experience was one of the highlights of my life, and I continuously bore the hell out of my family with my crazy stories. The Army gave me a great start to my life, and paid for my education. I'm very happy to be in excellent physical and mental health. Please reach out, no matter who you are: 3/75-12/77
. Hennessey, Timothy, 11B, pulled Custodial Agent duty with Mark Putney. Had a great time. Closed book on all our NSI's while I was there. Who lost the key to the elevon lock? - 1802 Barrington Pkwy. Papillion, Nebraska3/78-9/79
. Jenkins, Frank, - Loved every minute - 219 Compton Rd Waldorf, Md 2060210/86-5/87
. Poston, Albert L,Custodial Agent, - 3513 Coronado, Drive Alton, Illinois 62002 2/76-8/79
. Putney, Mark, Security This is where all of us folks who closed out the 37th USAAD wound up at 3/79-2/80
. Sloat, Gerald, 2Lt, Asst Team Commander - 301 Diamond Blvd, Johnstown, PA 15905 8/70-9/71
. Wagner, James, 1SG USA Retired5/82-1/85
3rd Battery
Charlie Team
37th Arty Det of the 558th Art Grp.
Katsimidhi - Parnis Mount.
. Becker, Hans, (1LT) I became the XO of the 37th Arty Det of the 558th Art Grp. Same deal, 2 officer per site most of the time. Detachment HQ was co-located with C Team, i.e. duty officer rotation became more reasonable since we never had fewer than three. My older daughter was born in Greece. At least we weren't dogging bullets, although the Greeks and the Turks always had a bone of contention. Wouldn't do it again, but I'm glad I served. BTW, I think SASCOM may have included some 155 units. - Maui /67-/70
. Blair, Joe, I was an enlisted custodial agent who served at 78th USAAD. I won Soldier of the Year for Greece in 1985. Best assignment I have ever had, absolutely loved living in Greece and partying in Glyfada.6/84-12/85
. Bouradanis, Vasilis, 2nd L.T., I.F.C. Chief Maintenance 7/96-now(12/99)
. Crandall, John, Served as Detachment XO/Site Team Leader. One of the 2d wave of LTs to come over. Great tour. 6/61-6/62
. Damron, Gary, I was the communications center specialist located at Hq (C-Team) at Katsimidi. I was there when the King of Greece left the country, and it came under military control. I remember Ford, Swedler, Solberg, Doughty, Zeno, Russo, Gold, Santoro, Taylor, Cunningham, Lloyd, Boyd, Penland, Duross, White, Davis, and, of course, Gary J. Mann. I would love to hear from any one of them. Big housing complex there now.7/66-12/67
. Ennis, Richard (Dick), clerk, courier. left katsimidhi for RVN 8/66 returned 4/67 to get married. have been back to greece 46 times. katsimidhi remains but is a ghost of what it was. drop me a line2/65-8/66
. Kelley Jr., James H., SP-5 Nike Hercules Electronic Maintenance Specialist (22F20 - later changed to 24U20). This was the best tour of duty I could ever have ever imagined. I made a lot of good friends there, and the times we spent visiting Athens and the surrounding areas made it just like a vacation. - 542 Farber Drive Adamsville, TN 383107/68-11/70
. Kotakis, Paul, I served as the Team Commander and was the Security Officer for the unit. We went through two Security Inspections during my tour there. Both were "Closed -Book" (meaning that there were no deficiencies noted) Our mission included handling the tactical movement of the U.S. owned classified items of equipment. During my tour we hosted Senator Howard Baker at our site--he later went on to become Chief of Staff in President Reagan's White House. He was really sharp -- and knew more about security for the classified items of equipment than any civilian that I ever met. We also hosted multiple visits from the Commander, U.S. Army Europe.
Greece was a beautiful experience. My eldest son was born there.
. Maguire, John, Commander at the 78th. Great duty, tough commute back and forth every day from Voula. 10/83-3/85
. Sloat, Gerald, Served as Det XO, then went to D team at Kriokuki 4th Squadron, HAF, for a long time, then back to Katsimidi to be C team Commander. Left Greece in 1974. - 301 Diamond Blvd, Johnstown, PA 15905 9/71-?
