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General Electric - HIPAR Radar

Roger A Babler, webmaster for A-2-562 Moose Creek Nike Site sent
"... a group of picture files from a fellow vet near Syracuse NY he is in contact with a former GE engineer who worked on the HIPAR radar system development and the files are articles on the system development."

It turns out that Steve Auyer sent the images to Paul Kulba and hence to Roger ;-))

Soldiers, and other manipulators of physical things in the real world, such as you watching this monitor, often have no clue as to who designed and manufactured these real world objects. If you own a car, you are very unlikely able to know of a designer, assembly-worker, of your car. And so back to the iron and aluminum in the ground and coal and electrical energy necessary to convert the earth into more "useful" products. --- Things just appear in the military warehouse or the auto showroom, ready for use.

These are most of the images sent of some of the folks involved with the monitering and design of the HIPAR radar. As usual I mostly focus on techie things :-)) Life seems simpler for me that way.

You can see a lot of techie HIPAR material here.

So ... on to the pictures ...

behind Building 2
of GE's
Farrell Road plant
in Syracuse, NY
Farrell Road plant
with Building 1
on the right and
Building 2
on the left.
... tests behind
Building 2
early versions
of the FPS-117
solid state