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- 53rd Arty Brigade HQ, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL
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53rd Arty Brigade HQ Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL .
. Wlas, John, Spec. 4 Technical Illustrator.....mapping the Brigades sites in the SE, U.S.
The Brigade HQ was in Alabama....the sites under our command were chiefly in the Keys. At Maxwell we had the HQ on the other end of the field where the original barracks for Black Airman stood. In late '65 about 65+ % of the HQ were transferred to Nam. I remember the difference in conditions between those serving at the sites in the Keys and our HQ. We had our own swimming pool, golf course ( course ), fully air conditioned quarters with 4 men to a room, no kp ( we ate at the wingnut's mess ), no guard duty. We used to pull an all nighter along with a Sgt Major watching phones that never rang....and that was like once every three months or more. A different world compared to the guys in the Keys.

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Alaska site information
Maps of Alaska Nike sites 56 K bytes
from "Site Summit - Nike Hercules Missile Installation" June 1996
Dept of Army, 600 Richardson Drive, Ft. Richardson, Alaska 99505 (907)384-3010
- Alaska Reunion at NY-56 Sandy Hook, N.J. Sept. 19, 2012. Group picture
Alaska's Cold War Nuclear Shield by Bob Raichle Former Battery Control Officer - Echo Battery

Sites -
Fairbanks area -
Peter, Mike, Jig, Tare, Love
- other - Murphy Dome

Anchorage area -
Point, (Goose) Bay, Summit
166 Ord Co, HQ 2/262 ADA, S3 shop, , Hq Btry, 2d Bn 562 Arty, AADCP , 1st Bn, 43rd ADA, 524th Ord Co,

Roger A Babler, webmaster for a-2-562 “Moose Creek Nike”, sent out a mass e-mailing to Alaska Nike folks listed here, and shared his "Email Bounces" data.
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166 Ord Co Ft. Wainwright, - NW Fairbanks .
. Addams, Gary H., Worked on the consoles in Ord VI and did a lot of work on the missile sites. 1010 Pacific Park Dr SE, Lacey, WA 98503 1/66-6/67
. Bueno, David, Company Clerk, was exempt from all duties. We supported the area batteries Made SP5 November 67. Will always rememaber beautiful summers, and the long and cold winters. 11/66-5/68
. Christopherson, Daniel D., SP5 Nike Test Equipment Repair 22L20. 124 Center St. Vermillion, SD 57069 - SP5 22L20 working the repair consoles in the shop. Still had to do cold weather indoctrination, but figured out ways to get called back to shop for firing battery "emergency" repairs! Lots of great memories of the 166 & AK. 2/69-6/70
. Solomon, Jack M., Capt., CO, Great Unit, great troops! 11/62-5/65
HQ 2/262 ADA, S3 shop, Ft. Wainwright, - NW Fairbanks .
. Biles, James T., Great memories of this tour. MAJ George Bristow S-3, SFC Clarence Bray NCOIC. Bristow held every rank in the Army but E-9, W-4, and those above MAJ. Bray was one of the most professional NCOs I met in 32 years of Army service. Finally found two people to train me to be an officer, AFTER I was no longer in charge of people who had possession of nuclear weapons. ?/68-3/70
Hq Btry
2d Bn 562 Arty
Eielson AFB - B/2/562d .
. Fredette, Tom, "Email Bounces" I was a "rear-echelon" personnel spececialist assigned to the Hq & Hq Btry on Eielson AFB. When I first got up there, the unit was just converting over from the 502d AAA Bn 120mm guns to the 2d Bn 562d Arty. I started as a Spec 4 and made Spec 5, probably because I was "RA - all the way." I was responsible for the monthly payroll, while you guys on the line batteries were doing your thing. Do to the need to know basis of it all, I really didn't know much about what you WERE doing. I vividly remember the Live Fire of the Herc in Dec. '59 and the cold, "TUEBOR' 8/58-4/60
. Sanderson, John, I served at the AADCP which was collocated with an AF AC&W Sqdn. I remember being on duty when President Kennedy was assassinated; a very hectic time. I was also on duty during the Good Friday earthquake. The views were spectacular of the Alaskan Range and White Mtns. I have not been back to Alaska. I hope to drive to Fairbanks in 2007 or 2008. - 1267 Road 220, Emporia, KS 668016/63-6/64
. Walsh, John C., 2nd & 1st LT, Assistant ADAOO at ADCAP. w/duty @ Murphy Dome AFS. Retired 28 Mar 94 from USAR as a LTC. Alaska was heaven compared to ARADCOM[A/5/7, Ft. Tilden, NY, 8/67-5/68]. 7/66-7/67
Fairbanks, 15 E Eielson AFB - B/2/562d
a reunion page
. Biles, James T., 2LT-1LT Launcher Plt Ldr and Btry XO. 72 below zero in North Pole on New Year's Day '68 in my Jeepster Commando on the way to attend (by order) the Brigadier's reception at the officers' club at Wainwright with LT Mike Kempf scraping the ice of the inside of the windshield and helping me steer, and CW4 Billy R. Smith in back hoping to God these two crazy LTs weren't going to kill him. 2 ASP's at our site and getting to see the results of a surface-to-surface shot downrange. Great people toughed it out up there. 6/67-?/68
. Brast, Lester, 4202 Oak Mount Drive, Carrollton, TX 75010-1200, I was with the original Nike group that arrived at Battery B near Eielson AFB in April 1959. I remember staying at the gun battalion quonset huts for a couple of weeks while the site work was being finished and our equipment arriving from the states. Also remember helping to push the two IFC vans into the building with snow and ice on the ground. Battery B at Eielson conducted test firings from our site during that first winter(1959/1960). I am not sure of the date these firings began but I remember other [Fairbanks} Nike sites coming to our site to test fire(2 missles each). 4/59-6/60
. Bryant, Chris, MP sentry dog handler8/67-11/68
. Buta, Philip J., E3 MTR operator, Mail clerk, missle crewman. Remember live firing from site in 1961. The guys at Murphy Dome kept telling us we could not track the U2's but we did anyway. What were they going to do, send us to Greenland where the tour was only one year? It was a long 26 months up there and we got close to firing on numberous occassions. Had the dummy plugs removed and ready to go but never did set one off in anger. 4/60-6/62
. Clarke, Bill, I was stationed at B Battery 2-562nd in Alaska from 1964 to 1965. I was there for the Good Friday Earthquake. Mainly I am emailing regarding the locations shown for Site Peter (B Battery) on Google Earth. The Launch area is correctly spotted (hard to miss the scars on the hilltop) but the IFC is not where it actually was. In fact the IFC was about 1km as the crow flies southeast on the south side of the road you see in Google Earth. dialog here Also I (as a Lt) drove by the Launch area every day coming up the hill from Eielson AFB where I was quartered. This was one of the sites from which we launched missiles at naive Navy pilots.
I was not able to contact the person who spotted the site on Google Earth so I am passing this on to you.
. Cote, Roger J., SP 4 Launcher Crewman, War Head Team Missile Assembly Panel Operator - Our site was used fy all batteries to conduct their annual firing. The coldest day while stationed there was -70 below zero. I'll never forget that day. Fairbanks was our closest city, only 70 miles away the Air Force base 20 miles down from the mountain top. Recall feeling tremors, the ground actually shaking us while we had a warhead suspended on a hook while in the process of joining it to the missile body. - 8 Ontario Dr. Sinking Spring, Pa. 19608 1/67-6/68
. Corrieri, Gregory, Sp3 ran generator at launch area and other engineering duties. - 386 West Water St. Rockland Ma 023708/70-5/71
. Freitas, Thomas, Spec 5 Acq Radar Operator. Concord, California3/67-12/68
. Gambino, Richard, SP/4 IFC TRR oper. Anyone remember Tellons II The bar just off Eielson AFB. 3 Glascow rd, Westampton, NJ 080601/69-6/70
. Hill, Truman, Good times there, l\Launcher Control Panel Oper. - 111 Wilson St Farmington Ar. 72730 1/63-6/64
. Holwagner, Johnie D, Battery Clerk, Mail Clerk, Manager of PX, also ran movies. Was a Sp5, remember Tellons Bar outside of Eielson AFB. Remember the cold winters and the live missle firings. Was back up in Fairbanks in 1984 sure has changed since the last time I was there. - 412 W. Lincoln Ave., Nampa, ID 83686 8/68-3/70
Hopper, Steven T., E1, 2 & 3 Missle Crewman (16B20). So isolated, few ever made it into Fairbanks or even Wainwright unless passing thru on leave. Most memorable duties were back of low-boy semi trk trailer and picking up and dumping emergency toilets from all around Wainwright, still affected by the big one). But the TDY duty recovering equipment from emergency evacuated chem warfare camp (some hrs north by chopper) was interesting too. A dozen of us left there for about 2 weeks in two tents, one C-130 dropped APC and wolves baying nightly just out of M-14 range. My P-Pong serve was so deadly, guys tried claiming it was illegal. Chris Bryant, my close friend there. Also, I've searched in vane for over forty years trying to replace my lost insignia pin. The only picture of it I can find, does no justice to it's actual beauty.