. Smiley, Henry, 5/67-11/68
. Smith, Claude, The best time of my life! Formed lots of lasting friendships with fellow team members and other members of the US mission in Greece (USAF, USN). I have returned to Greece several times since then. It is always a good time, and I keep hoping to return again soon. I will never forget the beaches at Glyfada, WineFest at Daphni,the American Club, trapshooting over the Agean (at the Rod & Gun range),sailing the wine-dark seas in a 20 foot sailboat, and all the other adventures a young man can find in a foreign land. - 3651 Egerton Circle, Sarasota Fl 3423312/74-12/77
. Vento, William, Senior Custodial Agent11/64-3/66
4th Battery
Delta Team
Kifisia .
. Bouradanis, Vasilis, W.O., I.F.C. Chief Maintenance 8/94-7/96
. Jenkins, John E., senior custodial agent Had some great times at the old "KREOKOUI" country club SSG Scheneman was security sgt. Steve Parker and Warren Bradwell were the other SCA's I remember Lt. Daniels first rate officer, SFC Osborn was team sgt.other team members Bina,Lind, Marley, Putnam,Newel, Caren,Fairy,Glover,Holmden.I sure would like to hear from any of you guys! - 3114 W. 155 ST. Cleveland, Ohio 44111/69-/71
. Kobia, Paul, warhead custodial team member3/64-9/65
. McCoy, Ernest R., Custodial agent. Had a great time at the country club,this was the best duty station I had. I remember the same names as Jenkins did plus CO Robinson, LT Thomson, Myers, Driscoll, Hendricks, Bible, Stilson, Vanness. Would like to hear from any of you guys. - 161 Cresent Dr Asheboro NC 27203 3/70-9/71
. Paura, Joe, 16B10, If you were there let me know.6/72-12/72
. Prunty, Ivan M, D team custodial agent/65-/66
. Robinson, Harry (no contact info) CPT. CO D Team 1 yr, moved to A Team. Later at Elefsis as Asst. S-4 558th ?-12/70
. Tsigaris, Kostas IFC technician, 9/82-8/83
138th Ord Co Elefsis .
. Anderson, Roy, CW3 personnel officer for the 558th USAAG9/82-9/84
. Brewer (Smokey) 77-80
. Cowherd, Leonard M, Security, SGT, US Army8/65-2/67
. Federico, John J Jr warhead support 1/76-5/78
. Gibson, Ed, 55G30. On 21 Apr 1967 was awakened with loud tank track noise ouside of my room. Opened the back door to find a Greek Army tank with it's barrel and machine gun aimed right at me. I then went to headquarters for information. It was a military junta that the Greek Army started. The entire country was under siege. Athens had a curfew for a week or so. Anyone on the streets after sundown were to be shot. The 138th Ordnance Group were responsible for the Nike Hercules and Honest John nuc war heads. We were on call 24/7 to wait for orders from the US Embassy in Athens to release the NATO controlled weapons. The phone lines could not be used to send any Cryptographic messages (release codes for warheads) If orders to release were sent we were to send a courier by jeep to Embassy for coded message-Not sure if we would be shot or not. Fortunately there was no need to go. Really scary for 1 week. Other than that it was the best duty for 18 months. Better than Vietnam. - Irvine, CA 92606 3/66-9/67
. Jorgensen (Maiden -Athey), Ashley Elizabeth (Beth), Great Experience - lots of good people - have run into a few people from that time and place over the years, it seems like just yesterday - I am still teaching for the Army at Redstone after 30 yrs 1/81-8/82
. Kress, Edward, 6/78-6/79
. Noonan, Anthony, SP4 71B20 clerk in Orderly Room Came through 21AG Repl. Ctr to 558th Art. Gp. and assigned to 138th Ord. We didn't have running water or heat for a time, but spent as much time as possible in Athens area along the "strip"...A great bunch of guys in my unit. All great patriots! - 1648 Abbey Loop, Foley, AL. 36535-1621 1/70-2/71
. Rogers, Jerry, /72-5/73
. Zehel, David, 55G20, Wonderful duty station as I got to travel all over Greece. Remember talking there with friends that no one stateside would understand just how special our time there was, especially with 'Nam hot & heavy. One of the last 55G classes (#77) trained at Sandia Labs, Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque NM. Even NM was a special place to be for six months. Visited my recruiter after service, former 55G was stunned when I told him where & when stories. Good guy, told me straight what I'd probably be doing but never considered Greece as it was "to unlikely" without pull. - 15 Rough Lee Ct., Madison, WI 53705 1/72-9/74
37th USAAD ?.
