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The purpose of this page is to present trip reports (and other adventures) to NIKE sites.

People have very kindly sent me trip reports, and I did not know what to do with them. Well, the answer (at last) is clearly to add yet another page, and here it is. :-) My humble apologies to people I have slighted in the past. Please be so kind as to re-send trip-reports, and send more. Ed

Trip reports of:

  • Morgan, Mark
  • Murdock, Scott
  • Thelen, Ed

    Mark Morgan Trip Reports - email Mark

  • Washington-Baltimore Defense Area Summary sent June 2010
  • W-26 Annapolis 11 Mar 06
  • Nike sites in Washington start and Travis AFB
  • Empire/Huntress Tour 3/02
  • A Gathering of Turkeys 3/01
  • Excerpts from Historians Amuck Tour 2/02
  • ‘Til They Glow Tour 1/02

    Scott Murdock Trip Reports

  • Nike sites in Maine - off site

    Ed Thelen Trip Reports

  • Beale AFB PAVE PAWS radar installation.

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    Last updated March28, 2006