. Jankowski, George, Acq Radar Operator and Computer repair ( 199th Ord) - 630 Springview Ct , Roswell, Ga 30076 09/59-08/61
. Johnson, Richard, "Email Bounces" Launcher Section Chief SSG 16B 9/68-2/71
. Keyser, William D., trr operator, cwo baker always out bidded everyone - 3751 s. nellis blvd #121 las vegas, nv 89121 2/65-8/66
. Lancelot, Doug, Sgt E/5 K9 - Coventry, Connecticut12/67-6/69
. O'Connor, Jim, dog handler, ... I did spend many a night walking the perimeter of the launch area with my dog, Duke. Here's an interesting fact: our SOP was that if it got colder than -20, we put the dogs back in their kennels and walked without them. Go figure. Each winter there would be test firings of missles at B Battery.7/69-12/70
. Olson, Curtis, Fire Control Tech, SP-5, With original deployment from Ft. Bliss, fired first Nike outside continental US, winter '59, (fail-safed), had lots of fun, used to send new operators down to RFTS hut to retrieve tools (after making sure a bear had been locked up inside)...roomed with Lester Brast, we were both native Texans. 100 Redfish Ct. Aransas Pass, Texas, 336 04/59-07/60
. Peltonen, George S., BC Van, Acq, Comp, EWPB, IFC Crew Chief. B Btry was host firing site for Alaskan units. Fired, went home. Wound up with 19 years in Nike, 3 years in HAWK. Retired E8 - ran Site PX. -now Telford, Pa5/56-2/60
. Steele, Barry A,, spc 4 dog handler - 22 sylvan ln wiilingboro nj 080464/68-10/69
. Trewhella, Joe, IFC, TTR, E4, Reassigned to D-1-62 in Grafton until ETS. Last duty was Hipar.10/62-3/64
. West, William L., Military Police Security Guard PFC/E-3 Helped set up road blocks before practice missile launchings guarded launching area and Battery Control building. Many of us went on Special Services trips to various interesting locations. It was a very interesting and rewarding serving our Country and experiencing the beauty of Alaska and getting to know the people you work with and for also making some friends 5/64-11/65
. Winters, Walter, launcher crewman, E-4 We fired live off of that site. 09/66-05/67
. Wright, Dennis, - 115 Oakley Lane,Cherryville,N.C. 2802110/67-4/69
Fairbanks, 10 SE Eielson AFB - C/2/562d .
. Adams, Cecil, SP/4 Acq. radar operator we were all cross trained on componets in IFC - 222 Charlestowne Way Augusta, Ga. 309079/60-5/62
. Ansley, William (Bill), Arrived @ Fairbanks during the night from SETAC Airport. We bedded down at headquarters battery. After about 2 hours sleep, we got our cold weather Army issue and headed to our assigned batteries. After arriving at C Battery,some crazy guy told me I would be on moose watch that night. Later I realized that he was only joking. They had a big laugh out of that. After getting a security clearance, I was trained as an azimuth operator. Did a lot of "Time And Commo Checks" as "Vanguard" along with a lot of KP. After 18 months, I had my fill of the "Yuke" and was ready to move on. But, I Still have a lot of memories of being there and regretted learning that the site had been demolished. 9/67-5/69
. Armstrong, Donald G., 2nd Lt Platoon Ldr IFC - remember real live firings from Btry. Tranfered to D Btry - niagara falls, ny12/63-/64
. Black, Charles D., SP5 MTR Oper. Had great times there. Friends Ron Clark, Jan Diezel, Ron Hewitt, ...Got promoted to E-6 and tranfered to D Btry. - 47311 47th st. E. sp-139 Palmdale Ca 93552 - ?died 2004?8/64-6/66
. Brooks, Eric W, "Email Bounces" First thing thing I did was get demoted to private for trouble in town. After that I settled down and learned all the crew postions in the tracking Van. Get promoted up to the rank of SP5 by the time of discharge. The contrast of the two climates LA and Fairbanks is something I will never forget. Six months of snow was something I had never seen in western oregon. Met a lot of good men from many parts of the US. - 3884 Lancaster Dr Ne, Salem, Oregon, 9730512/66-4/68
. Cengel, John, "Email Bounces" 16C20 65-66
. Cooling, Ernst, 16c20 arrived as SP5 lived @ 52D elision afb left 1968 as sp4 assigend to cambridge min remenber 1st scallion & mess cook morrison, sp5 c d black E-7 issickson, going to cold weather traing weather been COOLD. - warner robins georgia/65-/68
. De Marco, Peter, ECCM and ABAR Radar Specialist4/67-10/68
. Eaglesham, Robert, acting security nco for 17 months under Lt Tanner and Capt Rios-Matta. Loved the country - fishing, hiking, frontier lifestyle, nite in town once a month and the Boondox Bar at the foot of the seven mile missle site gravel road. The army life was not my favorite, but I did like doing my job and getting it right. - PO Box 1421, Island Heights, NJ 08732-14213/60-8/61
. Farrell, Vince, SP/4 TTR operator. 3451 West Point Drive, North Ridgeville, OH 44039 5/60-5/62
. Hassell, Jon, Started as Fire control computer operator, offended the Captain's sensibilities and was punished by sending me to launcher area as fire control operator - took close up pictures of launches which were later confiscated - ended up later as clerk in personnel at Ft. Bliss - looking for Curtis Earl Ratliff, Jeff Dickerson, Bill Johnson, & Tom Kendall3/62-9/63
. Hastings, Reggie, "Email Bounces" I was an MP at C btry. Met a lot of good people. Spent a lot of time in the towers. Thank god for Knik Bar. I shall return. - PO Box 282, Hardwick VT. 05843 10/78-6/79
. Jegelewicz, James , Cold weather Indoctrination and Cuban Crisis and Kennedy's death was quite a trip! Remember tracking the Ruskies filming the air to air refueling missions with the D.O.'s finger on the fire switch waitin for auth to fire, got HE's after that!10/62-4/64
. Leone, Joseph, PFC launcher crewman. - LIVE FIRINGS FROM SITE. I now have found 45 [ over 100 as of Oct. 2005 ] former missile men from Mike site, circa 1960/61. Run our Reunion every year! C/2/562 Reunion 2011 @ Gettysburg,Pa. - 137W Buckingham Ave,Oldsmar, FL,34677 8/60-1/62
. Mc Daniel, Gary, I was TTR Azmuth operator, Enjoyed the country and the Silver Dollar in town. Had a live fire at our battery in 1965. Got out in 1965, stayed out until 1980, went back in the Michigan army national guard stayed until 1997 and retired as Senior operations NCO (E-7) Great times, Great friends, Great memories. Hoorah - 10915 Goodall Rd Unit 323, Durand, Mi.48429 9/63-8/65
. McKinney, Glen, Sentry dogs at both sites SYD & RADAR - 10614 221 St Ave "E" Buckley, Wa 98321 3/64-9/64
. New, Ralph E, Wo IFC, there when site closed. I went to Alaska in Jan 59 from Ft Bliss as Wo IFC was at Eielson A.F.B.with the gun bn. until we moved to the Nike Sites. [When site closed] was assigned to ASL Ak Met Team and took the same Nike set I left Ft Bliss with to the University of Alaskas Rocket Range North of Fairbanks,motified the radar and fired Lokie Met Rocks until Asl closed the Project. I still work part time at the Rock Range 01/59-08/63
. Perkowski, Edward (Dale), IFC 16C20 SP5 1/67-6/68
. Poirier, Paul, "Email Bounces" Site engineer,SP4, Things remembered - the incredible Northern Lights, the long cold cold winters, and the misfire. It was a winter night training shot making it a bit more dramatic. Not all four boosters ignited causing it to veer back towards the IFC area versus down range. It exploded just below the crest of the hill where the IFC was. What was funny was seeing the guys who were watchiing it from the mess run down the hall as if they could out distance it. Fortuneately, other than a broken window or two from the blast no harm was done. 9/60-8/62
. Poil, George, IFC Section Chief SSG - Oklahoma 5/67-12/69
. Read, Robert A., SP/4, generator operator - 110 Abbey Rd; Ringgold GA 30736 65-66