. Daniels, Dr. Vincent S., Commanding Officer of the 37th USAAD. I started out at Fort Bliss where I studied 24U in 1963/64. I also taught electronics at the school. Then I re-uped for Military Intelligence. In Vietnam I received a battlezone commission back to AD. Was then assigned to Greece. Served in D Team and A Team then as CO of the 37th USAAD.
I enjoyed the comments by Jenkins and McCoy. Delta Team I remember them and most of the others they mentioned. I was a 1st Lt. at the time. Promoted to Captain.
In 2017 I retired and moved back to Greece. I now live in Kalamata. PO Box 11984, Paralia Kalamatas, 24101 Greece
79th DetachmentErthrea (Kreokouki) - about 10 Km south of Thebes (Thivai) .
. Kotakis, Paul, I was the Team Commander at the site (79th US Army Air Defense Artillery Detachment) at the time that it closed in 1979. It was exciting being involved in the air transfer of the US-owned classified items when we closed the site. Those of us who still had time to spend on our tour were transfered to the 78th -- which was in Katsimidi Greece. In both cases we supported the 350th Nike Wing of the Hellenic Air Force. Like many countries, Greece chose to place its Nike System under the control of the Air Force -- not the Army. 9/78-6/79
558th USAAG Elefsis .
. Jenkins, Frank, - The best duty of my military career. I would love to hear from anyone that shared that time with me. - 219 Compton Rd Waldorf, Md 2060210/86-5/87

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Thule, Greenland
Hq Btry
TH-01 ("A" Battery) North Mountain
TH-13 ("B" Battery) North Mountain
TH-40 ("C" Battery) South Mountain
TH-60 ("D" Battery) South Mountain
Greenland site information - including the great North/South Mountain Debate
Site ID or
Name, family name first
(rank & duty optional)
dates at
. Arnold, Roger, /58-/59
. Evans, Frank H. .
. Farrell, Jim. SP4, TTR Operator, then crew chief, Made "Buck" SGT E-5. I was the soldier of the month foor Thule one of the months. When I left I was 21 years old. Now I am 63, Married for 44 years, two children, two grandchildren. Wife and I travel a lot. Glad to have served. - 68-8 Guess Rd. Hillsborough, N.C. 27278 6/60-6/61
. Renk, Thomas, Sgt MS 226.6 Nike Hercules Maintenance. WE took the first Nike Hercules to Thule in 1958 to replace the 90 mm's. WE were one of the first operational Hercules Battalions and went through one of the first Hercules Fire Control MAintenance classes, if no the first. Got my Oozlefinch in Apr 1958, graduated Nike Ajax in same month. Graduated Hercules in June/1958. 9/58-8/59
. Sieron,Stephen Jr. 62-64
. Sorensen, Kenny, north mountian power plant - Power plant operator Spk/4 3 operators 24/7 not much time off 1/59-1/60
Hq Btry
7th Arty Gp
. .
. Mc Elreath, Robert T., Group Supply Sgt. Beautiful country, when you could see it. Went back to duty at Fort Hancock, NJ. 47 years ago seems like yesterday11/60-10/61
. Nelson, Lloyd J., Worked for CO, 7th Artillery Group, in beautiful downtown Thule. Next assignment: Headquarters, 2nd Region ARADCOM, Fort Meade, Md., 6/60-6/61
. Sells, Joe, I was the Chaplins Aid until I recived My clearence Then I went toC Btry launch - 16703 Lassen Ave Anderson, Ca 960072/63-6/63
AADCP "P" Mountain .