. Rutledge, Jim, Battery Clerk, SP-4 Memorable experiences and happenings: Taking a deep breath of fresh air as I deplaned at Elmendorf AFB and feeling pain as the cold February air seered my lungs. Flying to Eielson AFB in a C-47 loaded with all of us new arrivals and watching ice form on the wings. Fishing trips to Lake Harding, Little Swede Lake, Tanana River and a flight to the Unalakleet River for salmon fishing. Indoctrination to cold weather in -30 degree temperatures over several nights in two-man tents. Being the host battery for live firings summer of '60 and seeing a misfire. Going to the Gold Rush Saloon in Fairbanks, drinking beer and singing along with the piano player playing in the 'old rinky-dink style.' The Boon Dox Bar and those wonderful 'moose burgers.' Serving under the best commander in the Alaskan Command, Captain Luis R. Rios-Matta, Ret. Lt. Col. A man much loved and respected by his men. A man who was always able to find us die-hard fishermen a driver and a vehicle for fishing excursions. 78-268 Quail Run Palm Desert, CA 92211 2/60-8/61
. Ryon, Willis B., Battery Commander - 19 Hidden Acres Drive, Tabernacle, NJ 08088/68-/69
. Sewell, Harry, Fire Control Mech (24Q20A3) SP511/66-6/68
. Scheetz, William A., Launching area, parts clerk. Under Mr.Breitbach. 3409 Piece River Dr. Harbour Heights FL. 339836/60-3/62
. Watson, Richard W., "Email Bounces" Lt. (Fire Control Officer) I remember the long summers with visiting units using our site for annual firing. Enjoyed the update on condition of sites.6/65-4/67
Fairbanks, 5 S Eielson AFB - D/2/562d .
. Allspaugh, Gary D., Sp4 IFC crewman8/60-9/62
. Armstrong, Donald G., Served as IFC Plt Ldr, Launcher Plt Ldr, XO and Acting BC. - Both C and D Btry's wonderful assignments. Have great memories of unit, the officers and soldiers, being DO during "hot weeks" remember earthquake in 1964 1st daughter being born 7/4/64, dark days in winter and light days in summer. - niagara falls, ny/64-6/66
. Black, Charles D., SSGT. Sec Chief in IFC area. Had a good crew enjoyed the summers there for the fishing was great. SFC Mahoney was plt. sgt - 47311 47th st. E. sp-139 Palmdale Ca 93552- ?died 2004?6/66-2/67
. Cabiness, William, IFC Parts Clerk A Battery, late moved 166th Ord at Wainwright 4004 Lindwood Dr Macon, GA 31206 12/66-4/68
. Ferguson, Steve, I was the medic. Why did I have to go on all the winter indoctrinations when everybody else only had to go once??? Anybody remember Bubble Butt and the bear cub???? Still in contact with some of the other IFC guys. Let me hear from ya, or your shot record may go missing. 09/67-10/69
. Geminer, Jim, 16c, closed Delta battery in Spring of 70,went to Alpha battery until Aug. 1/69-8/70
. Ledford, Jimmy, discharrged from reserves 2 jan 1972 e4 - would like to hear from army buddies - 333.ponders 8/67-1/69
. McKinney, Glen, Sentry dogs at both sites SYD & RADAR - 10614 221 St Ave "E" Buckley, Wa 98321 10/63-3/64
. Pappas, Basillis, 112A Holyoke Street, Easthampton, MA 01027/62
. Peltonen, George S., Sr FC Operator 2/60-12/62
. Peyton, Louis, Sp5 Launcher Section Chief, - Mr. Kennedy keep us on that hill top for 33 days in 1962. Last year worked in Msl Assy. Good Assignment anyone remember the Boondocks Lounge. 10/60-4/63
. Schnack, Robert W., SP/5 (AN/TSP-1D RADAR) - Converted to AN/FPS 61..SP4 -- SP5, Radar Operation Safety Control for first Nike firing out side of U.S. Charlie Btry (Mike Site) fired first Nike Herc outside continental limits of U.S. for training followed by Bravo Btry (Peter Site) 1961. HQ Btry located at LADD AFB/ Ft. Wainright. Time on site 7/59--6/62 The extra time was at the request of JFK and the then USSR 7/59-6/62
. Szivos, John, Sgt E-5 John Szivos. Secutity and Training NCO. There for Cuban missile crrisis, Kennedy assasination, 1964 Good Friday Earthquake. Visited the area in 1991 - only the Boondocks Bar remained. - 2414 s. third st, Steelton, pa 171135/62-5/64
. Taggart, Tommie L., Spec-5 E5 IFC Maintenance 24Q20. 697 Summer St. Lynn Ma. 01905 9/68-8/70
. Whatley, Ray, SP4. Radar operator. 6/65-9/66
. Wood, Donald, [First]ISG - take over from a relieved ISG - 1114 seaman ave Beachwood, NJ 08722/69-/70
. Woodfield, Clyde (Woody), "Email Bounces" Security NCO, SGT E-5. 324 Orchard Rd. Elm City, NC. 27822 7/64-7/67
Fairbanks, 20 S Nenana - A/2/562d - "Moose Creek"?
Reunions yearly open to all Fairbanks / Eielson Nike Vets - Contact Roger Babler or Paul Kulba with your E Mail web site
. My father (CW4 William J. Auell – deceased), was launcher warrant for C, then A battery between 6/66 and 6/69. I had visited A battery many times and once got to go with him (in our camper) TDY to Eilsen (sp?) for live fire. I believe it was called “B” battery up there there. I loved AK, as did my dad. I’d be interested in hearing from those who knew him. He’s buried at Arlington.Dad was also known as the “mayor” of McGregor”, having more time there than any others at the time. Can you pass this on? Here is his Army Autobiography ?-6/69
. Babler, Roger A., acquisition radar operator Like most that were drafted thought I was going to HELL but given the times it wasn't that bad. Was a acquisition radar operator and worked the plotting bd. on occasion. Had the luxury of having my car there (persuaded my folks to drive it up) a 1961 Corvair Lakewood Wagon did as much traveling with friends as $75.00 a month would permit. Went down to Nenana/Clear quite a few times explored the old Gold Dredge #8 and that area took off north towards Circle once but chicken out when the road turned into aone lane farm driveway. Have many fond memories of those I served time with in the COLD WAR! 7/64-2/66
. Cauthorn, Marvin, e2-e3-e4-e5 In 68 we put in all new radars and vans rf test set 9/67-1/70
. Faulkner, Harold R., I was a medic, the mail man, Px guy, and photographer. Spent my 546 days in the same Btry. Most interesting when it was 60 below zero for 60 days and got to 73 below and there was a storm in siberia comming our way and it was to go down to 90 below didnt make it. And the great people on the site. I still think of Sgt Rose's stories 5/64-11/65
. Finney, Bonner - Launcher crewman, 'section chief, later transferred to MP's - 4440 Windslet Cove, Southaven, Ms. 3867211/68-/70
. Foy, Robert H. Jr., SP4 22F10 '68-'70
. Klein, Frank IFC Computer Operator. (Moose Creek?) I met many great friends there. We had a baby cub bear crawl under the washed out chain link fence and get into the dumpster and while the cub had a picinic the mother bear paced around while snorting and growling at the cub. I believe we had a guard on the rooftop of the barracks with a lock and loaded M14 just in case the mother baer got into the IFC area. We had many early morning un-announced inspection in which we we all put into one area while the NCO's and Officers searched for drugs and illegal prescriptions. I lived off post and durning my last day there I was asked by the 1st SGT to drive a friend of mine to the CID on Ft. Wainwright, they found that his Mother sent him a prescription that was not prescribed by the ARMY which got him into trouble. I was completly unaware of what was going on, the friends name was John Dinges who was from Ohio. If anyone know john please tell him to contact me so I can tell him I was not aware of what was going on at the time. Other e-mail 520 Wexford Ridge Roswell GA 30075 6/68-1/71
. Gaston, Edwin, Missile Crewman MOS 177.10 SP 4, 1st Cav Div NCO Academy APO 731. 18 Month Tour was extended by Executive Order 10957.My total tour was 25 Mo & 16 days. - 2593 County Road 342 South, Henderson, Texas 75654 7/60- 9/62
. Gilliotti, Joe, Eng.launch Area. sp/4 we had an very excitable first sgt, He would run down the hall yelling grab the Colonel the buffer was coming! We were extended an extra year, every one was bummed out. - 47 Canaan St,Carbondale, Pa 184068/60-8/62
. Hansen, Edward R., The day before I arrived at the battery a fellow missle man was shot thru both knees by a civilian in a handgun accident. Spent a lot of time touring the area with Roger Babler, Eric Cleworth and Ken Krajenka but was glad to leave. The tour was far better than Vietnam would have been though. - 6830 W. St. Lawrence Beloit, WI 535117/64-2/66
. Kulba, Paul A., I Have many fond memories. Would love to hear from anyone.
Look at this movie of John Hudson and Paul Kubla & snowmobiles & Sarah Palin in Alaska - 3465 cold springs rd. baldwinsville,N.Y. 13027
. Loeb, Thomas J., All I can say is UGH! I was so happy to get away from this location and start college. 1/64-5/65
. Lord, Leo, generator operator,sp/4 Had some good times in downtown Fairbanks - 45 Johnson St., Lowell, Ma. 11/64-4/66
. Lowery, Robert J, - "died 2009" - Sec Chief, Platoon Sgt, Launcher Area, 3045 Mack Blvd, Fairbanks, Ak 99709 3/68-09/70
. Powlas, Dan, SP4 Launch Area (LTC Operator) Walked guard duty in the ice and snow the day JFK was assassinated in Nov 63. I was on duty when the earthquake hit Anchorage in '64. I loved the area and hated to leave. Found great friends there and still visit and keep in touch with some of them. - Melbourne, FL 1/63-6/64
. Ryon, Willis B., Fire Control Platoon Ldr - 19 Hidden Acres Drive, Tabernacle, NJ 08088Sum/67-1968
. Wood, Donald, Platoon SGT fire control area and also ISG then went to JIG site to take over from a relieved ISG - 1114 seaman ave Beachwood, NJ 08722/67-/69
10 NW Fairbanks - E/2/562d .
. Brown, Harvey G., Remained in the IFC and left to attend Infantry OCS. Received my commission in 6/63 and remained as an Infantry Officer until I retired as a Major in 1976 in Colorado Springs, CO. - 5007 Hall Ave, Amarillo, TX 7910912/60-12/62
. Bryant, Chris, MP sentry dog handler (was transferred there because of shortage of sentry dogs)11/68-2/69
. Eaton, Charles R. (Randy), - "died 2008" - took over motor pool and equipment operation - 405 Illini drv. , East Peoria, ill 61611 9/65-4/67
. Everett, Taylor, ... our unit the northern most army tactical outfit in the world. As morale officer, as well as about 15 other duties, I decided a way to boost morale was to have a story about our remote unit published in the Fort Wainwright army newspaper. We got full two page spread with lots of pictures. It was a great success. It even got mention on World Wide Army radio. Only problem was that our Battery Commanding Officer was not in any of the pictures. 3/68-12/68
. Hamlin, Leonard C., sp/4 launcher crewman to sp/5 -E5 asst. section chief hated the winter loved the summers - most northern misl. site in ALASKA 7/66-4/67
. Hunault, Bill, "Email Bounces" baker, Sometimes 120 people, sometimes 70, long hours 68- 70
. Loving, Ron, Last commander, E Btry12/70-6/71
. Nicodemus, Clarence, Battery Commander, Capt. World's Northernmost Nike Hercules Firing Battery loced 10 miles North of Fairbanks, Alaska. Lowest recorded temp while there was -75 degrees. We live fired out of our Bravo site instead of going to Ft. Bliss. The Evaluation teams would schedule the visit at our site last and then go fishing above the Arctic the Summer naturally. The AADCP would have an annual Summer Solstice party with all kinds of game, including bear, moose beaver, etc. Went to Vietnam from there. Great transition in temperature. Good Nike site. I could do without all the political comments, however. 9/67-1/69
. Raichle, Robert W., 2LT and 1LT, Battery Control Officer 7/66-3/68
. Robinson, John, IFC operator, Mail Clerk, Courier PFC - 13017 S INDIAN RIVER DRIVE, JENSEN BEACH, FL 349574/62-6/63
. Stout, Morris L., Fire Control Operator 16C, Spec 51/70-7/70
. Vanderboegh, Robert, E-4 Mail clerk and supply courier under sgt Lonnie High.I made the daily supply run to Ft. Wainwright for the mail, laundry,166 ord and what ever Sgt Erdman(the mess Sgt) wanted to trade coffee or ham for. also in supply was Robert Patterson and Dale Smithmier 9/65-2/67
. Wilson, Joseph, R. (Bob), 16B/20,SPL4 Was there when we decomissioned.01/70-6/71
. Woods, John, Btry Control Officer - We lived for ORE's. Heard "Eight stars of gold on a field of blue..." at TV signoff too many times. 12/69-7/70
AADCP in Anchorage, John Woods said "... far side of the Airport". - via .
. Williams, Bob, Worked alternating shifts of 24 hours on and 24 hours off my entire time in the Anchorage AADCP. This made it tough to enjoy off time in Alaska. You were always working or sleeping. Left as an SP5 and Crew Chief and subsequently transferred to Seattle as it was an AADCP that was still using the same BIRDIE system that we used in Fairbanks and Anchorage - 4607 NW 98th Lane, Coral Springs, FL 330766/71-5/72
. Woods, John, running ORE's Absolutely gorgeous there. What a change from desolate Fairbanks. The AADCP was on the far side of the Airport in Anchorage. It was pretty strange duty running ORE's from there. I had not really gotten any training so I was just winging it. This was 1971, so a lot of Fairbanks batteries were shutting down. All in all, it was a great experience. When I first got my orders for Alaska, I looked twice at them and said "what the...?????", but after I got there and finally got my jeep (shipped by SeaLand from Seattle), it was just fine. Great place. Fairbanks was still a boomtown where people actually carried sidearms sometimes and moose were plentiful, but Anchorage was like a small Chicago (except for the food). 7/70-6/71
4th Bn, 43rd ADA in Anchorage, Fort Richardson .
. Beggin, Bob, Worked as BIRDiE Repairman MOS 25D20 Got out as Sp5. Had some wonderful times at the AADCP 4/71-2/73
. Belfer, Bert, SP6, SFC, WO1 Huge mosquitoes, huge cabbage, huge salmon 6/76-5/79
. Butler, Jim, Fantastic tour up there, planing on going back in 2010...amazed I found this site. - 29 Orchard St. Upton, Ma. 01568..