. Brite, Ronny, after [Greenland Nike] deactivation [May 1965] "Being one of the "lucky" guys with a TS security clearance, I got to help get the warheads ready to transport out. The missiles were disassembled and the warheads moved to a warehouse "somewhere outside of Thule". My "lucky" job was to guard the warehouse. The warheads were shipped out sometime in late May or early June of 65." 12/65-07/65
TH-01 ("A" Battery) North Mountain .
. Bayless, Charles E. , Radar computer maintenance man (226.1) E-6 ("A" Battery on north Mountain) 6/63-6/64
. Braden, Frank (Buck) R., III, I began my tour as the Launcher Platoon leader when Luther Jones was the BtryCdr. Six months later I was the XO working for Ceasar Antonio Rodriquez (from PR). Ltc Roman was the BnCdr and Col Irwin (The Big "I") was the GpCdr (17th Gp). We had to take a break from the softball games around 2200 hrs because the batter's box, pitcher's mound and the sun were aligned (couldn't see the ball).3/63-3/64
. Caraker, Emmett R., Started there as Private-E-2 and left as SP-4, worked in I believe C section as launcher crewman and later as Lch.Plt. Clerk. I was there during one of the worst Phases, wind speeds over 200 MPH. Our Fourth of July parade and fireworks were canceled due to snow storm. 02/64-02/65
. Carp, Bernard J., does any one remember bernie carp ,if so i would appreciate a email he was from jersey city nj i went to vist the base a few years ago and it is now an airport 3/64-3/65
. Dugan, Alan, SP/4 Computer Operator Came up with the conversion package 8/58-7/59
. Fleer, Roland, I maintained the engineer equipment As an interesting aside when I first landed in Thule and was walking from the plane I saw this strange looking black airplane parked next to a hanger. I did not think about it at all at the time. Only many years later did I figure out it was a U2. 9/59-9/60
. Gelinas, Ronald, MTR operator, Cat skinner (plowed snow with D8 Cat) Stayed to the bitter end, packed up eq't and shipped it back to the States.11/64-6/65
. Tincher, David W., launcher crewman promoted to e-5, assy -worked for ssg Hinton,C.W.O.Walls. 4/64-4/65
TH-13 ("B" Battery) North Mountain .
. Doan, Rodney R., SP-4 Generator Mech. Now about the phase (winds) in Thule. We had phase 1-2-3. When a phase 3 hit it was 90 mph a hour wind and snow. We had phase ropes going from barracks to mess hall and every thing was linked by big rope. We could not see because snow blowing at 90 mph so we would hold on to the rope. So if you let go or got lost you were dead. So the joke was if some body cut the rope that was it. - And A btry was on north mountain so the 1FC area was higher ground or ice. I am 72 years old, 3 tours in vietnam, 3 years in the middle east working for US govt contractors. Thule Greenland was by far the worst of all - Thats why I am more prowd of what I did in the cold war then the hot ones. - 954 Barneck rd port haywood Va 2313810/61-10/62
. Kaluza, Richard R., TTR operator, SP4, Tour of duty extended to 3yrs., 4 months due to building of Berlin wall. 11/60-10/61
. Payne, Jackie R. (Jack), Arrived as E-4, departed as E-5 Buck Sgt. Replaced all rounds while there. Was team leader on assembly team. Thule was great duty station, just isolated. Would like to hear from anyone stationed there at the time. - 11986 S. 353 Earlsboro, OK 748405/61-5/62
. Richardson, James, Learned more there as an IFC Maint Tech (SP1) than anywhere else. Saw most dedication to Air Defense effort there. Filled in after hours as battery barber. - 410 Elm Lane, Johnson City, TN 37604 6/61-6/62
. Swearingen, Darryl, cook at mess hall....pfc...nickname Swingaling 12/61-12/62
. Vincell, Richard, PFC E-3 Engineer Utilities Helper, launch area My first encounter with skipper bowls and 24 hrs of day and night. and all plumbing on site. - 13835 W. 141st Ter Olathe, KS 66062 6/61-6/62
TH-40 ("C" Battery) South Mountain.