. Coleman, Charles "Duke", 48th Engineer Co. FM Ft. Richardson - Did maint. & repair of site(s) equipment which was assigned to Corp of Engineers. Was a member of one of three 3-man teams avail. 24/7. On trips to Site Bay always managed to stay past midnite which got us off duty next 24 hrs. Days off spent in Anchorage at Joes Pizza House or at the ski bowl near Site Summit. Engineers from 48th 1958 to 1960 call me 352 854 5571. - 2000 NW 58th Ct Ocala FL 344823/58-3/60
. Crites, Darrold, 22M20 Nike Hercules Internal Guidance & System Repair7/69-6/71
. Dudek, Robert, "Email Bounces" I was in charge of maintaining the IFF systems at all 3 batterys and the APS-94 ABAR at A battery. It was a good tour. I drove the ALCAN when it was still dirt when I left on my way to Ft Campbell. Good Memories. 410-278-0923 /74-/77
. Fordyce, Keith, Was on site furthest from Ft. Richardson 06/77-07/79
. Johnson, Joseph M. Jr, "Email Bounces" CW2 251B Ground Guidance Section7/77-6/79
. LaRosa, Vince, SP4 Clerk HQ 87th Artillery Group (AD), Ft Richardson, AK Handled Morning reports, Congressional inquiries, for 87th GP, 4th of the 43rd at Ft Rich and 2 of the 562nd at Ft Wainwright, and Murphy Dome AFS. 2272 W. Dixon Lake Drive, Gaylord, Michigan 497359/69-11/70
. Loving, Ron Assistant S3 6/71-4/7
. Messer, Dale, 48th Engr. Co. I worked at the three Sites around Anchorage.Summit,Bay and Point. I was at Site Summit on 11/20/60 when the first Missile (Celebrity) was fired. 4/59-4/61
. Prather, Kenneth J, Worked in the Bn S-3 at Ft Richardson. - 209 Teneva Cove, Cibolo, TX 78108 10/70-10/72
. Rogers, John, Battalion Commander from Dec 78 until inactivation of the Battalion in Jul 1979. I was the unit's last Battalion commander in AK. [and also] the last officer on the scene at this unit. - 7898 Ashford Rd, Huntsville, AL, 3580212/78-7/79
. Tucker, William H, Battalion Motor Sergeant, HHB 1/43, 3/76-3/79
A 4/43
10 SW Anchorage - (Airport).
. Anderson, Hubert, Senior Acq Operator, 2 man authentication team - 329 E. Union Ave, LaSalle Colorado 806452/78-DeAct
. Arata, Patrick, Great times, great guys. We had a very important job and we did it in a very professional way. I am proud to be a member of A Btry, 4th Bn, 43rd Arty. 1/63-8/66
. Bannon, Dennis, SP4 16B I lucked out I was on the assembly team. 9 to 5 weekends off. 1/69-1/71
. Baumann, John, Launcher crewman. Section Panel operator, mostly. On live fire from B battery, 1961? Recent street maps show Anchorage has expanded to old site, I understand it's now an Olympic class cross country ski training facility now. I'd like to here from old buddies...Foster...Bachicha...Palmer 10/59-8/62
. Berndt, Elvin E., SP-E4 Enlisted at 17 Met a lot of good men. Still in contact with several. - 11865 co rd 405 Elcampo Tex 774377/60-12/62
. Bodtmann, Rich, Missile Crewman, Spec. 4 Was on fire crew during live fire at night from site Summit in 1961. Had real good times. Rich Jr. (Woody) writes "... my father, Rich Bodtmann passed away ... from Lung Cancer. I attended the reunion back in 2003 at Golden Gate Park in San Fran. He was very proud of his service and being involved in the Nike Missle program. He was actually looking at attending this years reunion in Alaska. My dad was very proud of his service and country and was given a wonderful military burial."7/60-12/62
. Carrasco,Christopher A., big time bummer...the site,not the state. - north carolina-2/77
. Colvin, Richard A., "Email Bounces" Engr. Gen.Oper.Sp/4 This was an interesting place. Lots of history. Made alot of friends. Some I still hear from today. - 7960 huff st. Indpls. Ind. 462591/77-1/79
. Connaly, John, Launcher Crew Chief, Sp5 4/64-4/67
. Craig, Jon, 16J20 SP/5 in the ABAR tower. also worked the ECCM console next to the fire control. Made many friends and remember my duty there fondly. We had a three piece band there at the site and practiced in the generator room from time to time. I remember "Tin Can Lake" as well. I still remember every guy's name who worked in the ABAR tower during my tour there. I often wonder how they're doing these days. 8/67-9/71
. Drake, Robert, "Email Bounces" Sp4 Engineer. Took care of generators in Ifc. Loved alaska.It's was the army's best kept secret 1/71-1/73
. Egleston, Steven G., MP9/74-4/77
. Eubanks, John W, Chief fire control Tech. Sfc 1140 First operational site in Alaska. - 28191 Pinedale Rd.,Ardmore, AL 357391/58-9/62
. Faulkner, Floyd, E6-24Q40 lots of memories, but the site is now completely gone including the foundations; area is now a park with the missile buildings turned into a chalet for parties and winter use by Anchorage folk 7/69-5/73
. Fidler, Clinton Jr, "Email Bounces" Surveillance Radar Section Chief, SSG, We were located just behind and of to the right side of Anchorage International Airport. My men had plenty of opportunities to practise their "target tracking" abilities , with all the in-coming and out-going flights. There were also all the military targets from Elmendorf Air Force Base. The 1964 Alaskian Earthquake really did a job on my radar section! Our Support Officer, CW4 Costello and his men, including SSG Boney did a tremendous job, supporting all our third and fourth echelon maintenance. Alaska; a beautiful state, a friendly population, dedicated men doing a fantastic job! There were many men who made my job much easier. I hope they are all still around today !!2/63-12/65
. Forgey, Steve, "Email Bounces" Tracking Supervisor. Transferred to A Battery from HM-69 in Florida. Worked as their Tracking Supervisor our BCO was Lt. Sczspanski (Ski). Our trip to fire out at Mc Greggor Range that year landed us a huge trophy (I've got the pic) and highest RA Battery status. - Newark, Ohio6/72-6/73
. Fraser, Donald W, 10/69-1/70
. Goettlich, Walter C., Launcher Platoon Leader. then AADCP BC was CPT Vechiarello, 1SG was Bernard Hemming and Launcher Platoon SGT was SFC Audrey Meade. 9/71-6/72
. Harvey, VAL S., "Email Bounces" Fire Control, Site Point and Site Bay, I was on duty Good Friday, 1964, the day of the great Alaskan earthquake. The Btry receive the Unit Citation because of live rounds removal. 1960-1965
. Jenks, Mark, 95B20P5 (sentry dog handler)5/73-8/74
. Proudfoot, Herman B., Chief Fire Control Mechanic - honor battery, best firing, fooled ENT in missions, great teams, better officers, good tour, wife became ill, returned to States - now El Paso, TX/72-/73
. Skonie, Thomas R, Platoon leader 5/67-3/68
. Sykes, Robert, "Email Bounces" Sp/6 IFC Technician. was there for the big earthquake on Good Friday. 12/62-6/64
. Taylor, Robert, "Email Bounces" IFC crewman ABAR NCOIC We considered a tour at site sumit as being punishment.One could get there one day and be stuck up on that god for saken hill the next.I remember pulling status up there and getting stuck up there when the weather closed in and had to sit until the road was opened from below. Looking for anyone who served with those sites while I was there9/73-9/77
. Terefencko, Edward C, Section Leader, Fire Control Unit. Assigned here after being promoted to SSG E6. 11/69-12/70
. Tyree, Eugene Ray, II, Sectin Sgt A firing section - PO BOX 1722 Seward AK 99664 1/77-/79
. Weaver, Gary, 24P 2/72-2/74
. Welch, James E., Military policeman SP4 assigned to security duties. Remember long shifts 24 on 24 off broken into four parts. 12/68-1/70
. Whittaker, Stuart, I was a tower rat or better known as a MP. 26 hour shifts down range, cold nights in the towers, the dogs (still got a scar from T.S.) so many good freinds, lost track of but not forgotten. Drop me a line some time - 821 Duvall PL NE11/78-7/79
. Windle, Larry, SP5 t1 Simulator - Box 47 Rarden, Ohio 456712/70-9/70
Bay (C)
C 4/43rd
20 NW Anchorage (Goose Bay) .
. Anderson, Hubert, Senior Acq Operator, 2 man authentication team C Btry was fun. The morning helecopter rides, the snow, all of it. I remember 007 getting shot down and going on alert over it. I remember the UFO spottings over in Eagle River. How many remember trying to track the stealth fighter back in 1978. We were told to keep our mouths shut back then. We thought they were pulling one over on us. - 329 E. Union Ave, LaSalle Colorado 80645 3/76-2/78
. Arenas, Peter, I checked out your web site and thought it interesting,though it was hard to recognize the buildings. There were two bars near the site, Dooley's being the closest and Brown's about another mile or so down the road. Whatever became of them? 70s
. Boyd, Michael, Missile crewman. Worked for Lt. Sims, Sergeants Kerrigan, Kerns, Beckett. Commanded by Col. Rogers. Worked with David Davison, Gail Mattice. I'd like to salute the institution that allowed me to be so successful (Army). 01/77-07/79
. Caputo, Daniel, sp4 engineer section chief. 524 arlington dr. seaford ny 117831/60-9/62
. Connaly, John F., 4/64-4/67
. Duvall, Donald, helped close the system down. /67-/70
. Eldridge, Richard J (Rick), "Email Bounces" MOS: 24Q20 Fire Control Maint, WO1 '73- '76
. Fraser, Donald W, I was a dog handler for two years, always had to be on the lookout for the security office from Ft Richardson sneaking up in the middle of the night! Dooleys was the only bar around! Meet some great people durning that time!1/70-10/71
. Getman, Robert, LCT Operator & Missle Assembly Crewman,SP/5 6/72-12/74
. Goelzer, Gary, Unit Armorer, Mailman, Supply Clerk Had a lot of fun at this place, chasen moose off the runway and drinking in Wasilla7/71-12/72
. Grippi, Matthew B, IFC Parts clerk Dumont, NJ 07628 5/65-5/67
. Hamilton, David, 24Q30 SSg e-610/76-2/79
. Kelley, Arnold, ttr operator, always looking for info on guys I knew up there wish I had 5 grand I would love to see that area again, had a lot of good times dooleys that old women was nuts, knik bar , Wasilla 3/76-4/78
. Kerns,Terry, (deceased) fire panel operator/section chief6/72-9/76
. Kitchen, Chester J., MP PFC. Got there during the Cuban crisis.Earthquake on 3/27/64. Pass runs to Palmer. Georges Bar in Goose Bay. MSGT Robinson. - Port St Lucie,FL 10/62-11/64
. Loehr, Craig, MP guard 9/72-1/73
. Losey, Lloyd, E4, IFC area TTR, MTR, Range, elevation, Azimuth operator - PO Box 469, 1639 Via Simpatico, Hemet, CA 92545 5/65-10/66
. Love, Robert, Launch Area 29 months /69-/71
. Luke, Bruce A., I was an M.P. What a lot of memories. We found out they were shutting the Battalion down right after we fired the highest score of any Active Army Hurc. Btry in history. This unit defined dedication for me and was an example I followed through out my career later as a Ranger, Drill Sgt., Instructor and my life today. - Helena, Montana9/78-7/79
. Mac Cracken, Keith A., "Email Bounces" Nike Hercules launcher crewman...e4 lived at mile 5 knik rd. wasilla ak. - 3263 sly park rd. pollock pines ca. 95726/73-/76
. Milburn, Troy, E5 MTR Operator7/74-9/75
. Peterson, Jim, MP Security Section Sergeant, stayed until unit stood down in 79. Still going in Army, from 1973 through 2005 (MP). 7/78-6/79
. Pleasants, Berk, IFC area. Az. operator, target tracking - (e-mail bounces) 1/73-8/74
. Ramey, Ray, TTR and MTR Radars - SP/4 under SSG Robert Heise Would love to hear from anyone stationed out at Goose Bay10/76-7/79
. Shapiro, Macey, I was an MP but did the PX run and showed a movie down range as well as supply runs with a 2 1/2 ton truck to Ft Richardson. I was there and transported eqipment to Ft Rich when it closed down. I am still active and aasigned to Ft Rich. The two bars are still open! Closer one is called Tugs now and the farther one is KNIK Bar! Email if coming to or in town to get together please! - 21200 Running Brook Circle Eagle River, AK 9957710/77-8/78
. Sims,Keith A. , "Email Bounces" Fire Control Plt Ldr Launcher Plt Ldr XO, 2LT-1LT '75- '79
. Sisman, Robert, Goose bay Alaska Battery A[??] - North Olmsted, Oh 8/60-8/61
. Sprager, Dave, Sp4/Sgt E5 HIPAR operator all 3yrs. Filled in on long range acq once in a while. Many memories from there.8/74-8/77
. Terefencko, Edward C, Section Leader, Fire Control Unit. Later sent to "A" Battery, near Anchorage 01/69-10/69
. Thomas, Mike, 95B10P5 Dog Handler - I remember I was too young to understand the commitment that some of the people there had given!3/78-8/79
. Thurman. William, MOS: 24Q20 Fire Control Maint, SP4. Great site Honor Battery, Honor Battalion 1978. Site was short of 24Qs I worked and was in uniform everyday I was there. Good fiends and good times there. They were the best times of my life and i will never forget Charlie Battery. Like to get in contact with old friends from the site. My adress is 3580 East Rainier Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah 8410910/77-8/78
. Tuttle, George D., SP/5 Sr MTR Operator 16C20, I live in Eagle Idaho.9/73-1/75
. Van Roekel, Robert G, "Email Bounces" launcher crewman SP4 played a little guitar 9/65-/67
. Welters, Kenneth, "Email Bounces" MOS 24Q20 Sp/6 9/73-1/76
. Warbach, Ronald D "Email Bounces" 16c10 Nike Hercules Fire Control Crewman, TTR only guy to get busted on the site smoking a doobie and didnt lose everything actually got my clearance back lol. To dam young to know better but what a great place it was. Crushed to learn Wasilla is a really big town now a days and the house I lived in is now a parking lot. 11/76-11/78
. Willette, Gilbert Joseph, E-5 Senior fire control crewman, 31 Fieldstone Drive, Dover, NH 0382010/75-6/78
. Williams, James, E-4 , 62C30 Missile Equipment Specialist ,Engineering Department ,SSG Boggs and SSG Branch section chief CW4 Lyons section leader. My nickname was Heavy Duty - 897 Fording Is. Rd , Bluffton SC 2991009/74-02/77
Summit (B)
B 4/43ADA
25 E Anchorage

The latest on the Lets waste our money blowing up Summit March 2008
. Anderson, Arthur, sp/4 ranging radar - 42 wynwood drive enfield, conn. 06082 /66-/68
. Bargel, John J., /66-/68
. Beard, Marvin, "Email Bounces" 95B-MP just out of AIT ready for line duty and lucked out and got B-btry. "The golf ball on the mountain." 32 great months of Alaskan mountain living...32 even greater reasons for not re-enlisting! Wonderful people! Great memories, howling wind, snow and ice. BMFR's and Beard's Bluff! 8/74-5/77
. Boney, Dennis, "Email Bounces" Lauching area at Site Summit i was a SP-4 when i left the Army. Worked with Sgt. Gousslin Louderback,Fairman Goodwin, Brockway, Field, and Taylor just to name a few.My first sgt. May in 1965. - 6246 Round Hill Rd. Charlotte NC. 28211 /64-/66
. Burdick, Dave, LCT Operator, Assembly crew, - Fired ASP Round from LCT in "Emergency Procedures"in 1964 - 1091 railway crossing webster, new york 1458011/62-11/64
. Burke, Larry, was ttr operator and co-ran the px. - i was on the crew that fired in 1961 and also fired in 1960 at mcgregor range. - 946 fire thorn dr hampton ga. 3022808/61-09/62
. Caputo, Daniel, 524 arlington dr. seaford ny 117839/59-1/60
. Carter, Dennis, "Email Bounces" Good Friday quake. Afterwards, working the war head team-we did the work, they got the Pres. Unit Citation. the dogs- Peanuts, Stormy. Riding sleds from the top to the launch area. 4th Ave. good times, good folks. 2/63-2/65
. Carter, Stan, Arrived straight out of AIT as a 16B then became a 95B 4/76-6/78
. Corrieri, Gregory, Sp4 ran generator at launch area, other engineering duties from driving forktruck, to changing lightbulbs on the star at the mountainside. - 386 West Water St. Rockland Ma 023705/71-4/72
. Coyne, Michael, SP4 when I left, 16B, Launcher crewman. Nothing like getting snow bound for several days on a mountain top we called home!!!! 2/74-10/76
. Crowder, Chuck, "Email Bounces" 24P20-40, 3995 ft elevation to dayroom floor. Read the numbers off the top of airplane wings as they flew past. Those 16J's used to ride plastic cushions down the mountain to the ski resort on the next mountain.6/70-6/73
. Doerr, Clyde A., "Email Bounces" Security Sergeant. A lot of great memories on this site, especially the pictures. Hard to believe./73-/76