. Bundy, Vernon, sp4 launcher crewman #2, firing panel operator - 208 berry st Washington Il 615713/65-7/65
. Chaffin, Jerry, Sp4 MOS 179.10 Acquisition Radar operator Btry C, 4th Msl Bn (Hercules], 55th Arty, Thule, Original group that first deployed nuclear warhead missiles outside continental US - 54260 Avenida Rubio, La Quinta, Ca 92253 -
Our Battery was located on North Mountain at that time Ed says "Maybe this is the cause of the confusion - the headquarters types moved the units to confuse everyone - even friends?
I'm 66 years old, married 43 years, 2 sons, 3 grandkids Retired after 37 years with AAA, Southern California. Now play a lot of golf.......
. Duvall, Donald, Maint Sgt. 7/62-7/63
. Sells, Joe, Launch area I broke my right foot on 12/63. And I'm looking for any of my old buddies, That I served with. If you remember me PLEASE contact me. I would really appericate a line from you You could call me also at 530/357-2541, I'll be waiting for your call thanks - 16703 Lassen Ave Anderson, Ca 960076/63-2/64
. Soscia, Anthony R., Missile Track Radar Operator The men I served with really knew their job - great team work - 201 Cornell Street, Cranston, Ri. 0292005/62-06/63
. Sparkman, Ralph, fire panel operator and worked security relief. left there in sept or oct 62 to fort bliss texasand on to homestead florida.left there in 64 ets reup in 66 went to bliss left there in 67 t0 vietnam 67 58 from nam to germany{ansbsch}ets in 69. - 8474sw 61 terrace road ocala florida 34476 /61-/621
. Walters, Curt, Generator Operator. Worked both launch and control area. 202 egbert ave. Staten Island New York 1031012/64-8/65
. Zafrano, Paul, Launcher Crewman Try telling any one you as an 18 year-old worked "Hands-On" with Nukes. Still today it is hard to convince people and sometimes myself. 8/62-7/63
TH-60 ("D" Battery) South Mountain.
. Brown, Thomas H., CW2-CW3 ,IFC, Batry D/4/55 - Box 186 Luling, Texas 78648 62-63
. Gladish, Raymond, Sgt E5, Launcher area Section chief, - 5251 Denmans Loop Belton,Tx 7651312/61-12/62
. Gelinas, Ronald, SP4 MTR Operator. Long hours on the radar set, tracking 'Chrome Domes' "Phase Winds", inactivity. We tore down the equipment in Apr '65, crated warheads, dumped and buried cables, unneeded spare parts which would cost too much to ship back to the States, and was glad to leave. Not a pleasant assignment.11/64-6/65
. Hutson, Cecil , Mech Maint Chief, SSG, My crew built the first hercules msl to become operational. 4002 27th Ave. Rock Island,IL 6120110/58-10/59
. Palmatier, Kenneth, looking for roomate and fellow cook Ralph Hollis of N.J.4/63-5/64
. Rakstad, Erwin, SP4, Launcher Crewman, LCT Operator - Rockton, IL 6107210/62-8/63
. Roberts, C. Todd, IFC Worked all positions, became SP5, I have read on a few of the web sites where some of the people have stated that "A" & "B" Batteries were on the South Mountain, and "C" & "D" were on the North Mountain.
When I was there it was just the reverse, maybe before or after they changed the site letters, but in 63/64 it was "A" & "B" on the North Mountain and "C" & "D" on the South.
I was at McGuire Air Base ready to board a C-135 for Thule, when President Kennedy was shot. We were held over for a few days, it was very hard for me, because at that time I had already checked out of the transit barracks plus I had spent all of my money. ( I thought if I am going to HELL why would I need money ) HA HA. Broke, no place to sleep, or eat for a few days. Then to top it all off, when I got to Greenland they ask me where I had been, they said I was AWOL. I ask them if they hadn' t heard about the President. They said yes but what did that have to do with me. I just threw up my hands and thought "How stupid can the Army get." I have a lot of other Greenland stories, but anybody stationed there has stories. I hated being there, but I have gotten a lot of miles out of my Greenland tales.
. Vellema, Larry, Generator operator, Launch site. I was wondering if you have any info on the very large generators that were used there. They were called Enterprise. I don`t remember very much about them. By the way you are correct , D-Launch is on South Mountain. /63-/64
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