. Durocher, Greg F., Military Police. Often skied down to Arctic Valley and hitch-hiked back. Buried in avalanche above the star. Still living in the Great Land and loving it! Work for U.S. Geological Survey. - 3707 Bisquier Dr. Anchorage, AK 99508-4802 4/74-12/76
. Elbell, Bryan, M.P. E-3. Hung out many a cold winter night standing in those old towers with no heat. Fishing at the lake behind the battery. Playing basketball in the old ammo mag on Homestead Rd, 1/2 way between the barracks and downrange. The old Knik Bar, where the road from Wasilla turned to gravel. Heading down to the inlet to see the Iditarod sled teams. The light panel inside the Gate 2 guardshack. Playing frisbee during a snowstorm. Drag racing on the old airstrip. The SAT/BAF teams. Playing Pinochle at night downrange downrange in the SOG office, waiting for our turn in the towers. - 2981 Harrow Rd. Spring Hill, Florida 34608 5/77-/70
. Fogarty, Michael, SP4,16C10, LOPAR/HIPAR AQC Operator. Was on firing crew for 1976 SNAP, looking for any of my fellow "Mountain Dwellers". 17965 SW Cheyenne Way, Tualatin, OR 97062 5/75-8/77
. Goelzer, Gary, Unit Armorer, Mailman, Supply Clerk - Living on the mounntain was fun! Sliding down the snow banks and digging snow caves to get away from the lifers. Not to mention skiing for $1 a day!12/72-1/74
. Green, Kenneth E., SP5 - MTR Operator - rotated from B-Btry to the University of Calfiornia - Davis ROTC Dept. ETS: 9/70 11/67-9/69
. Greenwood, Kris, "Email Bounces" Sp/4 Military policeman. Left San Antonio in December to go to B Battery. Rejoined the Army Guard in 1985 and was a UH1 crew chief for almost 13 years. Now have my 20+ years.Been an civilian police officer for the last 24 years in Iowa. 12/74-6/76
. Hale, Donald A., I was a medic 6/72-8/73
. Hillman, James, 1st lt. bco, xo. also battalion s-2/67-/69
. Hogue, Michael, Think about Site Summit often. Would like to see whats left of it some day. - 25 grove st. plymouth wi. 53073 /74-/76
. Irvine, Dennis, Missle crewman e4 lots of memories hooter call mike heenan terry cox kim tweedy mike fogarty and so many more please contact me. - Po box 1373 redmond oregon /75-/78
. Jaeger, Roger, SP4, Acquisition Radar Operator. We had the best view in Alaska 2500 E. Hwy MM Ashland, MO 650101/73-8/74
. Johnson, Danial C., Generator Operator and much younger then - 18973CR1200N Havana Illinois 62644 10/72-03/75
. Jones, Christopher, PFC on TTR and TRR then SP4 on MTR. Skied in the winter at Moose Run and golfed in the summer, same place. Golf lasted about 3 months! Skiing was pretty cold! 5/70-4/72
. Junghans, Mark F, SPC 5, 24U20, Nike Missle Tech09/78-08/79
. King, Willie, IFC Fire Control - 3542 Federal Rd. Pasadena,Texas9/62-8/64
. Klenzendorf, Dave, Orderly room clerk (SP4) ...never thought I would find a website 30 years later devoted to it! - Sept. 2009 Just attended Nike Reunion, it was great to see the old battery! We need to get behind the preservation efforts and send in your donations, guys, however small or large!5/73-1/75
. Kuykendall, Dan, LCT Operator09/70-09/72
. LaRosa, Vince, Orderly room clerk with Joe Elmer. 2272 W. Dixon Lake Drive, Gaylord, Michigan 497358/69-9/69
. Lease, Ed, Military Police (sentry dog handler). I guess you had to be there to know how much "fun" it was.11/71-5/74
. Lindstrom, Randall, I was a 95B MP. ... gate guard, roving guard, SOG. Berm guard, convoy guard, Marveled at the Northern Lights and wondered if the snow would ever stop blowing around. Also wondered if I would get off work on time. - 1164 se Schooner Ave, Corvallis Oregon11/74-1/78
. Loehr, Craig, was the company mailclerk SP/4 Body sliding was banned after I broke my leg waxed cardboard very fast fun. Was an MP 9/71-9/72
. Lovvo, Don, Missile Tracking Radar operator My worst experience was in March 1964. The BIG Alaskan earthquake hit. The snow blowers, that weigh a few tons, were jumping 4-5 feet off the ground and the long range radar tower was twisting and touching the ground. I believe my fingerprints are still embedded in the electrical post where we plugged the car heaters into. I finished my Army career at Selfridge AFB, Mich and took my discharge. Enlisted in the Air Force and the went on to retire as a Special Agent, AFOSI in 1982. But, I will never forget my Nike time. 11/63-1/67
. Neal, Cecil L., SPEC5 16C Still remember the vans and generators hum while the com. went beep beep beep 24 hours a day. After about two months of door guard you learned to sleep 59 min.'s exactly wake up and run your commmunication check and go back to sleep. - P.O. Box 1823, Ellijay, GA 5/71-7/73
. Parker, Bobby, Spec.4, was Lci operator, on launch crew, also on assembly crew. Went to White sands in 69 built and fired a round out of the box, neat! Some really good memories. We used to put a large piece of cardboard into a garbage bag and sled off the the mountain, talk about a rush wow, but watch out for the big rocks. We had a black lab dog for a mascot that would sled on it`s stomach. - 5823 Martin Rd. Hudson, Ohio 44236 8/70-3/73
. Perkins, Cy, SP5, 24U, assigned to the Assembly section. Many happy memories of snow for this Florida country boy!! 3/75-4/76
. Reinhardt, Ronald Sr., 95B30 SOG, I remember the long bus rides.07/78-07/79
. Robbins, Jimmie, Went through 64 earthquake, did summer suty at Army Rec Camp Seward, AK. Enjoyed all my duties and would love to go back. P.O.Box 1204, Hattiesburg, MS 39403 01/63-11/64
. Robson, Thomas J., Started as an MP and left as the NCOIC of the MP detachment. Stayed in the Army. Changed branches to MI in 1982 and retired in July 1995. I have been with the Alaska State Troopers for about 9 years. - 3121 W. 62nd Avenue, Anchorage Alaska 99502 2/75-12/79
. Sexton, Jeral, Integrated Fire Control Operator (IFC) MOS 16C20. Jeral Sexton's Site Summit web site. I came directly from my AIT at Ft. Bliss, Texas - processed through Ft. Lewis, Washington and arrived at Site Summit around April 1967. I began my duties as a clerk in the orderly room supporting the Training NCO and Security NCO as well as handling calls for the First Sergeant and Executive Officer when they weren't in the office. Being a PFC and single, I lived in the barracks the first year until I reached the rank of SP4 and got married at a little chapel on base at Ft. Richardson to my wonderful wife which I met earlier while on leave in Missouri. After we were married, we were granted the privilege of living off base in Anchorage during my second year. I was given the status of section crew chief of the HIPAR area in order to allow me to go before the review board for Specialist fifth class rank. My last few months at B Battery was as a SP/5 . 4/67-4/69
. Shannon, John E., Bravo section chief Made a lot of friends, lived on Frot Richardson with my wife, but hated that Mountain,always in trouble,couldn't keep my mouth shut. A redneck from Georgia in all that snow and cold. 11/66-5/69
. Sherar, Wally (Doug), SP-4, High & Low Power Acquisition Radar Maintenance (24P20) - Couldn't wait to leave, now look forward to going back... - 76109/70-/72
. Skonie, Thomas R, Battery Commander 3/68-1/69
. Sparks, Billy, SP4, Acquisition Radar Operator3/73-10/74
. Steele, Ray V., "Email Bounces" Military Police (security), E5, One of my best memories! 12/72-6/74
. Stephens, Richard G., "Email Bounces" E-4, Supply spec & Missile Selector Operator & Switch Board 11/63-02/65
. Stonebraker, Melvin R., IFC TTR Range Operator (179.10) SP-4 A great period in my life. Helped expand the star on the side of the hill under the direction of Capt Donald Jahns. Married a local girl in 1962 and moved to Colorado after discharge. - 4709 Date Court, Loveland, Colorado 8053810/59-06/62
. Vinson, William, 6/65-7/68
. Willis, James, Spec.5 at B battery. Control panel operator in B section,Site Summit. 6/64-10/65
. Windle, Larry, SP5 t1 Simulator - Box 47 Rarden, Ohio 456717/69-2/70
. Zito, Joseph, SP4-6, 24P helped close out site4/70-9/76
524 Ord Co
1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery
(GMDS) FT. Richardson, Anchorage .
. Badger, George, FMTE/66-/70
. Barton, John, rank sp/4 was in charge of a division of main support co. called 'major items' which consisted of whole items [not nuts bolts or screws]. I always enjoyed answering the phone and saying "major items' as most of the time the caller out ranked me and many times it was an officer. Of course they would reply "YES SIR' - 6304 pisces st., agoura hills, ca 12/65-4/66
. Chamides, Ronald, trained at Redstone Arsenal. Rank SP5, DUTIES - NIKE MISSILE RADAR REPAIR, MOS 23N20 2/67-12/68
. Christian, Todd Michael, Ran the Electronics shop, quarterly TDY to Wainwright to calibrate instruments on their sites. I loved that job. 524th gobbled up 538th. 68-3883 Lua Kula St., # 2006, Waikoloa, HI 9673812/69-12/71
. Crisi, Dave, - 18590 Martin, Woodhaven Mi1/71-12/72
. Crist, Jerry L., "Email Bounces" worked on engineer equipment on all three missile sites.1/60-6/62
. Erickson, Mark D. Participated in Nike maintenance activities at: Point (A Bat.) Summit (B Bat.) Bay (C Bat.)
Left Basic Training at Ft. Lewis, WA and went directly to Ft. Richardson. No AIT required because of my Civilian Acquired Skill assignment (CAS) as a machinist.
Remember: Captain – McCormick, Sergeant Major – Huffman, First Sergeant – Kenny Cameron, Sergeant First Class – Marvin Henny, Spec. 5 – David Crisi.
48473 262St. Valley Springs, SD 57068
. Harrison, Kenneth D, [posted Mar 2021] (Nick name Harry, close friends Dirty Harry), Served from 1977 to 1979 in the 524th Ord Company as a 62C20 Engineer Missile equipment Repair man until the deactivation and was sent to Fort Campbell Ky

"Dirty Harry" sent me an e-mail thanking for the listing, and called himself "Dr." -
Being a curious fellow, I (Ed Thelen) asked about the 'Dr.' and received the following -

PhD in Plant biology, I was the founder and director of the Orchid Conservitive and Research Center from 2006 to 2020 in Changchun China. I also have a BS in mechanical engineer and a AS in electronics. I spent some nineteen years as a student, and it all started in the 524th, I wanted to go for my GED and my section leader SSG George Shithead told me no, that I was mission essential, so I went up to Chief Crank and told him, he called back to George and told him, I want to see you, then he came back and told me I was going and that there would be hell to pay when I got back. It was hard going to night school while on active duty and even harder when I was medical out, I burnt my chapter 31 and allot of cash after that.

Army Commendation Medal == ARCOM

. Hester, Patrick, 23N20 E4/E511/77-12/78
. Keranen, Lauri J., SP5,Launcher Control Repairman, When I left AK. the 194th had become the 524th Ord Co. - 10700 Washington Ave. Ossineke,MI 12/61-6/64
. McFee, James E., E3 29 mos in grade. Acquisition Radar repair tech. The 194th was a small enjoyable group, less the 2nd commander, Jerry something, who thought we should be part of the regular Army. Fort Richardson was wonderful duty. For me, because the wind didn't blow, the cold was seldom too cold. Skiing cost a dollar up near B Battery. Many Pictures of the Earthquake. Seeing the missiles broken in half at B and the radar dooms snapped off their towers at A with the command saying they were operational gave a good start in not believing unseen authority. - 1129 Elizabeth Barcus Way, Fortuna, Ca. 95540-254011/62-11/64
. Meyer, Marty "Wildman", "Email Bounces" Msl/Lchr section, (Buck Melhorn, Big John Mannis, Jim and the whole gang 10/77-6/79
. Ogden, Dale G., Ordnance support for Nuclear Warhead Section Maint NCO, E-6/E-711/66-7/71
. Sandrock, Harrison M. "Email Bounces" Great times. 8/64-2/67
. Smith, Richard, "Email Bounces" asigned to the 524th Ordnace (GMD from 8/77 to 9/78.I was reasigned to HHB 143d ADA Ft Richardson - 2093 bowen rd East Corinth vt 05040 8/77-8/79
. Stauffer, Harry M., MSG, MOS 23W5H, Shop Foreman12/73-07/79
. Steinbach, Robert, "Email Bounces" Msl/Lnchr Section & S2(Artic Shield), SP5 - My first assignment after joining the Army and my most enjoyable. Great place, great people(524th) 11/77-8/79
. Storm, Michael, MOS 35F, worked in Calibration04/74-02/78
. Strasemeier, George W, Power Generation Supervisor8/77-9/79
. Tucker, William H, SP5, 23N 1/75-3/76
. Wallot, George, SP5 Nike Track Radar Repairman MOS 253.4 - IFC Tracking Radar & associated test Equipment 4 vans of equipment & 3 Tracking Radar antennas. Ordnance Corps. 3rd & 4th Echelon Calibration, Repair, and troubleshoot to the component level for the 4 Nike Improved Hercules sites at Anchorage Alaska. Trained at USAOGMS Redstone Arsenal Alabama- Nike Ordnance. Honor Student Nike Hercules Tracking Radar and Associated test equiqment (shop 1,2, 3) Solved lots of serious problems in the tracking radar and associated test equipment. Made recommendations for design improvement. Was there to repair major damage caused by the Great Alaskan Earthquake 1964. - 637 Via Santa Paulo, Vista CA 92081 1/63-12/64
Murphy Dome about 40 miles north west of Fairbanks, Alaska .
. Anderson, Robert, (May 2022) Murphy was the alternate command post for the Alaska NORAD Region. So as leader of an operations crew there, I cross-trained with various other NORAD elements. That meant spending a day at Site Summit (B Battery). The guys there took me all around their facilities, explaining the procedures. That of course included time in one of the block houses & the steps leading to launch.
     Site Love (E Battery) was visible on an adjacent hilltop. It had just been decommissioned the year before I got there. We drove over once & looked around the site.
     Also spent a day at a Combat Air Center at Elmendorf AFB. Just like a fire house with pilots (8 hour shifts in a g-suit) and ground crews living in an apartment above. A real brass pole let them down to a heated "garage" below, with two F-4's fully fueled and armed. All they had to do was open the garage/hangar door while yanking off the remove-before-flight pins.
     Spent many hours watching civilian air traffic plus the occasional spy planes & TU-95's.
'72 - '73
. Smith, Larry L, Signal Corp, maintenance supervisor AN/FAQ-34 missile control system that controlled the five Nike sites protecting Eielson AFB, - 1587 Prospect Ave Capitola, CA 95010 - 408-206-6412 5/63-5/64
. Williams, Bob, Arrived at Murphy Dome in December, 1970. Assigned to the 87th Artillery Group attached to the 744th AC&W Squadron (Air Force) at Murphy Dome. Worked in the AADCP until the Fairbanks Nike Hurcules defense was deactivated. Transferred to the Anchorage AADCP. - 4607 NW 98th Lane, Coral Springs, FL 3307612/70-6/71
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